Curiosity: Chapter 1

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"What the fuck?"

Sam half screamed as he shot up from the bed. He was sleeping peacefully when he was suddenly woken up by a heavy weight on top of him. It took him a moment to register that it was his older brother. Dean had gone out all night drinking and by the looks of it, was quite drunk, which would explain why he got into the wrong bed. Sam shuddered as he remembered all those times Dean had come back drunk with some floozy off the street. Dean being drunk could only mean one thing…

"Dean! Wake up!" Sam yelled tearing his brother's body off his leg.

He shivered at the feel of his brother's hard erection pressing up against his thigh. Sam roughly pushed his brother off him, smacking the back of his head before slipping off the bed, grabbing his shoes, and storming out of the room. He groaned in disgust as the faint sound of Dean's moaning sounded though the crack of the door. He felt his stomach lurch. He swatted the warm spot on his leg in an attempt to erase the feel of his brother against him.

Sam cursed bitterly. He was enjoying his much needed time of sleep. He dragged himself over to the Impala that was parked in the lot on the other side of the motel plaza. Sleeping in the car was way better than being violated by his older brother, he thought. He got to the car and realized he forgot to grab the keys on the table as he left the room. Angrily, he kicked the front tire of the Impala before leaning against the cool frame in defeat. He felt his stomach lurch at the thought of going back into the room Dean was in.

"Sam, what is wrong?"

The younger Winchester turned to face the sound of fluttering wings. Castiel, appeared next to him, peering at him curiously.

"Oh, hey, Castiel," Sam greeted him with a small smile. "Umm, well, Dean was out drinking again and came back wasted. He kind of crawled into my bed thinking I was some chick and..." he paused, thinking of the right way to say it, "...tried to fornicate with my leg..." Sam coughed trying not to throw up his dinner.

Castiel tilted his head in curiosity, "Fornicate?"

"Umm, yeah. Never mind that. What's going on? Do you need us somewhere?" Sam said quickly.

"I came here to speak with Dean." the angel responded turning to look at the room the Winchesters were staying in.

Sam frowned, "I think you'll have to wait 'till morning...He's not...feeling well."

Castiel blinked.

"Hey, do you think you could get these door unlocked for me? I left the keys inside the room and I kind of don't want to go back in there..." Sam shrugged, pointing to the Impala's door.

Castiel waved a hand, sounding a click from the car as it unlocked.

Sam's eyes sparkled with relief, "Great! Thanks, Cas, you're a life saver." He smiled, opening the door. "You might want to try coming back in the morning when Dean is…Feeling better." He coughed slightly.

Castiel nodded and watched the younger hunter get into the car and curl up against the door, attempting to sleep. He turned to face the motel again before disappearing.

The angel appeared again, inside the room this time. He silently walked over to the mass on the bed. He guessed the heap on the bed was Dean. He could hear strange noises coming from underneath the sheets, and frowned at the thought of Dean being hurt. Sam said that Dean wasn't feeling well so he had to see what was wrong. He had bonded with the oldest Winchester in a way different than any other human or his fellow angels. Not only was he worried about the older hunter, he was especially curious as to why Sam was so grossed out by what Dean had done to him. He felt curiosity well in his stomach.

"A-ah...Cas..." a soft gasp came from under the covers.

The angel blinked at the sound of his name.

"...Dean?" Castiel responded. He stood silent for a few minutes, listening to a flood of noises coming from what supposedly was Dean. Unable to hold his curiosity any longer, Castiel slowly slipped the sheets off the shifting body. His eyes widened at the sight beneath him. He eyed the Winchester curiously, his wet tongue slipping out to wipe his dry lips. He swallowed.

Dean moaned as his back arched off the bed, sweat dripping down his face and neck. His eyes were closed tight, face wrinkled in pleasure as he stroked his own erection. He had his pants down to his thighs, hand swiftly stroking his hard cock. A loud groan rolled from his throat as he slid his thumb over the head of his dick, smearing the clear precum along the side of his length.

Castiel swallowed again. He watched as the hunter, still very drunk it seemed by the stench of alcohol, pleasured himself. He licked his lips again at the memory of other times Dean had done something like this. Castiel had watched Dean masturbate a few times before unaware of what he was doing, but this was the first time he had been in the same room while it was happening. His cheeks felt hot, his breathing was fast, his heart was racing, not to mention he totally had a hard on. Curiously, he eyed the bulge in the front of his pants.

"C-Cas!" Dean moaned, head falling to the side, stroking his dick faster.

Castiel, brought back to reality by the sound of Dean's voice, looked at the hunter again. His breath was coming out in short gasps. Something was wrong. He seemed to be in pain or something. Castiel leaned his head over Dean's body, searching for any sign of injury, watching his every movement.

Without warning, the hunter moaned loudly, body jerking as he moaned the angel's name once more, shooting his cum straight onto the angel's unsuspecting face. Castiel flinched as the hot load splashed onto his face. He backed up, taking a step away from the bed, clearly confused. He brought his hand up to wipe a bit of the liquid off his cheek. He eyed it curiously before licking it off his finger. He purred softly, enjoying the new taste of the strange substance in his mouth. He'd never had anything that tasted like this before, but he thought he kind of liked it. The fact that it had come from Dean had intrigued him even more.

He slowly kneeled onto the bed, settling between Dean's spread legs. He stared down, hungrily, at the hunter's half limp dick, watching the creamy cum slid down from the tip. Glancing at Dean's face to make sure he was not in pain, Castiel lowered his head, tongue darting out to lap up the thick cum from the side of Dean's member. His breath grazed the sensitive skin of Dean's erection causing it to twitch.

Castiel eyed the pulsating shaft and went down to lick Dean's dick again. He was so focused on doing this that he didn't even notice the hunter stirring. Dean, fully awake now, watched as the angel wrapped his hot mouth around the head of his cock. He bit back a moan as he felt the angel's hot, wet tongue slide along his sensitive skin. Castiel let a deep grunt erupt from his throat in satisfaction as he successfully licked Dean clean.


The angel stopped. He lifted his eyes, trailing them up Dean's body, eventually meeting the hunter's hazel eyes. The once drunk and glossy eyes were fully awake and glossy with lust. He recognized that stare. Dean had given it to him a few times before.

"Cas, w-what are you doing?" Dean couldn't really find anything to say for this situation.

Dean's eyes were wide with surprise as well as arousal. His eyebrows lifted with confusion as his head filled with unanswered questions; Why was Cas here? Why is he on the bed with me? Why did I just wake up to find him blowing me? And did I just come on his face?

Castiel, almost as if reading his mind answered, "Sam said you weren't feeling well so I came to check on you."

Dean looked around the room. He noticed that Sam was gone and he was on his bed.

"Where's Sammy?" he asked, not liking where this was going too much.

"You tried to...fornicate with his leg?" the angel tilted his head to show that he didn't really understand what Sam had told him.

Dean frowned. Did he really try to do that?

"I needed to check on you so I came over to your bed" Castiel spoke softly. He slowly licked his lips, tongue reaching to the corner of his mouth, snatching up spot of cum that had dribbled down from his cheek.

"What is this?" the angel asked, licking his lips again.

Dean was still dumbfounded. How could he not notice someone coming into the room? Well this was Castiel, and he had a habit of appearing in places without anyone noticing. But how he didn't notice Castiel getting into bed with him truly confused him.

Castiel could sense the uneasiness in Dean. He blinked. Deciding to break the silence. He leaned forward again, tongue slipping out to lick the tip of Dean's full erection. Dean shuddered as he was suddenly brought back to reality. He watched the angel lick his lips again, a bit of cum dribbling down from his chin.

Dean couldn't believe what was happening. He had been fantasizing about the angel just a moment ago. It was so unreal. He had been lusting after the angel for months, pretending to be out with women all night, when in reality he'd just spend the night in the Impala with his good old partner, righty. Now that the angel was really here, he didn't know how he should react. One thing was for sure though; he couldn't let this opportunity slip from his grasp.

"Cas, come here." Dean gestured for the angel to come up to him. The bed squeaked as the angel crawled forward, over him and onto of him. He stopped when his face was inches away from Dean's.

"What is it?" the angel tilted his head.

Dean smiled and leaned forward, licking his own cum off Castiel's chin. He paused before licking the rest off of his face. Castiel eyed him with deep curiosity.

"You had a little bit on your face."

The angel gazed into Dean's hazel eyes. The intensity in Dean's eyes caused a strange tightening feeling to well up in his stomach. He wasn't sure how to respond.

"Heh. Are you turned on, Cas?" Dean chuckled, lifted his right leg up, gently nudging his knee against the bulge in Castiel's pants. The angel moaned softly and trembled with pleasure. His hips automatically thrust against Dean's leg without his permission. His body began to react in ways that he did not know were possible for an angel.

"I'll take that as a yes," Dean smirked, "Wanna have a little fun, Cas?"

"F-..." the angel hesitated, "Fun?" the angel muttered quietly, his face flushed.

Dean smiled, "Yeah. I promise you'll enjoy this." Dean smirked as he pulled the angel in for a kiss.

"Will I get more of this?" Castiel interrupted coyly, sliding the tip of his finger over the sensitive head of the hunter's cock.

Dean grit his teeth tightly, cock jerking with interest at the angel's soft touch. Castiel, liking the response he got from the hunter, smiled. Dean moaned at the beautiful sight before him. He paused, searching for coherent words.

"Y-yeah. You'll get lots more of that." Dean let his hand rest on the back of Castiel's head, pulling him toward him in again. He pressed his trembling lips against the angel's dry, but lush lips. Dean felt his dick throb slightly at the feel, the smell, the taste of the angel as he sucked gently on his bottom lip. He still couldn't believe this was happening.

Dean snaked his hands around Castiel, hands grabbing at his ass, as he pulled him fully into a hard kiss. The angel moaned, thrusting gently against Dean's leg. Dean, taking advantage of the situation, shoved his tongue into Castiel's mouth, sliding it against the angel's own tongue. Dean could taste his own cum in the back of the angel's throat. Grabbing a fistful of the angel's ass, Dean roughly pulled Castiel's body down onto his own. He deepened their kiss, pulling the angel's tongue into his own and sucking. He nipped at the other's lips teasingly as he snaked his hands along his body. While he had the angel distracted, Dean slipped his hands into the angel's trench coat, sliding it off his shoulders and tossing it off to the side of the room along with the rest of his clothes.

Oh, he was going to enjoy himself tonight.