Crazy Stupid Love

By: My world of Eli and SmoothSunnyD

We do not own Degrassi and whatnot.

Another day at this place I like to call school; but then again everyone calls school, school. I'm not very special after all.

"Clare." Eli says coldly, I'm use to it. "Eli." I mutter and he walks off.

We dated for like 3 months until he became very bitchy and made me question being with him. He broke up with me first, since Alli couldn't keep her big mouth shut about me considering breaking up with him. I learned my lesson about trusting Alli the hard way. But it all happened a month ago and I'm over it. Eli's over it most importantly.

"Clare. Are your parents really gone? I just read ur text you sent me like 15 minutes ago." Alli seems to be seeping with happiness. "You know what this means, right?" We start walking to class. "No, not really. Should I?" I scratch off my blue nail polish, to avoid looking at Alli. "This means Party! No fucking duh!" Alli twirls in a circle, looking like an idiot, walking down the hall. She playfully shoves me. "It also means Eli and you.." She trails off. "Do not even continue; me and Eli will never be together." We make it to class and stop in front of the classroom door. "You also said that before and you guys dated for 4 months!" Alli says dramatically. "3 months." I correct her. "3 months what?" Eli stops next to us by the front door. "Oh nothing." Alli snickers, hurrying inside.

"So..Clare." "Yes?" I ask with unsurely. "You look like shit today." I should have known, he was going to say something like this. "I'm not immature, so Eli, you look nice today." He takes a step closer to me. "You know that's not what you wanna say to me." He says, his voice getting lower and lower and soon he's just whispering to me. But he's right, I don't wanna say nice, I wanna say handsome or I wanna just say he's cute. "Eli, not now." Once I get out my mini sentence; the late bell rings. Fuck my life. I hurriedly open the door and Eli walks in behind all smooth, slow, cool, and calm like he doesn't have a care in the world.

"Mr. Goldsworthy and Ms. Edwards, this isn't gonna become a regular thing again?" She refers to us, being late to her class, when we were dating, we were always late to almost every class, but since we broke up, I haven't been late in a little under a month. "It definitely will not happen again." I reassure her. "I've heard that before, at least 20 times from both of you guys each. Just take your seats." Great. Thanks Eli. How am I going to survive sitting next to him for the whole class period?

During Class Eli and I kept passing notes. I know he's my Ex and all but I still love him. I do/did care about what Alli would have thought if she knew I loved somebody, and even though they're my ex, shouldn't I at least try to be friends with him? My thoughts were interrupted when Eli passed me a note.

Eli: What r u thinking? Ur not paying attention like u usually Do?

Clare: of things u shouldn't be worrying about, I'm Ur Ex.

Eli: Ouch Edwards I just wanted to know.

Clare: What a pity, you'll never no.

Eli: I'll find out someday, Clarebear

When I read Eli's note I smiled and my stomach sorta did, a back flip with a somersault added, but Mrs. Dawes saw me writing a note back so, she took it away and read what we wrote. Not out loud thank god; way to ruin the moment, Ms. Dawes So Eli and I have after school detention.

When the school bell rang I was soo happy I was the first one to leave. I went to my locker and got my math and geography book for my next classes. But Eli came up to me and said, "My my Edwards I never knew you would get yourself a detention." "Well, we were passing note to each other and I knew sooner or later one of us was going to get in trouble." "Yet you kept passing notes back and forth. Daredevil, may I say?"

The bell rang and I knew we (well I) had to get to class. "Gotta g-"

"WELLLLLLL, see you later Edwards." He smirks at me and then walks away. God that smirk makes me melt inside but I try not to show it. Even though my (ex) Boyfriend dumped me I still love him with those beautiful green eyes and the SEXY smirk how can I get over it? How can I get over him, most importantly? But what if I don't want to?

All I can thing about is Eli, I'm sure I want to get him as just a friend or just more. What am I saying? I already had him as a boyfriend once, I know him. I'm acting like it's the first time I saw him, I'm acting like old Clare.

"Miss Edwards!" said the math teacher. "Yes" I said. "Are you paying attention?" "Yes I am sir." "Then what's this answer that we JUST review?" "Umm" I started to think, "The answer is 29.6." "Correct just making sure."

The bell rang so we can all go home. I was soo excited to go home, but then Mrs. Dawes passed by my locker reminding me that I have detention. DAMN! I went to room 205 and sat down a desk across from Eli, so we're both facing eachother, probably not the best seat for me to choose. "Ok you two, I'm going to do a quick thing in the copy room so stay here and don't move." As Mrs. Dawes left the room Alli texted me saying:

Alli: Where the Hell are you I was waiting by ur locker forever and u weren't there.

Clare: Me and Eli got detention.

Alli: O so YOU and Eli in detention together….. Wow

Clare: were doing nothing we are not even talking.

Alli: if u say so, good luck.

When I was done texting Eli's eyes and mine eyes were scanning the room for nothing, trying not to stare at each other. The silence was comfortable in a 'ex awkward silence', but Eli broke it.

"Soo how's Alli?" I just stare at him giving him a really face. "It's been 5 minutes and that how u start a conversation?" "Well sorry I was trying to break the silence." "Well couldn't you say how's life instead of saying how's my Best friend?" He put his hands up in defense.

An hour and a half past by and Mrs. Dawes let us go but before we left she said, "This better NOT happen again Mr. Goldsworthy and Miss Edwards?" We just nodded together and said alright. Eli left to his car and I went walking home. When I got there I just got a snack and then started my homework. My door bell rang so I went to get it, I found Alli with some things. I said, "Alli WHAT IS ALL THIS?" "It's for the party were having." I was in shock because my parents trust me and if they find out I had a party I will lose their respect. But I had no say in it, Alli just came in my house and started getting ready.

When she was done someone was at the door bell. I open to Adam, Fiona, And, Eli! I let Adam and Fiona in, willingly even though I'm still completely confused; but I stand in front of the door, not yet letting Eli in.

"Why are you here?"

"I came to party. Don't be a party pooper."

I narrow my eyes. "You can't 'party' here. Now leave before I call your parents." I half-smile.

"I'll tell your parents you're having a party."

"You wouldn't."

"Don't test me clare." Eli brushes by me. Damn, I feel flustered. "Stop blushing." And he noticed.

"We are just waiting for Drew. Then the real party can begin." Alli sits, filing her nails. "This better be good, I was going on a date with Fiona, but us being awesome friends came to this lame party." "I know exactly what you mean. I'm just here to makeout with Drew and complete my mission." Weird much, Alli?

"And I'm going to whisper sweet nothings in Clare's ear." I gasp and everyone turns and looks at Eli. "What? Did I say something wrong?" "Um yeah, I'm your ex, Eli. We're not dating anymore." He chuckles. "Oh, I forgot."

"What's up Alli? Where's the party?" Drew comes in, making a lot of noise, in the silent living room. Alli turns off all the lights, turns on the strobe lights and plays dirty picture by Taio Cruz featuring Kesha. Alli dances with Drew and I'm awestruck; couples are so adorable. Adam and Fiona are sitting, talking to eachother.

"So, how are you liking this?" Eli scoots next to me. "Not so much." I shrug it off. "We could ditch, have some fun." "What type fun?" "Sex?" He asks, Hopeful. I laugh this off and playfully shove him. "Not even in your wildest dreams." "Not even friends with benefits?" Eli's teasing me. He drapes his arm around me. "Definitely not." I laugh and he tightens his grip around me, smiling. "Do you see how much fun we can have? And we're not even naked." I turn my head and study his face, a slight smile playing on his mouth. His green eyes shining and his cheeks, flushed. "Clare? You look like a beautiful bitch today." And then annoying Eli has to appear and ruin everything. I slouch. "And you look like a sick fucken idiot." I say unenthusiastically and suddenly bored. "Ouch."He mutters. I swear, I thought he was going to add on, 'Oh, she soo wants me.' I brush his arm off of me.

And then there's the awkward air surrounding us once again.

"Who's ready for some fun games?" Alli says over the music. I stalk over to her. "I want Eli gone." "Damn Edwards, I'll just leave." Eli mumbles low enough just so Alli and I hear him. "Eli, you are not going anywhere." "Okay then." Eli goes and sits back down. i watch him walk away, in his black skinny jeans, and black button up. Alli apparently watched me watch him.

"Clare, me and you both know, you want him here. Dont push away what you clearly want." Alli whispers to me. "Sometimes, what I want isnt good for me." I look to Alli for some type of answer. "But sometimes, its exactly what you need." I don't need Eli. I don't. "Clare, just have some fun tonight, for me. Please." I'll try, I find myself thinking. I sit at the other end of the couch from Eli.

"Now, who's ready for 7 minutes in heaven?" Ali and her rhetorical questions.

I stood there in shock, my ex boyfriend which I still love (no one knows) is in my house and were about to play 7 minutes in heaven. "Well it was fun to be here but got a ton of homework to do so biiii!" As that was said, I ran upstairs with Alli chasing me. "Why did you run away like that?" Alli said. "Because my ex boyfriend is here and were about to play 7 min in heaven!" "'Well how do you know you and Eli will be in the closet together?" "You never know we could be the first or the last." I said Alli begging me to play, I finally gave up and said "Ok!" So we went downstairs where everyone was waiting and they were all in a circle with a bottle in the middle. Alli started and landed on Drew of course.

Then it was my turn and Guess who it landed on? Eli. I knew it!

I shyly look over at Eli, after sending a death glare at Alli, who is silently urging me on. "Clare, are we doing this or what?"Eli whispers, once we're both standing up next to eachother. "We are doing nothing, absolutely nothing, I repeat nada, nothing."

"Nothing?"Eli smirks, going into the closet.

Nothing.., right? "I don't wanna go in there." I find myself saying. "It's just Eli, in that closet. No one else, no one you don't know."Adam tries to reassure me. "Nope." I start to walk away; but Drew literally pushed me into the 'fiery depths of hell' and locked the door.

'Welcome to Hell' Eli mutters. "What in the hell did you just say?"

"I said, Welcome to Heaven." Eli chuckles."Shut up." I mumble; great now my ears want to deceive me, I just need to calm down and take a breather.

"Clare, you look nice today."

"Thanks for the lie."I trace a pattern in the carpet.

Eli's phone vibrates. "Clare, Drew thinks we should make out to get rid of all the sexual tension." "Thanks." I make no move of moving. "How about a hug? So I can feel you one last time for old times sake." He walks closer to me, we're both standing and I don't know what I'm thinking; maybe I just wanna hug Eli one last time as well. I know I'm lying to myself, I wanna feel Eli. I miss his warmth, his intoxicating scent. I miss him. Not the shitty Eli, but my Eli.

We both awkwardly lean in, his arms enveloping me and my arms fitting perfectly around his waist. We hold the pose a bit longer until Eli pulls away and then he leans right back in quickly, kissing me. His arms never left my body and mine inched up to his hair.

"7 minutes are up." Even with my eyes closed, sudden light fills the closet, but we don't immediately stop kissing, even though we know we've been caught; we hold onto eachother for dear life, Eli tightens his grip around me, and I melt further and further into the kiss, away from civilization, away from this lame party, away from everything where it's just me and Eli.