Disclaimer: Soul Eater belongs to Atsushi Okubo. This fanfic belongs to me and was written for fun.

He heard them.

Oh, sure, they would glance around to make sure he wasn't listening and would give a subtle sigh of relief when they thought he wasn't. But, he was. He heard them all the same. It was hard not to, after all. The entire Academy turned into whispers whenever he entered the doorways and made his way down the halls.

Whispers, hand gestures, snickering, gasps. You name it, he caught every subtle hint of it.

He looked over to see two students roughly his age subtly pointing in his directoin and stretching their arms out wide as if to emphasize how large he was. A few teachers, not to his suprise were either speaking in concern or complaining how they spent a good amount of the budget just for accomodating his enlarged frame.

He just kept walking.

More whispers. A few girls younger than him covered their hands to suppress their childish giggling when he walked past. Girls older than him whispered in each other's ears about how he had lost his attractiveness under his now-fat self.

He just kept walking until he made it to his class and sat down. His seat creaked a little as he shifted his weight in order to make himself comfortable. More whispers were heard in the classroom. Snickers, words like "fatass" and "whale" were thrown around. He had heard them before, countless times.

"Hey, you wanna go play basketball after school today?"

"Sure." he nodded.

"Cool. We'll meet you there when school's over. Don't forget."

Kid smiled. His friends didn't care what he looked like. To them, he was still the same asymmetriphobic grim reaper they had all come to know and care for. And, to him, that was worth all of the vapid shallow whispers, laughter, and everything else from those who only saw him for his looks.

Author's Notes: I hope y'all enjoyed this. This was essentially a subtle "Take That" at those who complain about how I make certain characters fat in my fanfics. I can't help but feel like they only care about the characters' "smexiness" rather than any actual personality the character might have. So, yeah, enjoy.