I just wanna rewind my life, back to when I was a jerk while dating Clare. I would change everything. I would love her correctly and hold her for forever and a day. I would do so much differently.

But I took her for granted, I took everything for granted.

Fast-forwarding to the 1st day at Lochburn High school near Los Angeles.

"Hey, are you new?" Some slutty girl yells at me from down the hall before running in her high heels as if she were having a race with the 5 other slutty girls running to me. My god, she's wearing glitter. Talk about her face looking like glitter puked all over it. I think I taste vomit. Excuse me. This is disastrously perfect. This is the total opposite of Clare. This is exactly what I need, no love while showing all the emotion needed to portray it.

"Yeah. Maybe you could show me around." I sexily narrow my eyes, just a tad bit. I only hope this looks as sexy as I hope it does.
A redhead girl like touches my stomach, running her hand down. "Don't touch me." I suddenly yell out, loud enough for the group of girls surrounding me to hear and a couple onlookers.

I close my eyes. Her hair color is too close to Clare's. She has to fucking go. "I'm sorry, what's your name again?" Sluttly girl #1 looks at me, "Oh Bree."

"Oh what's that short for?"
"..Oh." I laugh a little to myself. "Can one of you ladies, show me around?"

Bree took my arm, and for a moment I felt like the old Eli and I started arguing with the new Eli mentally. I feel disgusted with myself, it's not even funny, but I swallow my disgust, I need this...It's the only thing that gets my mind off of Clare, yet puts it right back on her. I'm confused and I need a distraction; A really good distraction.

The bell rang; I slid my arm around her waist reluctantly, trying to fight with myself yet wanting it all the same, wanting it for the wrong reasons. Not because I care for her, I mean I could care less about her, but because I need to forget about Clare.

I roughly put my lips to hers and almost puke, pulling away once she put her hands in my hair ..."Brianna, I gotta go, it's my first day for crying out loud. Come on, show me to my first class." I say smoothly. "It's Bree, but you can call me whatever you want." She fucking growls at me...okay.

"Mr. Goldsworthy, is it?" Some wacko teacher with the orang-est hair I've ever seen, like so orange, you can just tell he's a ginger. I try to hold back laughter, I feel so high. "Um yes," I break out into laughter quickly covering my mouth. "Sorry, yes I'm Eli." The teacher scrunches up his nose, "Take a seat next to Rick." Rick, to me looks exactly like I feel, a druggie, depressed, suicidal. Fuck my life, I hate it here. There's no making it better

Clare POV.

Eli's gone. Thank God. It's been a week, Adam's worried about me, yet he said I ruined everything. He says that I'm in denial. Denial about what? Eli left me. I'm happy he's gone...I don't know if I'm telling the truth or not.

I know that I want that to be the truth because I wanna hate him, for leaving me. I wanna hate him for not talking to me; I wanna hate him for making me get used to having him around. I hate myself for missing him...now this is the truth.

I know it. Adam keeps telling me that I have to call him, but I can't, I'm scared, 'what if he doesn't answer?', 'what if he sees it's my number and ignores?', 'what if...he says he hates me?' I've been making up excusing not to believe that Eli hates me, but I don't want any clarification.

"I don't care I'm going to call him just to make sure he's ok." Ring…. Ring….Ring…..Ring…. "Hey This is Eli, Leave a message or go Fuck yourself" I hanged up and started crying, I knew he didn't want to talk to me, he hates me, Just because I didn't say I love you? At that moment I got a text from Adam saying if I wanted to hang out. I said sure, but not really wanting too. I got change and headed out the door whipping each tear that fell.



I was in the middle of class when my phone went off. Luckily it was on vibrate and the teacher didn't hear; when the bell rang it was already lunch time. Wow how time went in the MOST boring class ever, Physics. When I got my lunch I sat at a table alone, checking my phone to see who called when Bree came to sit with me.

"Eli what's a hot guy like you sitting all alone?" "Well 1 I'm the new kid here and I don't know anyone, 2 I just grab any sit because I had to check my phone to see how called me in the middle of class" "So it was your phone that was vibrating?"

She ask me liked I didn't just tell her "Yea that my phone" I say trying to find out how called me. It was an out of area number so I thought it was Adam.

"Bree I'll be back I need to make a call" With that I just got up from the table and pressed that button recall.


Clare and I were talking about making plans for the weekend when Clare's phone went off.


Adam and I were saying how Alli, Adam and I should go to the beach when my phone went off.

I look at the caller Id and saw it wasn't from Canada. I thought it could be Darcy so I answer. "Hello?" I say with a bit of sacredness because Darcy only call my cell when it's important. "Hey Adam. It's me Eli." I just sat there look strait in Adam as. "This isn't Adam, its Clare"

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