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A Birthday Surprise.

Seth's Pov

It's been a week since Renesmee has joined our school and everything has been going great. She and I have become pretty good friends, we chat and hang whenever we can, either at school or after, mainly when Jacob has work. It's about time he started working again, he was getting annoying with hanging at my house all the time, or me at his. But I couldn't get mad at him, I loved him too much.

There haven't been too many misfits, unless you count the glares sent towards Renesmee by Collin and Brady. They try to do it without me looking, but even when I look at them, they are still glaring at her. I swear I even heard Brady growl softly. That was during class, and we were doing a test. Yeah, I think a few people heard.

I had to turn around and glare at him myself then, he backed down, but still glared. So after class I pulled him to the side.

Flash Back

"What the hell was that" I snapped at Brady once the blinds were drawn down. We were in an empty classroom.

"She touched you" He growled, I could see a distant look in his eyes, probably replaying the image in his head.

"That doesn't give you the right to growl" I sighed, "Especially during class, in the middle of a test" I sighed once more, massaging the start of a head ache, and it was rare for me to get them, like really rare. It was like finding gold in a muddy river, rare.

"..." he stayed quiet then, looking to the side. He knew he was in the wrong here, I mean who growls out for no reason, during a test, when it was quiet.

"Besides it was an accident. She had an itch on her foot, so she went to scratch it" I said, " Now look, I know you are my Beta, but your taking this a little too far, calm down a little, okay" I asked him, hoping that he would calm down.

"Sorry..." was the only thing he said. He still looked away thought.

I sighed before leaving the room. Collin was acting casual around the front of the door, looking out for us. He knew what Brady did wasn't right, but I could still see the look to kill in his eyes whenever they land on Renesmee.

I sighed, before heading to the cafeteria...

End Flash Back

Since then Collin and Brady have calmed down a bit. But the look to kill is never gone for long. So I let that side, I couldn't stand having to always pull one of them away to call them out for the stares, so I just let it side. It's only if they make a snappy comment or something is when I pull them away.

They knew it was wrong to do what they were doing, but they continue to do it. But I'm guessing since she has joined our group and nothing has happened, I'm guessing they're starting to see that she probably won't do anything. But like I always say to them, I could be wrong, and she is bad trouble, but we don't know that.

But it was good to see that their glares have softened tremendously, so that was good.

Right now I was walking down the hall to my four lessons. I wanted to run and get there early, but I couldn't really be bothered. I mean I just feel lazy today. Not really wanting to do much except crawl back into bed and sleep for hours. I say hours because I knew it I slept any longer Jacob would hull me out of bed and take me to his house, so then we can sleep in his bed. Then probably wake me up so that we could make out. I don't know... No wait I do know, it is something along those lines.

"...So do you think you can stop by to watch" I heard a voice say. I stopped in my tracks once I heard that voice. I was getting close to a hallway, so I crept close to it and pressed against the wall and crept across it. Once I reached the edge, I leaned forward a bit. Two people were standing opposite each other, their sides facing me, so I could see who it was.

Jacob and Renesmee.

"I don't know Nessie, I have work this afternoon. Plus I have stuff to do after that and I need to stop by the shops for my dad" Jacob explained, I could see an apologetic look on his face. Actually his whole body language, his hands were tucked into his pockets, his shoulders hunched, and his face was the main key of his apology.

'Why is he here anyway? I thought he had class' I asked myself as I watched from where I was.

"Oh please Jake, last time you said you were looking for Seth but you will another time" I was shocked by this. Jacob said that he would watch Renesmee. But what was she doing, probably dancing. She did say she had dancing as her subject.

"I can't Nessie. Besides I didn't say that. I said I was sorry but I had to look for Seth..." I was proud of Jacob not falling for her false lie. I hope it was a lie. I mean I've had my head phones in every time I was sitting on the bench in front of Jacob's car after school waiting for him, "Plus I have to get something for Seth. His birthday's coming this Saturday" I gasped, just loud enough for me to hear. I wanted to do it louder, but I knew if I did, I would be caught.

I couldn't believe I forgot it was my birthday this Saturday and I couldn't believe that Jacob actually wanted to get me something for it, and he remembered. I mean, even I forgot, what with work, school and the pack; it slipped my mind, so sue me.

I could feel a heat building in my chest at the thought of that. Jacob, my Jacob wanted to get me something for my birthday. I couldn't help the smile spread across my lips at the thought. 'Hehe, my Jacob' I mentally giggled as I continued to watch, almost missing more of the conversation.

"Oh, well then when is Seth's birthday" I Renesmee asked, I swear I could see something in her eye, but really I was too busy watching Jacob, feeling a love like none other build in my chest with the thought of him actually getting me for my birthday.

"This Saturday and we have something planned for him" I watched as Jacob's lips turned into a smirk looking proud of himself. Oh I feel bad now, he has something planned for me, and I overheard it.

'Ok, I'll leave before anything else is said'.

As I turn to leave and plan on looking like I was just passing by. I did a last minute check before turning away and up the hall wanting it to look casual as I walk down the hall.


Jacob's Pov

"Oh what do you have planned for him" I was standing in the middle of a hallway with Nessie standing before me. She asked me at Break if we could talk before our four lessons, I agreed not really wanting to disappoint a friend.

But now, I really wished I didn't agree. I mean, she keeps asking me if I could watch her practise her dancing and give her feedback, so I keep declining her, coming up with random excuses. I really didn't want to watch her dance actually; I knew she was good already; she and the other girls talk about it all the times. Gossip, one hears in from another and so forth, that was how Bella and Rosalie knew, plus Rosalie was in the dance class, but a year higher, but sometimes she helps the younger class's teacher, so yeah, I already know how good she is.

"Well that's a surprise" I smirked, the thoughts of what me, Collin, Brady and Leah have installed for his birthday.

"Oh, is there any way I can help" Renesmee asked. I thought it over, seeing if there is actually anything that she could help us with.

"Uhh... Collin has drinks covered. Brady has decorations. Leah has music. His mum has food covered. And I have the alcohol covered. So no I don't think so?" I explained slowly, putting extra thought into what else needed to be done, but coming up blank.

"Oh, well..." I could see she looked hurt, and I didn't really want that, I don't really do well with girls crying.

"Hey, look all you need to do is show up ok, and wish Seth a happy birthday" I told her, hoping that that will work.

"Ok, well I'll see you Saturday then" she told me before leaning forward and giving me a hug. I hesitated before wrapping my own arms around her. I was a little confused about why she was doing this; I mean I don't even hug Bella or Rose like this... Whatever this is.

"Uh..." I let go of Renesmee, giving her a little shove before turning to the turning to the start of the hallway. I could feel my heart beating in my chest at who I saw.

"Seth..." I said, my voice maybe going a little too high.

"Jacob... Renesmee... I... ahhh" I watched as he looked down at scratched his head, before looking back up, "Is everything okay?" he asked, I could see there was a tint of hurt in his eyes, with concern over ruling.

"Yeah, everything is fine. I was just saying to Nessie..." I stalled, not knowing what to continue with. 'Shit, do is say that I was going to say no to her asking me to watch her dance, or say that I was just telling her that I was getting him his birthday present later today. Shit what do I do' I panicked, not knowing what I should say.

"Jake was just saying that your birthday is this weekend, Saturday, he was just asking if I wanted to come" I looked down at Renesmee. I was shocked that she could come up with that without showing an ounce of panic.

"Uh... Y-yeah..." I said looking back at Seth before looking at Renesmee, "So will you be coming" I asked, praying that Seth won't ask me the real reason we were here.

"I already said yes to Seth asking" she answered, smiling up at me before turning around, "See ya tomorrow" she waved rushing over to her class, which will be finishing soon.

I looked back at Seth, seeing him having an apologetic look on his face, "I did ask her early this morning if she wanted to come, she said yes" he shrugged waiting for me to come and join him before we continued to walk.

"Well thanks for the info; you could have said something before..."

"You made an idiot out of yourself" Seth intervened, looking at me from the corner of his eye, a smirk on his lips.

"An idiot hey" I said as I wrapped my hand around his shoulders, "I guess if I'm an idiot then I guess I'll just have to miss your birthday, since I'm so stupid to remember" I said looking away, but not removing my hand as I faked hurt.

"Aww baby I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I just thought that was what you were going to say" I felt him place a hand on my cheek, pulling my face towards him, "I'm sorry" he said before leaning up and pressing his lips against mine before pulling away.

"I guess I can let it slide..." I said as I checked the time. Two minutes till class ends, "Wanna go wait at the bleachers" I asked tightening my hold on his shoulders.

"How much time do we have left" he asked, already following me towards the cafeteria.

"Two minutes" I answered as we entered the place with the food.

"Sure why not, it's not like I haven't already miss most of English" I felt him shrug as we headed for the lunch line. The head of the cafeteria, the lady who gets all the food ready stands up from her seat with the other ladies and walks over to us.

"The bell doesn't go until..."

Briiing. Briiing. Briiing.

We heard the lunch lady sigh before a smile graces her lips, "What can I get you".

We smiled before ordering, already hearing the sound of the students chatting about as they enter the cafeteria and taking a seat or coming to the lunch line, a few were a little shocked to see us in the line, at the same time. Well it is true, usually I always get here before Seth to get something, or save a seat next to mine. But lately we've been sitting outside because there weren't enough seating at the table we usually sit at, so we opted to sit outside.

After we grabbed our lunch we headed to the bleachers, knowing that everyone will come meet us there.

The weather wasn't bad actually, it was pretty warm, but clouds were out. Maybe me and Seth can go for a swim. Oh that'd be nice, Seth in a swim shorts- no Speedos, his hair dripping wet from the water, the water washing the sand away, his ass jiggling as he ran down the sand to the sea, him splashing, diving, swimming in the ocean. I would sit there and watch him as he went about in the ocean. Then just before running out of energy, he would come running up the beach, everything would go in slow motion as he jogged up the beach, his hand shaking the water out of his hair, his trademark smile on his lips, till he was standing over me, the water dropping down on to be, before he dropped as well, straddling my hips, his arms wrapping around my neck and he would lean forward...

"Jacob..." I could hear him whisper my name s he came closer, "Jacob..." my name just rolling off his lips till finally.

"Jacob... You're showing". My eyes snapped open as I looked around, we were under the bleachers, "I had to drag you here before anyone saw your dick" I looked towards Seth and raised an pointed down, I followed his finger and saw that he was right, my dick was showing. I could feel my cheeks heating, one question in my head.

"Did anyone see" I don't really know why I was scared to know if anyone saw, I mean I've slept with most of the people here, so I really shouldn't be embarrassed.

"No you were lucky no one saw and who walks with their eyes closed" he told me. I looked down at my dick again, feeling it twitch as I gave it a little rub, "Your sex drive never ceases to amaze me" I heard Seth mumbled. I looked up at him a smirk on my lips.

"Well I do amaze a lot of people" I said, smirking as I watch a blush come about Seth's cheeks.

"Yeah well hurry up and get it down, I do want to eat some time this century" He said leaning against a pole, his arms crossed as he looked around, making sure no one was coming this way.

"You know it takes me more than a few minutes to come" I stated, looking around to see if anyone will be looking. Even if I knew that Seth would keep an eye out for me, it didn't hurt to have an extra pair of eyes.

"I know that, so either let it deflate, or you better work your hand till it hurts" he stated as he mocked glared at me.

"You do know it's near impossible for me to deflate, right" I asked, looking at him questioningly.

"Well looks like you will be hurting your arm then" He continued to mock glare at me, faking that he was angry with me. It was quite cute to see Seth with his glares, come people find it a little frightening, I find it cute. I'm only a little scared when it's his angry glares.

"Well help me then" I stated, doing one last check around the place before pulling my zipper down, the button following close after. I looked up at Seth, his eyes wide and his mouth looking as if he just dropped it.

"Are-" he stopped from shouting, "Are you serious" he stared at me, I just pushed my pants down, showing him that I was serious, "You have to be joking" He continued to glare, I just lowered my briefs till me cock and balls were shown. I looked back up, nodding to my dick, "I think I should start contemplating if I should dump you or not" He said before walking forward and getting on his knees.

I gave him a pleased smile, happy for his cooperation. I watched as Seth wrapped his hand around my erection, the feel of his warm skin around my dick felt mazing. "Hmm baby, your hands always do wonders for me" I moaned as I lost myself in the feeling.

(Ten minutes later)

"Ah shit, baby... Fuck! Seth c-cant... hold it... much l-longer" I stuttered as I felt the pressure building up in the pit of my stomach. The sexual frustration of no intercourse built up over the week since I got back to work and was too tired to do anything after. Plus even if I did, Seth would always command me to go have a shower because I stank of oil and petrol, and I'd have oil marks somewhere on my body.

I thrusted my hips into Seth mouth, grabbing his head and holding him in place as I thrusted. He knew not to do anything unless he wanted to gag, and I didn't want to hurt him. He had his hands on my ass, squeezing them for time to time. He really did have a butt fetish.

"Fuck, baby, here I come" the feeling of his hot, moist mouth wrapped around my cock and the feel of my dick going deep down his throat was just too much for me that I couldn't hold it for much longer. "Baby. Fuck, I'm coming", bitting my lip as I held back a moan that would of alerted the school.

Then all at once it felt like a pressure has been lifted from my shoulders as I held Seth head against my crotch, moving my hips a little to make sure he got it all, not waste on drop of my sperm. I was looking up at the seats of the bleachers as I came down from my high.

"Better now" I looked down at Seth, his head resting above my cock, my hands still on either side of his head. The feel of his warm hand wrapped around my flaccid dick as he stroking it softly, milking me for any left overs.

"Oh yeah" I chuckled softly as I removed my hands from his head, leaning against the pole from the start, and sagged there, watching as Seth cleaned up. His tongue running over my flaccid dick, lapping up any remaining cum or pre-cum, before pulling my briefs up, followed by my pants, then kissing my dick before standing up.

"Come on, I'm still hungry" He stated as he grabbed my hand and our bags, pulling us from under the bleachers. I wanted to wrap my hand around his shoulder, pull him close to me and grace him with kiss as a thank you. But I didn't have the strength in me; all that tension was too much, then having it released just made me weak.

Seth pulled me up the stairs towards our friend and sat down, graceful and all, while I plonked down and leaned against Seth, tired as all. "You tired me out" I mumbled, not really feeling hungry and wanting to just sleep.

"What took you guys so long, we've been waiting for hours" I looked up to see Paul and everyone looking at us curiously, while Collin and Brady had amused smirks on their lips. That confused me for a bit, but waved their concern away while I got into a laying position, tired because of the hand/blow job, work starting back up and school coming with the tests. I mean it wasn't even half way through school yet and they already handing us tests.

I looked up at Seth and watched as he ate his food, his unoccupied hand running through my short hair. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of his hand running through my hair, close to lulling me to sleep.


Seth's Pov

School was finished, Jacob had work and I had a free day. Sam decided to do a bit of renovating on the place, saying that he will be putting a few new things in, or might move to a bigger place. Everyone was excited to be getting new things, or moving to a new place. I was one of them, I was happy that we might be getting a new place and things.

'I wonder what he will be adding' I thought as I lay in my bed, listening to my iPod, I didn't have to select a song and learn a routine, so I was content. I sighed as another song come on. I was actually a little bored, Jacob was busy, Leah had studying to do, and mum would probably just ask me questions about my work, which I wanted to keep at the minimal.

'I think I could go for a run' I heard Wolf suggest. I contemplated about that, I mean I don't have anything better to do, so why not. But it is the middle of the day, and it might be weird if I just disappear without a trace about where I was going and I don't really want to explain that I'm just going to run around as a wolf. Though it might work if I get a wolf costume.

'Oh my god, I know what I'm doing for Halloween' I thought to myself as the thoughts of what I have plan of Halloween.

'Running around like a wolf and scarring the little kids is not a good thing Seth' Wolf said, scalding me, giving me and image of her looking like a mother scalding her kid.

'Man, you take the fun out of most of my plans' I grumbled as I got up, walking out of my room.

'Well I can let you off the leash too much, my parenting skills are still kicking you know'

'Like I said, you take the fun out of my plans'

"Mum" I said as I entered the lounge room where mum was, sitting on the couch with a cup of tea in her hand and the remote in the other, she looked tired, well after a day of working with little ones I'd understand.

"Yes dear" she said as she looked to me, her eyes showing the tiredness more.

"I'm going for a walk, might be awhile, so if I'm home after dinner can you please put it in the microwave and don't wait up" I said, a smile on my lips hoping that she would fall for it.

"Sure dear, just try not to be late for dinner"

"I make no promises" I smiled as I hugged her before walking to the front door, knowing that it might be weird to go out the back door.

I walked down the road for a bit, really just finding a place suitable to run off into the forest, without making any suspicion. I wondered about what Collin and Brady were doing. Probably doing homework, they did say they had a bit to do. Or finding a way to get to Renesmee, or conspire against me.

I don't know why I keep calling her Renesmee and not Nessie. I guess it's just something that doesn't suit well for me, I mean it would be easier when writing her name, but its more formal to write the full name, not the abbreviated form. I don't know it just didn't sit well with me. I mean everyone else calls her Nessie, even Jacob does and surprisingly so does Collin and Brady. I don't mind, actually I don't really care. Everyone has their own way of calling people, wether its nickname or not.

'Ah, I'm thinking too much' I sighed as I finally found a suitable spot to run into the forest. I looked around before walking off. As soon as I enter the forest I strip down and hide them before let the heat take over me. Feeling my limbs snap and break before realigning its self all over.

As soon as I made sure my clothes won't get nabbed or something, I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could take me, running all over the forest. It felt good to be able to run, the wind flowing through my fur, the forest turning into blurs as I sped past.

I practically lost myself in my run, mainly letting Wolf take over.


It was probably around ten thirty by the time I came home. I was tired, all I really wanted to do was lie in bed and fall asleep, not even bothering to take me clothes off, or if I did, I'd probably just sleep naked, too tired to put anything else on. I was just that tired.

Apparently I was too tired. Because as I came out of the forest, still in my wolf form, I didn't think that maybe someone might still be awake.

I walked up the porch and dropped my clothes at the door before phasing back into human, slipping my briefs on only. I groaned as I bent down to get my other clothes before, holding them in a loose grip. I slide the door open and step in, everything was off, the TV, the lights everything, except the fridge door, which was in line with the back door. The full moon tonight was illuminating the grounds and basking everything in its silver shin.

I looked up just as I close the door, and my heart dropped...


Brady's Pov

"Ok, so do you have the decorations for tomorrow" Collin asked me as we walked up the stairs to the school. It was Friday, tomorrow was Seth's birthday, and Jacob had something planned for him. He wanted it to be perfect, and everyone was coming, yes I do mean everyone. So that means Renesmee was coming. I felt myself growl just thinking of that name.

"What's wrong" I heard Collin ask me from beside me. I looked towards him to see concern on his face. I shook my head, getting rid of the images of Nessie lying in a pool of her own blood, laying there lifeless, and her blood pouring out of her by the litres.

"Nothing, just didn't get much sleep" I played it off, waving it away. I knew Collin could probably guess what I was thinking anyway, he always could see into my head just by reading my body language or something like that. Well that's what he says.

"You're thinking about her aren't you" Collin asked me. I sighed as I rest my head against the now closed locker. The cool metal, chilling my heated skin even for just a little bit.

"You always could read me without being physic" I mumbled as I looked him mock glaring at him. I smiled as his cheeks tinted red. "And yes I do have the decorations. Do you want me to get yelled at by Jacob" I stated as we started to head to our first class.

"Speaking of Jacob, have you seen him, and where's Seth. Both are usually here by now" It was getting close to first lesson, probably five more minutes, and we have yet to see Jacob or Seth.

"Probably in the bathroom, Seth giving Jacob a blow job" I mumbled only loud enough for us to hear. I could feel and see a smirk growing on my lips and Collins.

'Both of them are always horny buggers' I thought as we entered our classroom.

"I sure they will both come running into the school soon" Collin said as the bell went, students pilling into their respected classes.

"Maybe they'll be 'coming' soon" I smirked, already picturing Seth and Jacob sexing it up somewhere.

"Brady, that's mean" Collin said while chuckling, hitting my shoulder softly.

"You said it" I said before we both fell quiet as the teacher came in, books in her arms walking straight to the desk to drop the books and folders before going to the board.

'I wonder why Seth isn't here yet' I thought as I looked at the empty seat next to Collin.


Jacob's Pov

"What do you mean I can't see Seth" I bellowed as I stood outside the Clearwater's house. I was coming over to pick Seth up, waiting at the front after knocking, only to be stopped by Sue, Seth's mum, telling me that Seth won't be going to school today.

When I asked why, she said that Seth was feeling sick. I tried to get past her but she said that I might get sick as well. I waved her concern away, still trying to get in, but the woman was like a wall. She just wouldn't let me past and I knew that if I hit the woman, that won't be good and Seth might dump me on the spot.

"Because he is sick, and I don't want you getting sick as well" She stated while trying to stop my advances. The closes I've been able to get is having the door pushed wide open.

"Come on Mrs Clearwater, I need to see my baby" I said as I tried again, still getting stopped by her. Damn for an old lady she sure can move fast.

"I'm sorry Jacob, but I can't let you. I don't want your father coming over here and telling me off for getting his son sick. Now you best be off, you have school, and I'm sure your classes has already started" She explained as she pushed me. I mean really pushed me, not just a shove or something, but I real push. Just enough for her to close the door and lock it.

I stared at the door, shocked by what the lady behind it just did. If I wasn't eighteen right now, that would of been an act of child abuse.

I huffed as I got up, glaring at the door and wishing it to burn before turning on my heel and heading for my car, knowing that it was useless to try getting into Seth's room since it was on the second floor.

'Sick my ass, he was perfectly fine yesterday. Besides he can't get sick, his birthday is on tomorrow' I thought as I slammed my door close, knowing that it really wasn't its fault, I was just a little upset that Seth won't be joining my for school today.

'Maybe I'm just over reacting' I thought as I started the car, 'I mean all people get sick, it's a normal thing' I thought as I pulled out of the Clearwater's drive way, depressed beyond belief. I mean I just wanted to lie with my pup and help him get better, I mean he has to get better, his birthday was tomorrow, and I have plans for his special day.

I sighed as I continued on my way to school...


I pulled up to the school and parked in a free spot. It was break time, and I drove as slow as I could, not really wanting to go to school without Seth. I sighed as I killed the engine and got out, hefting my bag over my shoulder as I headed for the front doors of the school.

I just couldn't shake the feeling that Seth would of gotten sick over night. I mean he was only sick once, but when I went to his house to check on him, he looked total fine. But he did say that it was probably a twenty-four hour bug, but still he looked as healthy as a horse. So how can he be sick now?

I opened my locker and chucked my bag in, before turning and heading for the cafeteria, knowing that I probably only have about five minutes before the bell rings for the end of break.

I pushed one door open and slipped in, usually I push both because I wanted the attention but I didn't feel like having attention on me this time, so I only pushed one and headed for where the rest of my group sits.

I plonked down and stared at the table, ignoring the concerned looks, pointed in my direction. I noticed that everything was quiet once I sat down.

I looked up and saw that I was right; everyone was looking in my direction in concern. "What?" I asked, not really wanting the attention pointed at me. Really I just didn't want to be here.

"What's wrong? Where's Seth? Why are you quiet" Bella asked. She was sitting a seat over from me, Emmett was sitting next to me, the same look of concern on his face, I looked around seeing that Paul was away as well and so was Nessie.

"Nothing's wrong. Seth's sick." I shrugged at the last answer, not really knowing how to answer why I was quiet. I turned towards the sound of a chair scrapping and watched as Collin and Brady leaned towards each other, their voices hushed in whisper. I could feel my eyebrows frown at their sudden sitting arrangement, and wondered why they were whispering.

"Why are you two whispering" I voiced my thought, my eyes narrowing as Collin and Brady pulled away, both looking at me with cheeky grins.

"Uh... just... talking about how we're going to give Seth his homework" Collin replied, scratching the back of his head as he looked down at the table.

"You can just give it to me and I can give it to him" I answered. I knew that was a lie. That I was able to give Seth his homework since Sue doesn't want me near him, but it was worth a try.

"No, no, it's ok; we can give it to him. Besides don't you have work this afternoon" I cursed as I realised that Brady was right, I did have work this after school which sucked ass. I narrowed my eyes more as I realised that I wouldn't be able to get to see Seth at all.


The rest of the day turned out to be boring. I didn't talk or interact with my friends during lunch, I couldn't concentrate on school work, cause I was worrying about Seth, hoping that he was ok, even though I knew Sue would be able to take care of him, but who knows what will happen if Sue had to leave and Seth needed to get something but couldn't and ended up falling down the stairs, or was laying on the floor unconscious.

'Okay, maybe I was exaggerating then, but it could happen and no one's there to help him' I thought as I walked to my car. School was over and I had work straight after it. My uniform was there already in my locker, but I'd probably take it home tonight to get it washed.

I sighed in dismay as I pulled out of my parking and drove out of the school, driving past Collin and Brady as they talked together. They both waved as I drove past, I returned it before pulling onto the road and heading for work.


Collin's Pov

Brady and I headed straight for Seth's house once we saw Jacob leave in the opposite direction, hopping into Brady's car.

Once we pulled up to the Clearwater's drive way, we got out after Brady killed the engine and walked towards the front door. I knocked on the door and stood back waiting for the door to be answered.

We heard a 'just a minute' before the sound of feet padding against the floorboards then the sound of a lock clicking, then the door being pulled open.

"Collin, Brady" Sue said, pushing the screen door open and ushering us in.

"Hi Mrs. Clearwater. Is Seth ok, we heard that he was feeling sick" I asked, being genuine with a small smile on my lips. I was a lot better at being nice, while Brady would of probably just stood there and said something, non-genuine.

"Actually, he is perfectly fine. Why don't you come with me" Sue said as she walked us to the lounge room. As we entered we saw Seth sitting there, with a bunch of other people. I gulped as all eyes turned to us.

"Council, this is Collin and Brady" Sue announced. I looked to Brady as he turned to me, once word coming to our minds, 'Council'.


For two or three hours, give or take. Seth, Brady and I were asked question upon question upon question, about what happened, how it happened, when it happened, and what we did, then heard stories about this gene that we have. I didn't know about the other two, but I was nervous beyond belief. I mean this was the council of the reservation; they are the law of what happens here. So you can guess how much I was sweating, even though no water came down for it was dried in a matter of minutes.

The council was a group of elders; formed together to make sure nothing goes wrong in the rez, they make the decision of what happens, for like I said, their word was law in a sense.

"...then the next thing I know is, I hear Seth's voice speaking to someone, arguing really, but still it was because of him was I able to take control of this 'wolf'" Brady was explaining what happened to him. From feeling like his body was going to rip, then everything went blank, till he heard Seth's voice. It was the same for me too.

"Same here" I said throwing my two cents, "And Seth had his jaw clamped over my neck, which hurt for two day" I said glaring at my Alpha. He smiled and waved cheekily at me saying a small 'sorry'.

"Well of course he had his jaw over your neck" one of the elders said, "He had to show you who was the Alpha, even if the Alpha was female. He had to show you who the Alpha in the pack was, which Seth did show with excellently, from what we hear" The elder said smiling as he praised Seth.

"Hehe, thanks, but I only did what my wolf said to do" Seth explained his cheeks tinting a little red, as he looked away, scratching the back of his neck.

"Well thanks to your wolf, the blood line can now continue" another elder said we all turned our heads towards him, my face in confusion.

"What do you mean" I asked.

"We were beginning to worry that maybe this gene has died out. We all waited for years for the next wolf shifter to come, praying that the guardians will show themselves. We were starting to lose hope, thinking that maybe it truly has died out" the elder explained, all eyes turning to Seth, then Brady and then me, "But thanks to you three, the gene will be able to continue".

"But how can it continue, if all three of us have a female wolf" I asked confused about that. How will the gene continue if there are three of us? I mean I don't think three female wolves can get each other pregnant, even if we have male bodies.

I watched as the elders looked at each other, before looking at us three, big grin on their faces. "You find your imprint of course".

I knew my face contorted into one of confusion. I mean what the hell is an imprint? How the hell would we find out imprint? What the hell were they even talking about? Question after question ran through my head as the three of us sat in silence. I don't know about them, but I didn't know what to say.


Seth's Pov

I laid in bed, thinking over what happened. Once the council left, Collin, Brady and I sat there for awhile, going over what the hell happened. From the questions the council asked, the stories, the stories that Collin, Brady and I gave them, to the thing called imprinting.

They said that it was the most precious thing in the word, a whole lot stronger then love could ever be. They said that we would do whatever the imprint asks us to do. They said that they will become the centre of out universe, being beside them, support them, and help them in rough times. Doing everything in our power to please and help our imprint. Like if they told us to jump, we'd say how high.

They also said before leaving that since the actual Alpha hasn't been seen yet, I will be the Alpha of the pack, till I either sleep with a male shifter, or the Alpha male shows who they are. I was a little scared when they told me that when the Alpha shows it's self, I'll instantly imprint of them, no questions what so ever, even if I was dating someone else, all that I would want is the Alpha.

I felt bad for Jacob if the Alpha does show its self. I asked if the council knew who the Alpha descended was, but they told me that it's been so long that they don't remember who it was, since they lost hope that the gene was lost. But they never lost hope, even if it was starting to thin.

I sighed as I rolled to my side, 'Maybe if I sleep I might be able to sort through my thoughts' I thought as I closed my eyes, soon losing myself to my dream world.


Third Pov

It was the morning of our Alpha female's birthday. The sky was shining a beautiful blue, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the sun was shining brighter than usual. The birds were singing happily, the critters were running around enjoying the day, and a group of people were running around, going crazy with the preparations of the day for the Alpha female's birthday.

And the guest of honour for the day was running around chasing after his two other pack members. Running, laughing, shouting at each other, in a game of tag. The two ran as fast as they could, making sure not to get nipped by the Alpha, running as fast as they could, but always ended up getting nipped.

Seth ran as fast as he could away from Brady, laughing as loud as he could as he ran. He ran as fast as he could, kicking his speed up a notch, knowing that Brady would follow after him. Seth could just hear the sound of the waves coming up close, over the cackle of Collin and Brady's laugh. Collin broke away after nipping Brady and wanted to catch his breath, while Brady chased after Seth.

As the broke through the forest boarder, Seth ran faster, Brady still after him. As he came closer to the edge of the cliff, he jumped. Brady halted as he watched Seth jump.

"SETH!" both Collin and Brady shouted as they watched Seth jump and fall. They watched as halfway through the jump Seth phased, pulled his shorts off his ankle from the elastic and pulled them on before hitting the water.

Collin came up beside Brady, both phasing as they stood at the edge, waiting for the Alpha to surface the water. The stood there on baited breath, waiting, waiting, waiting, till finally their Alpha raised his head, smiled and wave.

"Come on, the waters great" he shouted, beckoning the two to jump.

Collin and Brady looked at each other, before shrugging, taking a few steps back and running at full speed, after pulling their own short on. The council came up with the idea to put elastic around their ankles to carry their clothes so that they didn't have to see each other's junk.

In seconds, but felt like minutes both boys hit the water, going pretty deep before resurfacing. All three of them laughed before swimming for the shore.

All three collapsed once they reached the shore, sighed and giggling as they replayed the scene in their heads.

"If Jacob ever sees you doing that... hehe... he'd probably kill you" Collin said laughing as he replayed the scene.

"Haha... yeah, he'd probably ban me from cliff diving" Seth agreed, closing his eyes and letting the sun hit his skin, helping his heightened body temperature dry the water off of him. They decided to go running, playing tag in their wolf forms, agreeing that they had to nip each other for that person to be in. The cliff diving was just something that crossed Seth's mind as he ran from Brady.

Brady and Collin were told by Sue and Jacob to keep Seth occupied for the day till later tonight, since they had to get everything ready, since they lost two extra pair of hands. So they asked for more help from Paul, Emmett and Embry. So the two were forced to keep Seth occupied.

Once they were dried enough, they agreed to go to Brady's house to watch a few movies, doing anything to keep Seth occupied.

Once they had drinks, popcorn, chips and a DVD in the DVD player, with two other's sitting on the coffee table, they sat down on the couch and pressed play, settling down and relaxing.


It was night time now, and the house for the birthday boy was ready, people have already started showing up, but were told to wait till the man of the hour was here to start the party. Everyone agreed wanting to actually say surprised for Seth's surprised birthday. Jacob was feeling nervous, hoping, and praying that Seth will like the party.

Seth did tell Jacob that he didn't mind big parties, but he preferred small get together with a few friends. But Jacob wanted Seth to remember his eighteenth birthday, so he went against Seth wishes and threw him a big birthday bash.

Leah went a few minutes ago to drop off some clothes for Seth and Jacob's 'date'. It was a cover story that Jacob came up with to get Seth here. Seth protested that it would be weird for him to get changed at Brady's house and say that he didn't have clothes with him.

He did find it a little weird how Jacob said that Leah would drop off some clothes for him. But he went with it anyway, since Brady did live further then walking distance to his house.

Once Seth was showered, dressed and ready, Collin and Brady weren't anywhere to be seen, Leah told him that they had to do something or other so they left, and just telling them that they had lock the house after them.

As soon as that was done, they headed to their house, since Leah had to drop Seth off, saying that they would meet Jacob at his house.


Seth's Pov

"Where's mum" I asked as we pulled up to our drive way, seeing all the lights off and mums car not in the driveway.

"She had a meeting with the council and a conference to go to for work, but she sends her best wishes" Leah informed me, as we hopped out. Mum did say that since dad died she was giving dads position on the council, which she took glad to be able to take her husband's position.

We walked up the stairs of the front porch. Leah unlocked the front door and went in disappearing into the dark. It was dark as I entered, I went to turn the lights on but couldn't. I frowned at that. "Leah, the lights aren't working" I shouted, not knowing where she disappeared to, even thought I knew my way around, I'd still like to have to lights on after have that dream of my past life.

As I continued to walk on, I could smell something, like it was school or something. But one smell over powered most of them, well actually two.

As I open my mouth, the lights came on.


People shouted once the lights came on, everyone wearing grins, arms raised and cups in their hands. I stood there shocked beyond belief, never having seen this coming. I looked around seeing Collin and Brady, Paul and Emmett, Rosalie, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Embry and Quil, Jared and Edward, Renesmee and Jacob, who was walking towards me with a happy grin on his face. And students from school, either in my class or Jacob's.

"Do you like it" Jacob said as he came within arm's reach.

"You planned all this" I said, saying in a tone I couldn't even understand. I was to shock to even process what happened.

"Yeah, do you like it" Jacob said looking hopeful, "I know you don't really like big parties, but I thought since it was your eighteenth birthday, I thought why not make it special" He explained.

"Jacob Black" I gritted my teeth, glaring at him, shaking a little. I faked angry seeing him widen his eyes and look at me sad, "You have to me the most..." I fought the bubble of laughter down, seeing everyone look at me with concern, "Awesome boyfriend everyone could every have" I shouted as I pounced on him, pulling him into a hug. I could tell he was shocked by what happened, but laughed as he realised what happened and wrapped his arms around me.

Everyone cheered then started the music, the party has started.

"I can't believe you planned all of this" I praised as I got out of Jacob's hug, his hand resting on my hips as my hands were locked behind his neck.

"Heh, it wasn't easy. I mean I had to get a little help" he said as he looked over his shoulder. I followed his gaze, Collin and Brady walking over with Leah, as the rest raised their cups and smiling.

"Oh my god, you guys knew" I half screeched as Collin, Brady and Leah came closer, giving me congratulations and a hug from Leah.

"Yeah. Sorry, but we didn't want to ruin the surprise" Brady said, I knew what he meant by not ruining the surprised, since I would of seen it in the mental link we have in the pack.

"Thank you, all of you" I said hugging each of them, and a big one for Jacob. "Now let's get this party started" I said as I pulled away and dragged Jacob with me to the dance floor.


Jacob's Pov

It was sometime around mid-night I think, and the party was still pumping, more people came, so people started moving to the back and were sitting and talking, shouting, drinking or dancing.

As for me, in a few words about me, I was completely and totally drunk.

Not as drunk as in I couldn't see where I was going, or what I was doing, since I didn't care what I was doing. But it was slurring my words, stumbling around, and shouting as loud as I could. The only time I was at least a little sober, was when I was with Seth.

I did lose him for a little while, but then found him doing body shots on the table. Sue wasn't around and she told us to let loose, so I'm guessing we were. People were cheering Seth on as he shot the drinks one after the other.

It felt like déjà vu in a sense. Like when me and Seth did the train of shots. I jumped in with the cheering as Seth downed the last shot. He stood up straight and raised his arms, before his eyes connected with mine.

"Jacob my sexy baby, come here" he shouted, his sentences in perfect line. I walked over with little stumble till I came face to face with my baby. "Body shots, think you can handle it" He said looking me straight in the eyes, a challenging glint running through his eyes. I sobered up a little then as I saw the glint in his eyes.

"Oh you are going to eat your words" I said, slurring a bit, returning the challenging look. I could hear the people around us 'ohhing' and cheer as we stared each other in the eyes.

"Ok then, we'll do body shots, then we will do what we did at your party" Seth suggested, his body language showing that of challenge.

"You are so on. And winner gets to do whatever he wants to the loser" I said, pulling away and waiting for everything to be ready.

"Ready. Set." I stared Seth in the eyes as he stared at mine, "GO!" at once we both bent down and grabbed the shot with our lips and we were off, going as fast as we could.

I was in lead by a second, but as we came to the train of shots, Seth was catching up; I tried going as fast as I could, but as I finish my last one, I was beat.

People cheered Seth's name, clapping him on his back. Once they all backed off Seth came around and leaned up against me. "Come to my room, and I'll give you a surprise" He whispered in my ear, before saturating off.

I waited a little, brushing the questions people asked me, who was wondering what he said. After a minute I was up and chasing after Seth to his room.

I walked through the crowd of people, pushing past them, wanting to see what Seth had in mind. As I came to the stairs, Collin and Brady were standing at the foot of the stairs, I halted, and they looked up, both wearing grins on their faces before nodding up the stairs. I stepped over them, and started going up the stairs, a little nervous by what he had in mind. I sighed as I saw that no one was on this floor, well at least not in the hall.

As I walked forward I saw that there was something on the floor. I bent down and picked it up, seeing that it was the red shirt that Seth was just wearing. I could feel myself getting hard, my heart beating in my chest, and my hands getting slightly sweaty. I walked forward. Going slow at first, since I didn't want to show Seth how eager I was.

I stood in front of Seth's door, my hand on the door knob ready to turn it and open it. As I start turning it, getting ready to push it open, I hear another door open and a voice say one word:



Seth's Pov

I wasn't totally drunk, since the heat of my body and my metabolism working together to kill the alcohol, so I wasn't wasted off my face, so I knew what was going on around me.

And as I lay on my bed, my shirt somewhere in the hall, laying on my silk sheets resting over my partially naked body. I still had my jeans on, and my briefs, and I could feel the silk rubbing against my skin as I lay there waiting for Jacob to enter.

But as I watch the door knob turn, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, knowing that it was Jacob coming up here. I decided that I wanted to finally give myself to Jacob, wanting him to take my virginity once and for all. It was my present to him for organizing this, and planning my birthday, and for his birthday, since I fell asleep before he could of done anything.

But as I laid there waiting for the door to push open with my heart pounding in my chest. Everything stopped, as the knob was released. I looked in confusion, 'What the hell' I thought as I waited there for a few minutes, wondering what the hell was taking Jacob to so long to get in here.

I huffed not pleased. I got up and walked to my door, pulling it open and prepared to glare at Jacob. But he wasn't there. I frowned in confusion. 'He was here just a second ago' I thought, knowing that I smelt Jacob's scent out here.

"Ah..." I heard a voice moan, I turned towards the door to the guest room. I walked towards it, "Ahh..." I knew it was going to be rude for what I was about to do, but no one else is meant to be up here. I had Collin and Brady stationed at the bottom of the stairs say not the let anyone up here.

"Oh Fuck..." I heard, my eyes widen as I recognised the voice.

I rushed forward and slammed the door open, wanting to know what the hell was going on here.

But as I did, I wish I hadn't. I stared in horrified; I could feel my blood draining form my body as I stared at what's in front of me.

Jacob and Renesmee. Jacob had his pants around his thighs, his shirt raised up and Renesmee had her skirt flipped up and her shirt unbutton open, her boobs hanging out. They both stared at me as I stared at what really had my blood running cold.

Jacob had his dick half inside Renesmee, pre-cum coming from both of them, making their parts shin from the light over them, and there wasn't a condom on Jacob's dick.

I could feel tears coming to my eyes as everything seemed to happen in a second.

I turned running heading for the stairs, "SETH WAIT!" I heard Jacob shout out, but I didn't I ran straight for the stairs running past Collin and Brady as they looked up at the shout of Jacob's voice, I ran past the bodies of dancers, struggling only a little as I headed for the back door. I could feel my body shaking as more tears came to my eyes. People seem to separate once they saw me, some tried to stop me, but it was no use, I rushed past them acting like a bulldozer as I headed for the back door.

"SETH!" I heard Jacob shout once I had to door open, I headed straight for the border line of the forest, knowing that I could phase there and disappear into the night.

"SETH WAIT!" I heard Jacob say, I turned back seeing him jumping down the stairs and running to me. But it was too late. I ran into the forest going a little further in and phasing, letting the heat of my wolf take over my body.

Once my paws hit the floor, I sped off, not knowing where I was going or anything, just wanting to get away for the man I once loved.


Brady' Pov

"SETH WAIT!" Collin and I looked up in time to see Seth ran down the stairs, getting a glimpse of tears running down his cheeks. Collin and I were up and ready to ask what happened, but couldn't as he ran past us, running into the body of dancers.

We looked back as we watch Jacob come down doing his pants up, "Shit" he cursed as he did the zipper to his pants and yanked the belt out and tossed it to the side before coming down the stairs as well.

"SETH" He call as he started heading to the body of dancers. We watched as the back door was pushed open Jacob soon disappearing out of it.

We turned back as we heard heels coming down the stairs, and watched as Renesmee came down, a smug smile on her lips.

"What did you do" I growled as she came to level with us.

"Oh, did you enjoy the drama. I thought I'd shake stuff up and get Jacob to sleep with me. Besides everyone knows he has a sex drive like a dog on heat, so I did a little temptation, and he couldn't help himself" she giggled before disappearing out the front door, "Bye boys, hope to see you soon" she waved the door closing behind her.

I knew it. I knew she was evil, I knew something wasn't right with her. I turned to Collin and in a second we were running to the back door.

Once we reached the back door we watched as Jacob was halfway to the forest. We ran towards him, "You take care of Jacob, and get everyone out of here. I'll get Seth" I ordered Collin as we ran to Jacob. Collin was in time to stop Jacob from entering the forest while I ran in a second later phasing and stopping for a second making sure Collin had Jacob.

"Jacob come on"

"No, I need to get to Seth, I need to explain"

"You won't be doing any good rushing into there and getting lost" I heard Collin say as he started pulling Jacob away.

"But I need to explain"

"Yeah well you can do that when he gets back, if he lets you" I heard Collin snap as he was able to pull Jacob away.

After that I started running after Seth, following his scent since I couldn't see where he was, all I got was the image of Jacob halfway in Renesmee. I growled at the image, not pleased with either of them.

"Seth. Seth can you hear me" I asked as I continued running.

"Why. Why. Why would he do this" I heard Seth chant over and over, going over old and new images of their time together.

"Come on Seth, snap out of it" I growled, following his scent as images of what happened pasted through his head into mine. I growled more at the picture of Renesmee and Jacob.


Seth's Pov

The image of Jacob's dick, the same dick that i had my lips wrapped around and my hand stroked over and over was buried halfway into Renesmee's vagina. Pre-cum smeared over both of their gender parts.

I paced in my wolf form, shaking my head as I tried to will the images away, I couldn't understand, why did he do this. Why did he have his dick in Renesmee, why, why, why?

"AHHH-WHOOOOOO!" I howled as loud as I could, scaring any animal, person or thing within range away, as I did. I phased falling the floor and grabbing my head as the images of when we met, when we talked, Jacob's birthday, the two weeks we spent apart, the time before I first phased, all the hand job and blow jobs I gave him, him doing the same in return, all the times I see him at my performances sitting and watching as I did my job.

So I couldn't understand why he did this, on my birthday no less. On my birthday.

"AHHHHH" I shouted as I threw my head around wanting to get the thought and everything out of my head.

But one image stood out the most. The smug look that Renesmee had on her face as she looked me in the eye, the pleased smirk on her lips. The look of triumphant on her face.

"Oh, is the little wolf upset" I froze at the sound of the voice I have come to know, the same voice that has taking on a different tone, the same voice that I have came to see as a friend. Slowly I stood up, dropped my hands beside me and slowly turned towards the voice. My eyes coming in contact of golden hazel eyes.

"Renesmee" I whispered out. The image of what happened running through my head.

"Oh Seth. It's so sad to see the one you love so much, have his dick up someone else..." she was leaning against a tree, looking at her nails like she didn't have a care in the world, her voice taking on a fake concern. She looked to me that smirk still on her lips, "Isn't it".

I could feel my heart breaking as the thought of a friend betraying me like this, getting the person I loved to have sex with them behind their friends back. But it wasn't behind my back; I walked in on them today.

"Why" I whispered looking down as I could feel my heart breaking more and more and that training speeding up so that it could break the rest of my heart.

"Because, I wanted to" I looked back up in time for Renesmee to wrap her hand around my neck, her nails slightly digging into my skin, but not enough to pierce it.

"W-what have I ever done to you" I stuttered, scared and slightly nervous about everything that's happened since I ran away.

But before she could answer, she was knocked away, her nails digging into my skin and leaving scratch marks. I raised my hand to my cheek and pulled it away, seeing blood on my hand. I could feel a tingle happening soon after as I look towards Renesmee, seeing her crotched into an attacking position.

"You insolent whelp" she sneered before running forward, her body turning into a blur as she ran to us, Brady stood there protecting my body from the girl.

But was once again, knocked away as a caramel blur rammed into Renesmee knocking her into a nearby tree along the boarder of the clearing, denting it from the force of the skull bash from Collin.

"Y-you, a-are g-going to be mine Seth Clearwater. I-I ain't leaving here till you have been dealt with, and my mission is done" Renesmee announced as she staggered up slowly, not a scratch on her, except what looked like a crack on her cheek.

"Mark my words Seth, I will have you" She said glaring at me. Collin and Brady stood a little in front of me, protecting me from the girl in front of us. But once she was done speaking she was gone, in a flash she was gone.

"What just happened" I asked no one in particular.

'Seth, remember that smell you three smelt' Wolf said finally coming up after all this time.


'Remember it, now and forever'


'Because Seth, that smell is the smell of the vampire'