Passion For Glory

Hi there, my dear readers. Unfortunately, I have indeed cancelled Aura Adventure. It was a good run, but it just wasn't working out. Anyway, in replacement, I've created this; Passion for Glory.

Passion for Glory's set in Sinnoh, the only region that I've never written any form of fanfiction in whatsoever (apart from Unova), so I'm pretty excited. It's set after Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, though, so there's no Team Galactic. Instead, Team Epsilon will return from Aura Adventure. Oh, and by the way, I'm using the Platinum Sinnoh Dex, so no Gen V pokemon for you!

As for the chapter lengths, I'm thinking somewhere between 3000-4000 words a chapter. Not too short, but not too long that it takes a while to write. Lucky you.

Now, I think I'm done yakking on for now, so let me now say...

On with the chapter!


Music blared from a small amp on the floor, the sound of an electric guitar hammering from the speaker. Standing in front of it, legs spread in a classic rock pose, Brayden Rhen strummed at the strings, bringing forth the sound.

Bray rocked his head wildly as he played, fingers zipping over the frets. With a final strum, he ended the song, posing crazily as the sound echoed around the small room. When all was silent again, he looked around, ears ringing.

By the window, on top of the small dresser under the sill, sat a small orange otter. Two tails whipped in circles behind it.

"Bui, bui!" it said.

Bray grinned. "How'd that sound, Jett? Too loud?"

The Buizel shook its head, tails spinning again. Bray laughed.

"That's great. Thanks, buddy!"

He pulled the guitar's strap over his neck, and placed it on a small guitar stand, before giving his blonde hair a quick ruffle, picking annoyingly at a small mole above his right eye. For the hundredth time, he wished that it wasn't there.

Bray walked over to where Jett the Buizel was perched, and glanced out the window. The tall skyscrapers of Jubilife City reached for the heavens, lit by the flaming sun. Bray gave Jett a quick scratch on the head, and the small orange otter rubbed its head against his hand.

"Buuuiiii..." it hummed, Bray smiled, turning back to his bed, when suddenly, he heard a commotion from the other side of his bedroom door.

"Sorry Mrs. Rhen, I've gotta see Bray, it's urgent."

The door burst open, and a boy skidded into the room, big blue eyes wide. He was out of breath, panting wildly. A cap covered his spiky brown hair; it had a lightning bolt shocking a pokeball on it.

Bray scratched a small burn on the back of his hand nonchalantly, acting unsurprised. Despite his outward behaviour, he was itching to know what the intrusion was about.

"Wassup, Ozzie?"

The boy raised his head, still breathing heavily. He must have run the whole way here, realised Bray. Curiosity tore at him.

"It's him, he's back!"

Bray was confused. "What? Who's back?"

"He's back, come on. He's battling in the square, let's go."

Ozzie turned and dashed out of the room, leaving Bray even more confused than before. People battled in the square all the time, what was the big deal? Turning back to his dresser, he held out his arm.

"Come on, Jett."

Jett bounded off the tail and ran up Bray's arm, climbing around his shoulders and perching itself next to its owner's head. With his friend securely in place, Bray followed Ozzie out the door, closing it behind him. By the time he had gotten down the hall, Ozzie had already vanished out the door of the flat.

Bray exited as well, emerging out the front door onto a third-floor terrace. Blocking people from falling down was a metre high brick barrier. As usual, Bray nervously avoided going near the edge; despite living on the third floor, he had a crippling fear of heights.

Subconsciously keeping close to the wall behind him, he dashed down the balcony to a white door at the end of the corridor, and tugged it open, leading into a room where the stairs laid their path to the ground. Windows were placed on every landing, showing the view of the city. Placing his hand on the rail, Bray ran down the stairs two at a time, quickly catching up to Ozzie by the second floor.

Even though he was only a year younger than Bray, Ozzie was a full foot shorter than him; the boy's short stature and youthful face made him look a lot younger than fourteen. Bray tackled him lightly, stopping Ozzie's mad dash.

"Would you just give me some answers, you dope?" he demanded. "Who's battling in the..."

Bray trailed off, gazing over Ozzie's shoulder out the window, eyes slowly widening. From the second floor, he could see clearly down the entire street to the town square, where a small crowd gathered around in a circle. And standing in the circle, facing another trainer, was...

"Chase?" gasped Bray. "No way, you're not serious?"

Ozzie just nodded wildly, gasping for breath.

"Yeah..." he finally blurted out. "Showed up...ten minutes ago...got challenged to a battle...so I came...to get you..."

Bray ignored him, running full-speed down the stairs, skipping three at a time. Chase was back in Jubilife City for the first time in six months; Bray couldn't believe what he had seen. He hadn't seen his friend since Chase had left on his pokemon journey, leaving home to travel Sinnoh.

With a final leap, Bray cleared the last flight of stairs, bursting from the door at the bottom into the lobby of his building. Jogging across the foyer, he passed through the automatic doors and emerged onto the street. Jett bounced uncomfortably on his shoulder, but Bray hardly noticed.

The midday sun seared down onto the black tar of the road, reflecting off the steel of the skyscrapers making up the city. The main doors of Bray's building opened out onto a long road, which Bray ran down, towards the large city square. Even as he drew closer to the crowd watching the battle, more people joined it; they blocked the two combatants from view.

The city square was large, perfect for pokemon battles. Trees lined the edge of the plaza, shading the small park benches scattered around the square. A small group of Starly flew between the branches, pecking at each other for position. One of them was eyeing a Wurmple clinging to a tree on the other side of the plaza.

Reaching the back of the crowd, Bray craned his neck, but couldn't see over the heads of the jostling congregation. Annoyed, he thrust his arms between two spectators and forced his way to the front, shoving people to the side.

"Hey, watch it, kid!" one of them shouted, but Bray ignored him, surveying the battle that was already in place.

On one side, a tall teenager stood. His pimply face was screwed up with concentration. Bray grimaced; it was Turk Gilmore, the most annoying person in town; well, depending on your opinion of Ozzie, that is.

In front of Turk fluttered a purple moth, with tattered green wings. Attached to its body were a few stubby red legs, but it obviously didn't use them very much. It was Turk's Dustox, a vile member of its species which delighted in releasing clumps of foul smelling pollen into the clean air.

But it was the other trainer that really held everybody's attention. A year older than Bray, he wore a navy blue jacket, and denim jeans, as well as a studded belt. The belt held two pokeballs, hanging between the silver studs.

The teenager had pitch black hair, with a pointy fringe that hung over one of his eyes, which were a bright hazel and brimming with confidence. He had a pointy nose, and thin black eyebrows. The boy's mouth was curled into a cocky smile.

Two younger girls standing next to Bray were fawning over the boy, pointing and whispering to each other.

"Who is he, anyway?"

"Don't you remember?" answered the other. "That's Chase. I never thought I'd see that handsome mug again, that's for sure."

Bray rolled his eyes, just as the people behind him parted again and Ozzie squeezed through, forcing his way over next to Bray.

"Thanks for leaving me behind," the boy said in a sullied tone, scowling at his friend.

Bray reached over and gave him a soft punch on the shoulder. "Sorry, Oz, I had to get down here quick."

Ozzie waved his hands, already forgetting his annoyance. "Shut up, it's about to start."

Bray quickly closed his mouth, along with everybody else in the crowd, as Chase reached for one of the pokeballs on his belt. It detached from its place with a small click, and Chase lightly pressed the button on the front of the walnut-sized capsule. It immediately swelled to the size of a baseball.

"So, one on one, you say?" he called to Turk. His voice was confident; it held an arrogant tone, just as Bray remembered. Across the other side of the square, Turk nodded, gesturing towards his Dustox, which made a buzzing noise.

"You reckon you're such a good trainer, take me on. I've wanted to battle you my whole life, Chase. Now I've got the chance to beat you and prove that I'm better."

Chase dipped his head slightly. "Have it your way. I'll make quick work of you. Go, Staravia!"

He hurled his pokeball into the air. The red and white sphere spun under the midday sun, before bursting open. Light streaked through the air, forming into a large brown bird. It had a plume on its head, and as the crowd gasped, opened its beak and let out a shrill cry.

Bray went pale, and he involuntarily tried to take a few steps backward, but the throng of people was too thick, and he was forced to stay where he was. Accompanying his fear of heights was a tremendous dislike of birds. On his shoulder, Jett rubbed its head against his ear in an attempt to reassure him.

Likewise, Turk was similarly shocked, although for different reasons. Chase smirked, and took his chance while his opponent was still gawking.

"Staravia, Wing Attack!"

The bird gave another cry, and flew higher into the air, before looping back down and streaking at Dustox. Turk reacted just in time.

"Dustox, use Stun Spore before it gets to you."

Desperately, Dustox began to flap its wings, and an orange mist began to drift from the red spots on them. Staravia drew closer to the powder, but didn't deviate its course.

Chase smirked.

"Quick Attack, now!"

Staravia screeched, and in the blink of an eye, its speed increased. As the stunned crowd watched, the bird streaked in and out of the paralysing cloud in less than a second, passing through too fast to be affected. The watching people drew in their breath as one.

"Wha-!" gasped Turk, as he watched Staravia zoom past Dustox, striking the moth with its wing as it did so. Dustox was batted out of the air, fluttering to the ground.

"And now, finish it off with a Peck!" ordered Chase, and Staravia dive-bombed the downed enemy, striking Dustox savagely with its beak. Dustox gave a final croak of pain and passed out.

The crowd was completely silent as Staravia flew back to Chase, resting on his shoulder. The boy stroked its head once, and held up his pokeball.

"You did well. Good job."

A small beam of red light fired from the centre of his ball and hit his pokemon, sucking Staravia back inside. With a small 'hmph' of satisfaction, Chase looked over at Turk, who was frozen in awe.

"I win," said Chase. "You'd better take Dustox to the Pokemon Centre, and don't bother me with a pointless battle again, unless you want to lose a second time."

Turk didn't say a word, but merely bent down and picked up his unconscious pokemon. Holding Dustox in his hands, he walked silently down the street and turned the corner. A few people in the crowd let out a few whoops, and several claps were heard. Chase looked at the people surrounding him.

"OK, OK, move along."

Bray broke into a grin. That was just like Chase. Within thirty seconds, most of the people were gone. Several of them congratulated Chase with a muttered word or a pat on the back as they walked by. Soon, the square was mostly empty. Chase looked around, amused, before turning to where Bray and Ozzie stood. For the first time, a genuine smile reached his face.

"Brayden Rhen, I should have known you'd be here so quickly. And you, Oz."

The teenage trainer strode over to the pair, and gave them a quick look-over. Bray was amazed.

"You're incredible! How'd you get so strong in only six months?"

Chase closed his eyes and smirked. "You learn a lot in the real world. Turk's just a brat who thinks he knows what battling's about. So are you, actually, without the brat part...well, maybe. Deafened any more neighbours with that guitar?"

Bray grinned, and Chase reached up to give Jett a quick stretch.

"So, how's life back here in the city? Busy?"

Bray shrugged. "Not really, same as always."

"Boring as all hell then."

"Pretty much," piped up Ozzie, giving the thumbs up. He looked like a shrimp compared to Bray and Chase. They both towered over the tiny boy. "How long are you here for, anyway?"

Chase frowned. "Well...I'm only passing through. I'm leaving in half an hour."

"What?" gasped Bray and Ozzie together.

"You're not staying? Not even for a few days?" Bray couldn't believe it; his oldest and closest friend finally returned and he was leaving almost immediately?

Chase nodded, and to Bray's surprise looked genuinely sorry. "I can't, I need to-"


Chase frowned as a loud cry interrupted him. The three of them turned to see a fat yellow duck running towards them on its hind legs. Instead of wings, it had small yellow arms, which were waving up and down as it ran. Three tufts of black hair sprouted from its head.

Jett leapt from Bray's shoulder and stood in the way of the Psyduck, but before the pokemon could reach him, it tripped over. Psyduck's eyes widened as it fell, landing heavily in front of the group, dazed. Jett bounded over to it and gave it a shake.

"Oh, Psyduck, I told you not to run away from me like that!" cried a voice, and Bray, chase, and Ozzie turned to see a girl running towards them. Like Chase, she had perfectly straight hair than ran down her back, held in place by a pink band. This made her forehead look extremely large, her fringe held back in the band as well. She wore a pair of perfectly round glasses over her green eyes, and there was a book clenched in her right hand. It had a small sticker on the front: This book is the property of Tasmin Westwood. She was about the same age as Bray.

The girl drew level with them and threw herself down next to Psyduck, scooping it up into a big hug.

"Don't run away, Psyduck," she scolded, slapping it lightly on its pale bill. Psyduck looked up at her with dopey eyes. They pointed in different directions.

"Psy, Psy!" it said.

"Man, that thing is dumb," muttered Ozzie under his breath.

"Taz?" asked Bray.

The girl looked up at the trio of boys standing over her, and grinned weakly. "Hi guys."

Suddenly, Taz noticed exactly who she was talking to, and her jaw visibly dropped.

"Chase? What are you doing here?"

Chase smiled warmly. He and Taz had always been close, and she was one of the rare people he showed full respect to. "As I was saying before you showed up, I need to go see Professor Rowan, in Sandgem Town."

"Professor Rowan!" gaped Taz, ecstatic. "Oh my God, I'm such a big fan of his! He might be old, but he sure is knowledgeable. I can't believe you actually know him, that's so amazing!"

"And he's a crabby old bugger," responded Chase, cutting off Taz's awe-inspired gushing of Professor Rowan. "I've only met him once, when he gave me my pokemon, but I'll tell you, he's grumpy as hell."

Taz stopped talking, her excitement disappearing, to be placed by a rather disappointed frown. "Oh..."

"So, you're going South then?" asked Bray, who couldn't care less about Rowan's manner. "I've been to Sandgem before, we went there for that field trip three years ago."

Chase laughed in disdain. "I'd almost forgotten about the Pokemon School. All that stuff is pretty basic. Once you get out there, you really learn what it's all about."

He looked at his watch. "Sorry guys, time's running out. I have to keep going."

The others looked disappointed, and Chase himself looked slightly guilty. "I'm sorry...maybe I'll have time to stay a while on the way back."

"Yeah, maybe," answered Ozzie, looking slightly more hopeful. "We'll be waiting."

"Of course we will be," cut in Taz.

"I won't," said Bray, and the others looked at him in surprise, only to be even more taken aback when they saw the grin on his face. "Because I'm going with ya. Right, Jett?"

The small Buizel leapt from the ground and ran up his back, its tails spinning.

"Bui, Bui!" it said, nodding its head.

Chase looked at his friend, and the eager Jett on his shoulder, and smirked. How like Bray, so rash and straight-forward. He never thought of the consequences, did he? "Whatever you say."


Between the massive city of Jubilife and the comparatively small town of Sandgem was Route 202. It was about ten kilometres long, bridging the gap between the two residential clusters of buildings. It was along this route that Bray now found himself travelling, alongside Chase. The excited brash figure of Bray bounced in anticipation, Jett once again riding on his shoulder, while next to him, the cool, collected form of Chase walked calmly, his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He glanced with an amused expression at Bray.

"You don't leave town much do you?" he asked. "I guess I never did either."

Bray laughed. "You know why; if we don't want to battle, we don't go out on the routes. In fact, the pokemon have been getting more common."

Chase nodded thoughtfully. "Strange..."

They walked on for a few moments, but the quiet began to bother Bray, who hated silence, finding it more deafening than any noise. The direct opposite, Chase loved the quiet. And this was the perfect type of quiet; walking down a peaceful path, the sounds of scuffling pokemon in the trees to the side. That relaxing sensation you get when around nature.

"So," said Chase, breaking the silence for Bray's benefit. "Still afraid of birds?"

Bray shivered. "Don't remind me." He looked at his friend. "I saw your Staravia before; really impressive."

Chase laughed. "I bet you freaked."

Bray laughed along. "Not really, I just felt like I was gonna be sick. Where'd you catch it, anyway?"

"Actually, it was along here."

Chase gestured to the ground and the trees to the side. "I caught Staravia as a Starly just along this route, as a matter of fact. We've been friends ever since...Oh, look, there's another one."

Chase pointed, and Bray tensed as he saw a small bird. It looked like a tiny version of Staravia, but Bray knew that its name was Starly; it wouldn't become a Staravia until later on.

The Starly looked at them curiously, tilting its head to one side, and trilling quietly. Suddenly, it spread its wings and soared at them, wings flapping to keep itself in the air. Bray yelled, taking several steps backward, but Jett wasn't fazed. It leapt off its trainer's shoulder and tackled Starly out of the air.

"Bui, bui!" it shouted at the bird, waving its fists. The Starly flapped its wings angrily, and swooped back into the trees disappearing from sight.

Jett calmed down, running back to Bray and weaving in between his legs. Bray smiled weakly and bent down, scratching him under the chin. His bent legs were shaking slightly.

"Thanks, buddy," he murmured.

Chase had watched the entire exchange between Jett and the Starly, and now stepped forward, holding his arm out. Bray took it and Chase pulled him back up to full height.

"Come on," he said firmly. "Let's keep on going, it's already one o'clock."

Bray nodded, realising that Chase was trying to take his mind off the Starly. Bray had been frightened of both heights and birds his entire life. It was a weakness he hated, but he had never been able to get over his fear.

Chase led on, Bray walking slightly behind him. A few minutes later, Bray was his usual perky self again.

"And now...onto Sandgem Town!"


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