I want to thank my new Beta-Reader Breakawayy. I will be re-uploading my entire story. So check out each chapter because Breakawayy did an amazing job.

Chapter 1: Prologue

The one thing she loved, the one thing that kept her balanced, the one place she felt safe and in control was gone. She couldn't believe that Charlotte didn't understand what was going on. She'd just had a slip. A small, tiny, insignificant slip. No big deal, right? But as much as she hated Charlotte for revoking her surgical privileges, she hated herself even more.

She didn't remember leaving the hospital, or even how she got to the bar. But by her third drink, she didn't care. She just knew that she felt better than she had in a long time. And by her seventh drink, she was on cloud nine. She didn't even notice that her phone had been going off steadily for over an hour.

The world-class, kick-ass neurosurgeon was falling deep into the deadly cycle of addiction.

Amelia Shepherd knew she was letting everyone she loved down. She had tried to be strong, she really did. But a time comes when the cravings you feel you need, override everyone else's opinions.