They were losing the war badly every day to the fleet and armies of the Nietzscheans, the high guard moved into production two ships, the Admiral Hood and Admiral Bismarck. They were big, ugly and armed to the teeth with weapons that made the Glorious heritage classes look like a slip fighter, there class name held none of the gaudiness of the regular ships; they were simply known as super heavy battle ship. They didn't have many of the sleek lines of the Glorious heritage classes, they held a sharp violent look from every angle, and they were so large that you could comfortably hold half of a Glorious heritage class in their main hangers.

They had a long center piece that had sloping armor that got wider as you reached the main body of the ship. Like the GH class (the Glorious heritage class) it had wings although more angular, there dorsal and ventral hulls had three super heavy PDM turrets each with duel cannons of beam weapons effective for well over 1600.60k although slow to lock and fire when they did they would destroy almost everything they hit, they had two of these turrets on the wings they had 500 om-dm missile 500 PDM 500w turrets. They also held at least sixty nova bombs.

They held enough fighters for total space superiority in any system they entered. With enough support craft to keep the ships active for centuries if need be. Although both ships were immense in size and cost they could be piloted and crewed with as few as six people, the computer and artificial intelligence had to be made especially for the ship with computing power that was unrivaled to date. They both held whole legions of Ai controlled robots that mimicked organic intelligence so closely that it was almost startling. The engines for each were massive they opened slip portals so large that the turbulence would cause such damage to any craft smaller than a freighter would be seriously damaged.

As the last of their munitions was loaded and the Ai's were fully tested and installed the unthinkable happened massive slip space portals opened unleashing the full Nietzschean fleet of the lynx pride. As high guardsmen scrambled to their defensive positions to defend the dock yard the two Ais were communicating. Unbeknownst to either the Nietzscheans or the High Guard the two Ai's had run several thousand projections of the battle now commencing each projection held no hope for the high guard unless they stepped in.

The high guardsmen watched in awed silence as the massive armada of ships came at them; fear was so rampant and filled the air so much that you could taste it. The twin ships cut the mooring lines and powered their engines, moving forward at a staggering pace for their size they cleared the docks and entered the fray. The Guardsmen watched as there hope came to their rescue.

That's when things got interesting all the ships offensive and defensive weapons came online the huge Turrets turning onto their first target. Luckily the Nietzscheans came from the perfect direction to face the ships broad sides, they unleashed there first devastating salvo. Hundreds of ships dropped in the first blast the main turrets firing twenty blasts of energy taking out the main Nietzschean command ships.

They kept firing until a relief force of 300 ships came and evacuated the Guardsmen, the commonwealth ships fought their way through the lynx ships and to slip points, and in a flash they were gone. The twin ships stayed behind to cover their retreat unleashing a hell upon the Lynx pride that broke them forever, they left no ship intact enough to support life forever ending that pride the two ships opened a slip portal and disappeared into history, the battle was forever spoken of in legend the wrecked ships of the lynx pride had disappeared and the two ships were only thought to be myth equal only to the Andromeda herself.

Screams of a billion murdered Stars
Give lie to the night's Peace

While we cling in desperation to the Few
Fragile spinning stones we call Worlds

Wayfinder First Order Hasturi
aka "The Mad Perseid"
217 AFC

300 years later the Andromeda was in dire straits, she was being attacked by the Magog two of her crew missing the rest severely wounded, and unbeknownst to the rest of the crew she was transmitting the commonwealth distress signal. As the swarm ships began to pierce through the hull and invaded, Andromeda was losing hope she was on the verge of crying, she had led another crew to their ultimate doom because of a sealed and dormant memory program and the relentless Magog, until she received a strange transmission.

Strange because not only that it was a commonwealth transmission, but the nature of the transmission was also strange, it was an old bugle cavalry charge and the William Tell overture finally, then the transmission shifted to all communications frequencies and over the ships PA and on all her communications channels.

On every deck the Magog stopped and looked around for the source of the noise. Andromeda's sensors began to show two massive slip points opening she could hardly believe her own sensors as the twin colossal ships came into full view.

All the weapons on the ships opened up on the Magog, decimating there swarms witch made them a more direct target for the Magog, and making sure that Andromeda was no longer a target. Swarm after swarm attacked the two ships their weapons cutting grate swaths within the numerical advantage that they held. Until the Magog retreated to lick their wounds before attacking again. When they pulled back the twin ships opened communications with Andromeda.

Her screens turned on amid the static haze she saw two identical men each in a variant of high guard uniform she had only seen once before at her launching, they wore the red and gold tunic of admirals in the high guard navy. They were both of Anglo-Saxon decent both had startlingly blue eyes the difference between the two only in hair on was a brunette the other was blond.

"Ahoy there Andromeda" said brown haired one in a heavy rough British accent

"Hallo meine Schwester" said the blond in deep Berlin German (Hello my sister)

"I see you have been holed dashed unsporting to attack a lady"

"Ich stimme mit meinem verrückten Bruder überein, der am unverzeihlichsten ist" (I agree with my crazy brother that is most unforgivable)

"allow us to deal with these rapscallions"

"Sie sind kaum der Bruder von rapscallion; wir werden diese Ungeheuer bestrafen und werden uns unsere Schwestern verlorene Ehre rächen" (they are hardly rapscallion's brother; we shall punish these monsters and avenge our sisters lost honor)

And with that the two began to move at flank speed towards the Magog ships firing all weapons at them. But more and more came from the world ship to take their place.

Andromeda watched as the two colossal ships attacked the relentless Magog, leaving her alone with a swarm ships attached to her hull, at the suggestion of Trance who asked about external defences she activates her planetary battle mechs tweedle-dumb and tweedle-de to clear her hull.

She then launches a few of her androids to collect Dylan and Beka, the two colossal ships still slaughtering swarm ships.

(Inside the Andromeda)

Dylan slowly awoke his eyes blurring then focusing on the closest thing to him witch happened to be his first officer Beka Valentine

"Front and centre soldier" she teased as his head turned moving his hand in a salute before wiping his face he hurt all over

"Captain Dylan Hunt reporting for duty" he moved to sit up the world spinning slightly

"Not a moment too soon" she said concern filtering into her voice

"You see I fixed him" said the overly energetic voice of Trance, causing his head to pound

"Yeah well more or less" he said straining into a sitting position "what hit me?" he asked not remembering what had happened

"About half the command centre the ship was pounded by point singularity bombs were lucky she is more or less in one piece" then it hit him

"The Magog" he remembered them boarding and getting hit with something

"On the run for now" said the robotic voice of Romme her damaged body emitting a robotic whine as she moved her voice doubling making the internal damage more apparent "I've deployed tweedle-dumb and tweedle-de to finish them"

"How are the lads" he asked as he got to his feet

"Efficient they have driven off the first wave of assault ships" she said standing at ease

"Yeah but the Magog can always send more" he finally felt more solid on his feet "the Magog suck" Grabbing a blue uniform he made his way to the bridge clearing out any Magog they found, at the bridge one Magog was launched through the opening door.

The command deck was a mess there were gaping holes in the hull wiring and piping was dangling from the sealing only certain parts were still intact, screens were flashing on and off as power sporadically reaching them, Dylan threw a collection of broken cabled and piping haphazardly away, never had he seen a ship this damaged before. The main screens were fuzzy with static which was slowly clearing up to reveal two colossal war ships that came to their rescue blasting apart ship after ship

"What are they" he asked Andromeda

"They are ZX-01-001 and ZX-01-002 Admiral Hood and Admiral Bismarck super heavy battle ships the only in their class" a fuzzy image appeared which was the layout of their weapons

"How do you know that?" asked Beka

"They told me" she simply stated

Raising his eye brow slightly pushing the information given to the back of his mind he got on with the plan that was formulating in his mind.

"Ok hears the plan while those two keep the Magog busy Romme and myself will take the Maru down and retrieve Harper, Tyr and Rev. Romme have the immune system nanobots we gave the crew built up to a level where you can track them"

"Trances don't scream to be working but I'm getting a clear signal from Beka's" she turned to Beka who looked to Dylan

"You have tracing devices on us" he stated accusingly

"Downloading signal parameters'" ignoring Beka she closed her eyes to concentrate on the download

"So while you two are playing hero what am I supposed to do" she asked folding her arms irritably

Dylan moved to his command position then spoke as casually as someone talking about the weather

"There is a nova bomb in the weapons locker five; if we're not back in three hours I want you to launch it at the middle of the artificial sun in the Magog array and blow it to hell."

"You are still carrying nova bombs I thought" Trance spoke in a harsh voice before she was interrupted

"I used them all up at Hephaestus, I did but I was able to scavenge one from GS-92196 just in case" he said as he was programming something on his console

"Wait there been a Nova bomb on for months and Tyr didn't know about it? Gosh won't he be surprised" she spoke that last part sarcastically knowing that Tyr would blow his top when he found out.

"If we're still on the world ship when that bomb goes off he will be more than surprised he'll be dead and so will you Dylan" Dylan stopped then turned to his android companion

"Well we will just haft to be in time wont we" he turned back to his console "Andromeda release all nova bomb controls to Beka Valentine authorisation ten brake alpha" he didn't weight fore response from Andromeda he turned to face Beka "three hours not a second more" he called Romme to him and left the command deck maybe for the last time.

"Tell me he is going to make it" Beka asked Trance

"It is possible anything is possible right" Trance looked up to Beka

"Right" she conformed for her younger friend

Meanwhile in space the Magog swarms were in full retreat hoping to catch both ships in a trap but neither fell for it and kept their distance but were still well within the maximum range for their cannons, narrowly dodging point singularity bombs shot from the world ship.

Inside the world ship Tyr and Harper were in deep trouble, they had been fixed to the wall Shamus Harper slowly came to his head was pounding

"Aw man" as his eyes came into focus he began to realise he was no longer on Andromeda "Tyr" he said in a week voice "Tyr are you ok" he was panicking slightly his voice came out higher than usual, then pain in his gut something was moving alive inside of him, then her realised what it was Magog eggs. His nightmare and that of many other beings, inside him are incubating growing Magog eggs and when they hatched they would tear their way out of him. "Oh no, no, no, no not the eggs they didn't infest me with Magog eggs" trying with all his might to will it true, "Help" he tried to scream which came out as a strangled yelp "help somebody anybody oh god please" he tried to force himself free "Help" he screamed his voice echoing in the dank cavern he and Tyr were held in.