Yamamoto Noriko. Female teenage high school girl. Average height, average weight, average intelligence, average looking. She was in no way whatsoever special. In fact, she was almost completely like everyone else. She would like the same things as everyone else, she would think along the lines of everyone else, she would act like everyone else, walk like everyone else, talk like everyone else…

A completely ordinary high school student.

Not all the students in her school were normal though. Some of the students were really odd… For instance, a mysterious boy named 'T.K.' would always be break dancing, and murmur things in a foreign language that nobody understood. Takamatsu would take his shirt off at any excuse possible. Hinata had inexplicitly flown up and smacked his head on the roof.

There was also Girls Dead Monster, too. Like everyone else, she loved listening to their performances, screaming and cheering as they played.

But they were gone. All of Girls Dead Monster were gone. All of the odd students in the school were gone. Nobody really knew how or why they disappeared. Nobody really cared, either. Everyone just continued their ordinary lives in the school.

Yamamoto, like everyone else, had little recollection of the period of the night a few days ago. It was as though they all turned to shadows for a few hours, and by the time they woke up again they all felt a little light headed, though they still acted like nothing changed.

Yamamoto was no different to everyone. She didn't mind in the slightest that she didn't remember those few hours, or the fact that her classmates (including the Student Council President) had miraculously disappeared, or that the Girls Dead Monster band were nowhere to be seen.

That. Was. A. Lie.

At first, she also continued to act as though nothing happened. She would continue eating the same foods at the cafeteria, talk to her same friends about the same topics and attend the same classes with the same teachers. But there was something she felt was different.

Wherever she looked, whatever she heard, whoever she talked to… it seemed so empty… so repetitive… so futile…

It was as though nobody in the school actually existed. All the real people who were crazy and unpredictable suddenly disappeared. Because of this, Yamamoto felt like her existence was pointless. Unnecessary.

All her friends had nearly identical senses of humour. All the teachers seemed to be little more than a change of face and subject. Everyday felt like a repeat of the previous.

'Does nobody else notice this?' she thought.

Of course they did.

Girls Dead Monster, the Student Council president and all those other people who disappeared knew it. They knew that every day was just a copy of the last. But they also knew the purpose of these endlessly repetitive days. It was so they could think. About what, Yamamoto didn't know.

But now that all these people disappeared, this world had lost its purpose. It was as though somebody rubbed out all the pencil drawings that was on a blank piece of paper.

Yamamoto tried again and again to push these thoughts aside. What would her friends think of her? She couldn't act any different to everyone else… that would be wrong.

'Or would it?'

The thought struck her as she was walking down the hallway after class to meet her identical friends talking about the same topics at the same meeting place.

'What would happen if I tried to be different?'

This world was made for those who were different. It was designed to accommodate the different. It was designed to help the different accomplish something.

'Wouldn't that mean that the world would be designed for me?'

The thought delighted her. It would be like playing god! Being the omnipotent ruler over the world of the apathetic! After all, she had nothing to lose, no other forms of entertainment, and so very much to gain.

Her resistance to any form of change soon became slight hesitation. Her hesitation turned to contemplation. Her contemplation turned to fantasies. Her fantasies turned to dreams. Her dreams turned to ambitions. Her frown turned to a smirk.