Just a little oneshot that I thought of.

"We think the Death Eaters will expect you to be on a broom," said Moody.

"Wait," interrupted the Harry that was actually Hermione. "If I'm going on Thestral, then there's less of a chance that they will think I'm Harry, so that means that I won't be helping as much as I can. Maybe I should go on broom, I'd feel better if I take the risk and-"

"No." Harry was surprised that he wasn't the only Harry that had firmly denied Hermione's request.

"Hermione," said the other Harry who had spoken, "you know that you don't like brooms, and the people going on them have to look convincing. And besides, it would make me feel better if less Death Eaters are going after you."

Harry saw that the other Harry had suck an fierce look on his face that this left him no doubt on who this Harry really was; nevertheless, the real Harry hoped that he would never look at Hermione in that way, for it would arise awkward questions.

"But Ron," Hermione said exasperated, "you get to help Harry by riding on a broom, and you know that I-"

"No." Ron repeated flatly.

"Harry," Hermione turned towards him, "you know that I want to help, and if that means swallowing up my fear-"

"Hermione," Harry interrupted, "I don't even want you here in the first place. Why would I want you to take a greater risk and ride a broom?"

Hermione looked taken aback. She looked back at Ron, who shook his head at her, then back at Harry, who gave her a look telling her to please understand that all he wanted to do was to keep her safe, then back at Ron, until she finally walked over to Kingsley, but not before muttering "...just because I'm the girl. I can take care of myself, overprotective fools" under her breath.