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The sound of the rain drummed out her thoughts as she watched the flame dance in front of her

Her heart was aching. Her chest seizing up as if she had heart burn. She wasn't sure why, but just staring at the flame made her feel so . . . calm.

She felt like , if she reached out and touched it, it wouldn't burn her, but she knew that it would. And, strangely, that just made her want to touch it more.

She could here her family still arguing at the dinner table, and she was glad she wasn't there. She didn't feel like she could face them. She didn't feel like she could face anyone.

She drifted her attention back to the open flame in front of her ,and slowly reached out her hand.

Just before it made contact she pulled her hand back, realising that that move wasn't smart. People would be asking about the burns on her hand tomorrow.

So, instead she picked up a cardboard cutter she had lying around after it's use on her project, and headed to the bathroom with her sleeves rolled up.

"Alex, honey" Claire questioned. "How can you wear a jacket in the middle of summer?" Alex was relieved when she realised that Claire wasn't seriously questioning her, it was more of a joke. "What, it's cold outside?" She sarcasticly replied. And they all jumped in the car and headed for school.

A wave of panic hit her as she entered the building and saw Paige and her group standing in front of her locker.

Oh f**k. They are going to kill me. They are going to literallyfreakin' killme. I'm doomed.

"Hey Dunphy." Paige said, Alex twitched with nervousness and she continues speaking. "We never did finish yesterday." She said, mock innocence enveloping her voice. "Should we pick up where we left off?" A coy smile formed at the corner of her mouth.

Alex was about to stutter something out when the bell rang, saving her again.

Oh god. If I ever meet the person who invented bells, I will marry them.

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