Oh my god, so many good companion applications…this is gonna be hard to decide. Heck, I'm even considering stretching the rules a bit so I can add one more from the regular world. All of you guys are awesome and I thank you. But, I need one more thing from you. I only got one application for a rival, and it was amazing, but I still need one more. So if you guys can send me applications for a total asshole ( preferably a guy because the other one is a girl), please do. The sooner you do, the sooner I can get on with the story. You guys are the best, thanks.

oh, and the slots for companions are still up in the air at the moment so if you want to see if you can bump someone out, feel free to submit yours, but if you do submit one, you have to submit a rival as well or it automatically goes in the trash. those are my rules.

happy submiting ^_^