One thing that could be said about Uchiha Madara was that he could come up with a new plan very quickly, and adapt to changing situations almost instantly. When he learned that he could not get the Kyuubi back from the Shinigami who was disinclined to return it no matter how many times he summoned it and and therefore couldn't use it to complete the Juubi in order to finish his Moon's Eye Plan, he didn't throw too big of a fit at this particular setback. A number of people had died, and there was a large charred area where a forest should be, but considering the amount of destruction that man could have caused with the powers he possessed, it wasn't too bad.

After his small tantrum at being thwarted by chance was over, he pointed out to himself that he had eight of the Biju, a number of loyal and semi-loyal followers, and just about all the time in the world to conquer it. Nagato's plan did have merit, if he placed himself as ruler rather than Nagato that was.

With eight Biju, and a number of S-ranked and Kage ranked ninja at his command, the nations fell very quickly. Within a year, Uchiha Madara had declared himself supreme ruler of the world.

And, as Uchiha Madara stood ruler over all, a voice in the wilderness cried out about the unfairness of it all. Rather than wailing about how cruel fate had been, this voice vowed to do something about it. When the odds were against him, Naruto hadn't given up, the voice said. Naruto had been willing to die to free others, the voice said. If Naruto were here, he would have done something, the voice said...

Konohamaru was there however. He would not give up. No matter how long the odds were against him, he would not give in. He would not be afraid to die if it meant that people would be free. He would do something.

And, standing by Konohamaru's side was a man who was determined to fix the world he had helped break when he had fallen for Madara's honeyed words of how this world was a hell that they could fix if he were just willing to follow his plan. No, Naruto wasn't there but Konohamaru was, and so was Obito.

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