Chapter 2

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Dean growled as he pinned Castiel's body beneath him. He nipped and sucked at the angel's mouth, ravaging every crevice available. Dean felt himself harden at every squeak and squirm that came from the man beneath him. Grinding his hips into Castiel's leg, Dean continued to explore the other's chest, unbuttoning his shirt. He slipped his hand inside, flicked the hardened nubs there. Castiel gasped, his back arching off the bed. His hands gripped the sheets beneath them as his entire body flushed. Groaning, he broke away from Dean's kiss gasping for air.

"You okay, Cas?" Dean chuckled as he nuzzled his face into the crook of the angel's neck. He slowly breathed in his scent, shuddering.

"Y-Yes…" Castiel panted, frowning slightly.

Dean kissed his neck as he worked to slip off the angels' shirt and tossing the tie to the floor, the shirt soon joining it. He licked a hot trail up from Castiel's neck up to his ear, leaving a wet sensation along the shell of his ear. Dean could feel Castiel trembling underneath him, his pink, swollen lips open and gasping for air. Everything about Castiel intoxicated the Winchester. He was instantly addicted. He had to have more.

Dean straddled Castiel on his knees as he paused to slip his own shirt over his head. His clothes were slightly damp with sweat and his pants were unbearably tight. Castiel raked his eyes along the muscles of Dean's toned body, watching the small beads of sweat drip down his sides. The angel choked back a groan as he licked his lips. Dean just smiled down at the beautiful man beneath him. He had been pretty buzzed when he came back to the room, but right now everything was crystal clear and he knew that all he wanted at this moment was this angel.

"Cas. Do you know how long I've wanted you here like this?" Dean smiled, stroking the angle's cheek gently.

Castiel shook his head. "Me? What do you mean? What about those women?"

Dean frowned, placing a small kiss to the angel's forehead. "I've only had eyes for you Cas. Ever since you brought me back from hell, I knew that you were special. I knew that we were meant to be. Don't tell me you don't feel it…"

Castiel swallowed. He let his moist tongue slip over his dry lips. "I do. I feel it, this overwhelming urge to protect you, to hold you, to love you. I feel the same emotions towards Sam, but nothing as intense as my feelings for you, Dean."

Dean purred in response, he nuzzled his face against the angel's damp neck, licking him. Castiel tasted so sweet. The manly, yet pleasant aroma that came off the man was nothing that Dean had ever allowed himself to indulge in. Everything about him excited Dean, and everything about Dean excited Cas.

"Good," Dean chuckled and bit the angels neck playfully, hands roaming again. He could feel an intense heat radiating from Castiel's groin, and it turned him on even more. Nipping along the angelic skin, Dean trailed kisses from the angel's neck to his chest, fingers undoing his belt. Dean lingered along the hardened nipples, sliding his hot tongue over and around them. Placing his mouth over one, he sucked as his tongue flicked across the nub.

Castiel groaned as his back arched off the bed. His breaths were sharp and unsteady as he gripped the white sheets beneath him. He squirmed, as Dean's hands worked themselves into his slacks, sliding them down to his ankles. He felt his face flush in embarrassment as Dean eyed his fully erect cock with interest. He felt the muscle twitch in anticipation as Dean's warm breath feathered across the skin.

Dean smiled, pulling off the rest of Castiel's slacks. Sliding his hands from the angel's ankles to his hips, Dean leaned his head forward placing a small kiss on the head of Castiel's cock. He felt the other jerk underneath him as a low moan resonated through the motel room. As much experience Dean had with women, nothing could fully prepare him for what he was about to now.

Dean snaked his trembling fingers around the base of Castiel's cock, giving it a tight squeeze. He swallowed as he felt the angel tremble underneath him, giving a small, almost desperate mewl. Dean let a deep growl slip from his throat a he gripped Cas at the base of his cock, pumping. Dean had never experienced the feel of another man in his grasp and the new sensation excited him.

"D-Dean, wha-" Castiel cried as his back arched off the bed.

Dean had his thumb rubbing circles over the sensitive tip of the angel's length, the angel's precum lubricating the movements. Dean couldn't help but stare as the angel squirmed and struggled against his ministrations; the angel's half lidded eyes, his dark red and luscious lips parted in a silent scream. Dean quickened the pace that he stroked the man beneath him. He could feel the muscle twitching beneath him, signaling Castiel's coming release. He could feel his own cock straining against his heavy jeans.

"Are you coming, Cas?" Dean cooed softly leaning in, his breath grazing the flesh of the angel's ear.

Castiel only moaned in response. His back arched off the bed again, his hips bucking wildly into the hunter's hand. He panted loudly, gasping for a breath that wouldn't shudder out of him the next instant. He could feel his stomach clenching as Dean sped up his movements, his grip on the angel's length tightening.

"Come, Cas. Come." Dean growled.

"D-Dean, what's hap-….pening. Ugh!"

Dean's hot breath against his ear and neck sent Castiel over the edge. He gasped in a wild panic as he spilled himself into Dean's hand. His eyes clamped shut, mouth open in a scream, sweat covering his forehead. With one last huff, he came plummeting down from his orgasm, plopping back onto the bed.

Dean chuckled. "You alright, Cas?"

Castiel took a moment to regain his composure. "H-How do you humans say it… I'm just peachy."

Dean smiled, planting a sweet kiss to the angel's lips. "Was that your first orgasm?"

Castiel paused, "That was an orgasm? It happened once before…"

Dean frowned. "It's happened once before? When? With who?" Dean demanded suddenly feeling protective.

"You, Dean." The angel spoke softly.

Dean didn't understand. "What are you talking about? I never…I wanted to, but I never…"

"I was watching you, Dean." Castiel felt a small blush cover his cheeks. "A few months ago, you were with another woman. At first I thought you were just calling another woman's name, 'Cass', you said. But it wasn't until I heard you say my name that I knew it was me. You called out my name and I came."

Dean couldn't help but laugh at the last bit. Regaining his composure, he rolled off the angel's waist and opted to lounge beside on him on the bed. His hand grazed the damp skin on the angel's chest before reaching up to caress his face.

"If you knew that I wanted you for that long, what prevented you from coming to me?" Dean frowned.

"I'm an angel, Dean." Castiel sighed. "I follow the lord. What would he think if I courted one of his most cherished creations?"

Dean didn't quite know how to respond. He supposed that the angel's reasoning made sense and decided not to question him further. Instead he pulled himself against Castiel's naked form, wrapping his arms around him. Dean felt the angel tense and then relax against his hold. Dean smiled and nuzzled his face against the angel's neck, breathing in his musky scent. For someone who hardly ever took showers, Castiel smelled pretty amazing.



"Is that your…Against my leg?"

"Oh…I had forgotten about that." Dean admitted, reluctantly pealing himself from the other. "Sorry…"

Castiel reached out and held Dean against him. "Does it hurt? Should I do something?"

Dean blinked. "Ah, it's okay. Don't worry about it Cas, it'll go away soon. I don't want you to do anything you're not ready for."

"Let me see it, Dean." Castiel spoke. It was more of a demand than a request.

Dean swallowed. The commanding tone in the angel's voice sent a shock straight down his spine and to his crotch. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, now show me."

Dean rolled onto his back and stared into the ocean of blue that were Cas' eyes. "Come get it."

Castiel licked his lips and crawled over Dean's body. His hands trembled as he ran them over Dean's smooth, but scarred skin. He loved the way Dean's skin glistened under the small amount of moonlight that seeped through the curtains from the window. His eyes settled on the dark red hand print on the hunter's shoulder. It was his mark. It would forever mark Dean as his, and he would forever be his angel.

Dean watched as the corner of the angel's mouth lifted in a smile. He couldn't help but wonder what the other was thinking, but the majority of his mind was the tightness in his pants. He reached upwards to cup Castiel's ass in his hands, noticing how smooth and plump they were. He massaged them in his hands for a few seconds as the angel jumped at the sudden touch. Dean chuckled.

Castiel, taking his mind off of thinking, set about his course once again. He slid his hands down Dean's well-toned sides, stopping at the hem of his jeans. He heard Dean inhale sharply in anticipation as Castiel slipped a few fingers inside. He had expected to come in contact with some sort of under garment, and was surprised to be greeted by skin and hair. Dean was soaking wet, whether it was all sweat or precum, or a mixture of both, Castiel was unsure. In an attempt to unbutton the jeans, he slowly removed his hand, accidentally brushing up against Dean's length.

Dean groaned, thrusting his hip forward and up against the angel's wrist. He was so painfully hard and Castiel was moving so painfully slow. He had to think of something that would satisfy both of them quickly. Helping the angel remove the last article of clothing on himself, he stared in awe as realization struck him. He was naked in bed with a naked angel who blew him in his sleep. Oh, this was a wonderful world we live in, he thought and smiled to himself.

"Well, Cas, you said you wanted some more of my cock didn't you?" Dean teased, running a finger up the other's angel.

Castiel shivered at the ghost like touch and nodded slowly.

"Well, common. I'm all yours." Dean smiled and leaned back against the bed, arms folded behind his head. His eyes were locked on Castiel's naked form, raking up and down his body.

Castiel swallowed. It was true that he wanted more of what Dean had to give him, but when it came down to it, he wasn't sure how he could do it with Dean watching him so intently. Before it had been an innocent act of curiosity, but now it seemed so dirty. It turned him on. He crawled forward, stopping an inch away from Dean's hardened erection, his breath grazing the hot skin. He glanced at Dean nervously. Dean merely smiled and pushed his hips forward, letting the head of his cock brush up against the angel's cheek. Gathering up all his courage, he slipped his tongue out and lapped up the small traces of liquid on the tip of Dean's cock.

Dean hissed at the sensation that jolted through his body. He resisted the urge to thrust up against the angel's face again. He was trying his hardest to maintain some self-control in order to not frighten the poor angel. He gave a small moan of approval as he felt the angel slowly sliding his tongue up and around his length. The speed at which he was moving was torture for Dean. He needed more. He needed it now.

"Cas, wanna try something?" Dean panted softly.

Castiel lifted his head, head tilting in curiosity. "What is it?"

"I promise it'll be good. Now come here."