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Chapter 10: The reunion

After what felt like an eternally in the car, they finally reached Madison's school. About five minutes into their three and a half hour car ride Amelia realized that spending three and half hours in the car with her Mother and Colin was a horrible ... horrible idea. She also had no idea how she was going to survive the weekend, with her mother and Colin. After parking the car in the lot all three of them got out of the car a stretched.

"I wish you wouldn't drive so fast Amelia we had plenty of time" her mother said as she put on her jacket. Amelia had sped the whole way just so she could get out of that damn car. After the three had stretched and put on their jackets due to the cool September air "what is the plan for meeting up with Maddie, Ames" Colin asked.

"We are supposed to check in at Peterson hall and get our registration packets." As she turned and began following the signs that were posted to help led the way to Peterson hall. The three walk in silence until they reach the sign in booth. The blonde woman at the booth was extra perky and cheerful, which in Amelia eyes should be against the law due to the early hour.

"Good morning and welcome," as she looked up and greeted the trio "which one of our students are you to see?"

"Madison Shepherd" Amelia responded in a flat tone.

"It's so nice that when the older siblings can come and support the younger ones." As the blonde lady gathered the visitor's passes and the registration packets and positioning the file in front of Carolyn.

"Actually I am Madison's Mother." Amelia said stepping up and taking the file out of the women's hand and with that turning and walked away.

Once Carolyn had caught up with Amelia, "well that was rude."

"Well it's was the truth, I sick of people thinking that I am her sister"

The three adults continued down the hall that Carolyn and Colin were directed to follow after Amelia had stormed off.

"The lady at the welcoming desk said that Maddie is waiting for us in this room." Colin said as he over took Amelia as the leader of the group and pushed the solid wood door open. Once the three were in the room Amelia handed out the visitors badges to their look group. She began to scan the room looking for her daughter over the sea of young girls. After a minute of searching she found her. She smiled to herself at how much Maddie was like her, she was in the middle of telling a story, swing her arms and hands wildly to help make her point, and that had a large group of girl doubled over in laugher. Amelia just watched her daughter in amazement until Madison spotted them. Her broke away from her group of friends and hurried over to greet her parents.

"You both made it!" Maddie exclaimed as she pulled away from giving her mother a hug to hug her father.

"Did you ever doubt we wouldn't, kid?" Amelia responded she was still in amazed at her daughter she forgot how beautiful she was.

The morning meeting dragged on what was in reality only fifteen minutes felt like an hour to Amelia. Once the meeting was over the quartette stood up.

"Where are we heading now, kid" Amelia asked as she bent down to pick up her purse.

"I have math with Mrs. Butler." Maddie answered as she led the group through the crowded hall.

Madison was glad to have both of her parents on campus even if her father as high. She was use to this behavior from him. She didn't like it but she was used to it. But something was off with her Mother, but she could not put her finger on it. All through the day Maddie watched as her mother joked and flirted with her father, something she never did when her dad was using, and she was short and was irritable with her grandmother and almost everyone else. Her mother never put up with her father when he was using.

Michelle wonder around her mother's empty house, being one of five this was rarity growing up. Just after settling in the living to room to read the silence is interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing, before answering her phone she glances at the caller ID.

"Hey Addie! How is everything going" Michelle answer as her flicks through and old magazine

"Fine, I was just at Amelia's house getting the mail when I saw something interesting."

"What did you find" Addison could hear the concern pouring out of Michelle's voice

"It was a letter from the LA police department. I mean it could be anything right? I mean we would know if Amelia got arrested right? She would have called one us right"

Michelle took a minute to think about the information that Addison just told her "Lately, I'm not too sure of anything right now."

"Yeah…me too." And with that Addison got off the phone. Michelle scrolled down the list of names that were in her phone until she found her mother's name and press send to all her Mother to inform her of the lasted development.

As Amelia walked away she her mother's phone, she had just excused herself from the group to go the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom she found herself alone and caught a glance of herself in the mirror. She looks terrible. Her eyes were bloodshot and her skin was waxy and ill shade of pale.

"Come on Amelia pull yourself together, only two more days of this hell. You can do this." As she gave herself a pep talk she pulled out her Aspin bottle that contained her pills out of her bag. After she took a couple of pills, she took one more look and the mirror and said "You don't deserve her.", to herself and walked out of the bathroom.

Madison watched as her mother ended her phone call and walked back over to her. It was just the two of them because her father was flirting with some women.

"Grandma I think I know what is wrong with my Mom, why she is acting so strange, and looks terrible." She stops to look at her Grandmother who looks like she is lost for words before she ask the question she has on her mind.

"Grandma, is my Mom doing drugs again?"