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-*Present Day - In Raven's Mind*-

Insanity stood before the group of Titans. They all noticed binding black chains around her wrists and ankles. "Why is she chained up?" asked Robin, afraid to approach the distraught emotion.

Intellect took off her glasses and rubbed the lens with her cloak. "Why else? We don't want Rae to hurt herself now. She lays a hand on herself out there, she hurts all of us in here. We are the only ones keeping her from potentially killing herself, y'know." She placed her glasses on the bridge of her nose.

"Why is our friend distressed, overly smart version of Raven?" Starfire asked, eyes filling with tears. The thought of her friend currently being insane was distressing. The fact that she was twice their age now was kind of creepy.

"As you are aware, judging by your appearance, Beast Boy and Raven disappeared not too long ago nineteen years in the past. They never found a way back to the future; however, Raven never fully eliminated her existance. It's a rather long story actually, but what they do now in the past can drastically change any of the current effects. It is possible that they can make things back to the way they were, but it is highly unlikely to get everything back to its original state. And as for Ms. Insanity here...," Intellect looked behind her at Insanity, who was mumbling beneath her breath. "Remember them? They're our friends, from long ago."

Insanity looked up at the Titans, all four eyes filled with distraught and glowing yellow emptiness. "No, they don't exist, they NEVER existed!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, attempting to break free of her chains. The Titans took a step back and watched as the emotion turned around and started smashing the chains against nearby rocks.

"This is not how it is meant to be! Where are friends Raven and Beast Boy? How can we get to them?" Starfire demanded, lifting Intellect a good foot off the ground. Robin took a step toward her, but Cyborg held him back. They noticed Starfire's eyes begin to glow in emerald fury.

"Hey, now, take it easy. You hurt me in here, we'll all go brain dead for a few days, including the outside Raven. That wouldn't help now would it?" She reasoned nervously, trying not to stammer. She had nearly forgotten about her alien friend's super strength.

Starfire put Intellect down and apologized. "All we can do is wait. Even if you go to see Raven in person now, she will be nearly impossible to return to normal. She could also end up doing something drastic to change her course of path depending what time she's in now, making her either vanish completely, or have some of the worst personality changes you have ever seen from her." stated Intellect.

"What about the grass stain? Where's he been?" Cyborg asked, approaching the girls. Intellect closed her eyes. Insanity stopped causing a racket behind the group and turned around.

"Beast Boy... He left me... like everyone does... He left... He hates me..." Insanity muttered. Everyone turned to look at her except Intellect, who cocked her head towards the empty sky above.

"You all should be going. If she... for example, interferes with her parents in any way, she could potentially disappear and the portal to her mind will be forever sealed," she paused, waiting for a response, but all she got was a blank look. She gave out a sigh and continued, "If she meets her parents, she will make you all disappear if you're in her mind. Forever. Got it?" Intellect grabbed Insanity's arm and they both walked off into the shadows.

-*Back in the Past...*-

"How could we be so stupid?" Raven shouted, knocking over various dumpsters and garbage cans in the alley with her dark magic. "We shouldn't have meddled. We shouldn't have talked to anyone! Why the hell does she want to see Slade?" Raven was on the verge of losing it when Beast Boy walked to her side. She hadn't felt this emotionally distraught for many years. A half-demoness was allowed to have emotional break downs every few years, right?

"Chill Rae, we'll figure this out, we still have time, right?" He asked, putting an arm around her shoulder.

Raven lifted her cloak, exposing her left leg, which was flashing like a hologram again. "Does this answer you Beast Boy? We need to get her back now or else we are doomed." She let out a sigh before calming down again. Beast Boy stood in shock.

"You're... disappearing... Rae..."

She could hear commotion going on in her head and knew what was coming.

For the love of... please, not now. Thought Raven.

Raven we have an issue. Intellect chimed in her head. Raven shook her head. The last people she wanted to deal with were her personalities.

"What's wrong?" Beast Boy asked, looking back down into those amethyst orbs.

Raven just let out another sigh. "You'd think I was more creepy if you knew. Let's just get my mom, please. We have to find some way to get her away from Slade and into that Church, it's not-"

Beast Boy crossed his arms and looked down at her. "I want an answer first before we move on please." At first, he intimidated her with his size, but she knew he wouldn't touch her.

She simply glared at him. "We don't have time for this," she hissed.

"Well then guess you better just spill it now, or else we'll be out here all day," he said. Raven wasn't sure if he was trying to stall them from catching up with her mom or just being immature.

"Remember when you and Cy went in my magic mirror?" Beast Boy nodded, remembering every last detail of the day from the tofu eggs to Timid apologizing for every single insult Raven had made on them. "Well, they communicate with me in my head, and they are saying there's an issue, at the worst possible time ever." Raven expected for Beast Boy to turn into a hyena and start laughing. Instead, he just nodded, as if he understood.

"We'll talk about this later, let's go find your mom okay?" Raven looked at the ground before levitating. Beast Boy caught up with her. "And it's really no big deal Rae, I understand completely." A warm smile crept to both of their faces, and she pulled her hood over her head to hide the visible warmth crawling into her cheeks.

-*In the Present - East Coast*-

The Titans prepared the landing of the T-ship on a heavily polluted end of the east coast in southern Florida. The environment around them looked washed of all color and slightly depressing, the perfect place to find their missing friend. Intellect had told them that Raven was there, and their best luck to coax her back into reality was to start talking to her on an regular basis.

They soon approached an abandoned wooden shack by the oceanside. The wood on the outside looked old and as if it was rotting off. The door leading inside was locked, and Starfire used her alien super strength to rip the door off before sending it halfway across the ocean. When they looked down inside, they saw Raven huddled in a corner with her cloak wrapped around her. It wasn't white like Starfire had mentioned in her vision, but her signature blue.

Raven peered up at them. Her hood was pulled well over her head. "Wh-who are you..." she said, not really asking, but stating. She pulled her hood down over her eyes and pushed herself further back in the corner.

"Raven it's us, your friends, remember us?" Robin asked, taking a cautious step forward. With that, Raven used her dark energy to lift up her friends and toss them into the ocean, like a fisherman casting his fishing pole. The three emerged from the water, shocked.

"She is much stronger, yes?" Starfire asked. The others nodded. They were not aware that Raven could surround mulltiple people by her dark magic at once.

"This is going to be a long day..." muttered Cyborg as the trio arose from the water to make a second attempt at coaxing her out.

-*Back to the Past...*-

Raven, stop ignoring us, we have a most important probl-

Then fix it. I don't need to babysit my emotions. I have more important things to do right now Intellect. Someone as smart as you should be able to fix it without my help. Raven broadcasted around her mind, so that every emotion could hear. After a few seconds of no response, she smiled to herself in triumph.

Beast Boy and Raven had been searching for Angela for the past few hours now, and with no success, stopped for a break at a nearby pizza store so they could get a meal.

"I don't understand it... How could a human walk so-" Beast Boy cut himself off before taking a bite. Sitting at a table a few feet behind Raven were Angela and Slade, sitting across from each other, enjoying some pizza together. He grabbed Raven and hid under the table cloth. Who knew pizza places were so fancy back then?

"What in Azarath is this abo-" Beast Boy cupped a hand around Raven's mouth and slowly lifted up the cloth and pointed at her mother.

"You know Robin won't be happy with this," he joked, trying to lighten the mood. Raven wasn't impressed. "So uh, what are we supposed to do?

Raven shrugged. She didn't want to get more involved than they already were, but something had to be done before it was too late, if it wasn't already. "We can't exactly tell her that we're from the future. And remember, Slade has that gun. We need to be careful," Raven whispered over at Beast Boy after taking his hand off of her mouth.

"I have an idea. Since you look almost exactly like her..." Beast Boy smirked at Raven, who raised an eyebrow. He looked back out at Angela, who was wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans. "We mug her in and alley, you and her switch clothes, she goes insane and goes to the Church or whatever, and bam! Perfect future!" Raven put her face to her palm and shook her head. "What?" He asked.

"I am not mugging my own mother Beast Boy, you know that won't make it any better."

He crossed his arms. "Got any better ideas?"

"I can just buy a white t-shirt and some blue jeans from the store while you distract her and get her away from Slade. I'll get him away from here and we'll take it from there, okay?" Raven suggested. Beast Boy nodded.

"And how much money do you have exactly?"

Raven didn't respond. She simply held up a $100 dollar bill. Beast Boy gasped. "Did you-" Raven nodded, somewhat ashamed. She had used her powers to take it out of Angela's pocket while they were having the whole conversation. Raven heard a distinct crash in her mind and sighed in frustration.

Will you guys keep it down? I'm trying to think!

Raven, Anger, she's gone!

What do you mean gone?

There was no response. Raven rubbed her temples for a moment, then looked back out at the odd couple. Not like your real father and mother aren't an odd couple... She thought to herself, sarcastically. "You go out there, I'll go to the store down the street," She said, impatiently.

Beast Boy nodded and morphed into a fly while Raven opened a portal beneath her to the clothing store. He flew over to where Angela was and suddenly came up with an idea. He morphed into the tiniest of gnats and flew right in front of her eyes.

"Get the fuck away from me!" She shouted and slapped the air in front of her. Slade just gave her a puzzled look. He got up and walked to her side, when Beast Boy flew in between both of them. Angela took another swat at him but instead ended up slapping Slade, right across the face. She immediately brought her hands to her mouth and her eyes widened.

"What the hell Angela?" He questioned, grabbing her wrist. Beast Boy flew a few feet away then morphed into his human form before approaching the two.

"Let go of her!" He shouted, getting into battle stance. Slade smirked. With his one existing eye, he looked down at Angela then picked her up bridal style before throwing a smoke bomb in the direction of Beast Boy. The Titan shielded his eyes and frantically looked around when the smoke cleared, but there was no trace of them.

Raven's gonna be pissed.

-*In the future*-

After getting sent into the ocean for what seemed like the hundredth time by Raven, the Titans just stood about ten feet away from the shack entrance while planning their next move.

"There is no help for her. She won't let us help her at all," Robin muttered while throwing his communicator in the sand in frustration. They heard footsteps behind them and turned around to see her, now dressed in an orange cloak.

"Now just why in the hell are you guys here?" Cyborg stood up and took a step toward her and put an arm on her shoulder.

"Raven, it's us, your-" He was cut off. She grabbed his arm and tossed him behind her, then stood at a battle ready stance, facing Robin and Starfire.

"Who the hell are you talking about?" She shouted, giving a smirk as she looked back at Cyborg.

"You're our friend, we're just here to help!" Robin shouted, also taking a battle ready stance at a safe distance.

"My friend? Hah! I think not!" She shouted and chuckled. She pushed a button on the jewel on her cloak, and a figure appeared on the screen. "Daddy, the Titans are here, and I need your help!"

The voice on the other end was warbled, and Robin couldn't make it out. "I'll be there in a moment Rachel," it replied.

"Daddy? You're bringing in Trigon? I thought we banished that dude...," Cyborg murmured while standing up. He rubbed his head. He never pictured Raven to be so physically strong.

"He called her Rachel, Cy, something's not right here..." Robin pondered while still standing in a battle ready stance. Raven stood in the same stance, but neither made a move. A moment later, a figure walked up beside Raven, and the Titans recognized it immediately.

"Thanks for the back up daddy," she smiled and gave him a quick hug before returning to her battle stance.

"Slade..." Robin was filled with anger immediately. The day just got even longer.

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