3. how things were, how they are now.

When he's with Lisa and Ben, he can almost be as apple-pie as Sam had hoped.

He locks his guns in the Impala, covers it with a drop cloth so he can't see where the hood was dented after his brother threw him against it. There are days where he doesn't sprinkle rock salt against the edge of the door, but they're few and far-between.

At one point, Ben catches a stomach virus that rips him up so badly Dean finds him puking blood in the sink. And Dean flips shit (like any self-respecting father figure), does everything he can to make Ben comfortable, and then proceeds to tear apart the house to find the hex bag.

He doesn't find anything. He puts the furniture back in order before Lisa gets home, but it's hard to explain the look Ben gives him when he shoves the couch back into its rightful place on the rug.

Things like this are best forgotten.