Chapter 8: Garth's Proposal

Garth walks up to Lilly and softly said "Lilly. It's me Garth"

"I hope she wakes up Winston" Eve sobbed as she nuzzles Winston.

"So do I Eve" Winston replied as he and others watched as Garth tries to wake Lilly up.

"Lilly. Do you remember that night when I propose to you?" Garth asked.

"Pro...pose..." Lilly mutters as she stills lies unconscious.

It was after when Humphrey and Kate got married and they were on their honeymoon while Garth and Lilly are dating each other.

One day, Garth asked Lilly to go with him on a very special date.

Lilly agreed and later on that night, she was getting ready for her special date with Garth when Winston came by to check up on her and see that Lilly was wearing the flower that Kate used to wear.

"You look beautiful Lilly" said Winston as he smiles at her.

"Thanks dad" said Lilly as she smiles back at Winston.

Just then Eve past by and looks at Lilly happily as her tail started wagging happily.

"Oh Lilly! You look so lovely just like your sister" Eve happily said as she hugs her adopted daughter.

"Thanks mum" Lilly thanked.

Later on, Garth and Tony came by and was waiting with Winston outside the cave as Eve come out and said

"Here she comes"

Lilly comes out of the cave with the flower on the side of her hair.

"Wow!" Garth surprisingly gasped.

"Wow what?" Lilly asked.

"You look so beautiful Lilly and that lovely flower really suits your eyes" Garth explained.

"Really?" Lilly asked as she was flattered.

"Really" Garth replied as he smiled at Lilly.

"Thanks Garth" Lilly thanked as she nuzzles Garth.

"Well are you ready?" Garth asked.

"Yeah" Lilly replied as she stopped nuzzling Garth.

"Have fun you two" said Winston as he smiles at the couple.

"We will" said Lilly and soon Lilly left with Garth.

Later on, they were at the river where Garth and Lilly are lying down on the grass together and watching the night sky.

"The stars are so beautiful" said Lilly as she watches the stars.

"Yeah" said Garth as he was more focused on Lilly when she noticed that Garth was smiling at her lovingly.

"What's wrong Garth?" Lilly asked as she tilts her head to the left.

"Nothing...It's just that you look so beautiful when the moonlight shines on you" Garth replied.

"Really?" Lilly asked as she blushes.

"Really" Garth chuckled.

"Thanks Garth...To tell you the truth you look so handsome when I first met you with Kate" said Lilly as she giggles.

"You mean like this?" Garth said in a sexy tone as he stands up next to Lilly and shows her how he stand and looked like when Lilly first saw him except this time, his eyes were half lidded and he was smiling at her.

"Whoa!...Yeah...Like that" Lilly gasped as she started fanning her face with her tail as she blushes a bit more red on the face.

"Wow! He is so handsome when he does that" Lilly thought to himself.

"Lilly is so cute when she blushes" Garth thinks to himself as he chuckles and walks closer to Lilly.

Lilly grew a bit anxious as she slowly lies down as Garth goes on top of her as he locks his muzzle with hers into a kiss.

"W-wow! I feel so alive" Lilly thought to herself as she was surprised by Garths kiss.

As their muzzles were apart, Garth chuckles as Lilly started shivering with anticipation.

"Relax Lilly. It's alright. You know I won't do anything bad to you" Garth soothed Lilly as he nuzzles her.

"I k-know. It's just...I never experiences these things before" said Lilly as she weakly smiles at Garth.

"Nether have I Lilly but I know they can make you feel anxious sometimes but you'll get used to them" said Garth.

Lilly just nodded and Garth chuckled as he started licking Lilly's face affectionately.

"Lilly. I love you so much. You are everything to me...You are so beautiful, so wonderful, so amazing. I would do anything for you Lilly" Garth softly said as he stopped between his kisses then he gently tilted Lilly's head back and started kissing and licking her neck.

"I...I love you too Garth...Y-you are so kind...a-and so strong" Lilly gasped as she felt so wonderful as Garth licks and kisses her neck.

Garth soon stopped and moved back from Lilly, who looks up at him confusingly.

"Garth? What's wrong?" Lilly asked as she got up.

"Lilly. The reason I brought you here tonight because I want to ask you something" said Garth as he took Lilly's paw with his.

"What is it Garth?" Lilly asked.

Garth took a deep breath and breathes out slowly as he holds Lilly paw and then he said.

"Lilly! I love you so much with all my heart. I wanna ask you this right here and right now. Lilly, Will you marry me?"

Lilly looks at Garth surprisingly as she couldn't believe what was happening.

Garth was actually asking Lilly to be his wife.

Lilly smiled at Garth as a few tears fall from her eyes.

"I love you too Garth. Yes! Yes I will marry you" Lilly happily sobbed.

Garth smiled at Lilly as his tail was wagging happily and so was Lilly's as he locks muzzles with Lilly and kissed her.

"Just think Lilly, We'll be married in a month now" said Garth.

Garth waited for Lilly to responced but Lilly stills lays unconscious.

Garth sadly sighs and nuzzles Lilly as he said

"I love you Lilly. Please don't leave us. Hang in there"

Garth sadly walks back to the others as he looks at Winston.

"I'm sorry I failed sir" Garth apologised.

"It's alright Garth. You did well" Winston replied as he patted Garth on the shoulder with his paw.

"Eve? Winston? Are you two gonna try and wake up Lilly?" Tony asked the two wolves.

Eve sadly looked at Winston who looks at her and asked "Eve? You wanna try?"

"Let's do it together" Eve sniffed as she was feeling scared that she fears that Lilly will never wake up.

"Alright sweetheart" Winston replied then Eve went up to Lilly.

"Lilly. You have to hold on. Please! Don't give up" Winston thought to himself as he got up to Lilly as well and stood next to Eve.

Now it's only Eve and Winston. Will they manage to wake Lilly up from her coma or will they lose her forever?

Stay tune to find out!