I bet you can guess what's happening here. If you guessed that I'm ending PFG, you'd be spot on. Unfortunately.

Man, pokemon fics don't really seem to work out for me, do they? I guess I'm just exhausted by the whole "journey fic" idea. They're just not that interesting to write. I need something else, an actual story instead of just a whole bunch of episodes.

So, it's gone. I'll keep it up on my profile, just like I did Aura Adventure.

Thanks to all of you for reading ;) I've enjoyed your company. Just so you know, I'm doing another pokemon fic, but this one's not a journey fic. It's a bit more mature and darker, more my kind of thing. So stay tuned. I don't know when I'm going to post the first chapter, but it'll probably be at least two months. I'm still on my PFG break, even if it's not being updated anymore, lol.

Well, I guess this is it for now. See you soon, if you stick around ;) May the Force be with you.

Animaster21, signing off.