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Main Title: Taken from the song: Afterlife by Avenge Sevenfold.

A/N: This is a revised version of Afterlife. There are less chapters but their longer.



Lawrence, Kansas - 1978

John Winchester flew through the air to crash awkwardly on top of a car's roof, the sound of a neck breaking echoing the large empty garage. Anna had done what she'd come to, she'd stopped Lucifer. Without John Winchester there would be no Sam, without Sam the final seal would never be broken and Lucifer would not rise. She felt a stab of guilt over her actions. She had liked Sam and his brother Dean, but it needed to be done - for the greater good. Sam and Dean would understand that, they were good men. – It was a shame Castiel did not.

Anna was preparing herself to leave when she realized she wasn't alone. A woman came at her with an angel blade. Anna had brought it with her as protection against Castiel, so sure after their meeting that he would try to stop her. – He had not. She wondered if maybe he'd come to see that her way was the only way. She didn't have time to dwell long on her thoughts as the petite blonde, she knew to be Mary Winchester, rushed her. A hunter from a long line of hunters, Mary knew how to fight and Anna found it difficult to maintain the defensive position. She was still weak from her trip.

Mary had seen the demon throw John through the air, she'd heard the sound of a neck breaking and the anger filled her completely. Seeing the shiny silver blade Mary put her life's worth of hunter training into action, the steady practiced and well thought out foot movements, a solid stance that would mean she could both attack and defend at almost the same moment. It was all put to the test now because this bitch was going to pay. She waited for an opportunity and took it, swinging an arm, then a fist, then the blade. The demon ducked out of the way. Holding the defensive but Mary could see she was tiring. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that was wrong, demons didn't get tired but her anger and pain at losing John was all too much to bear. She kept the attack coming. Swing after swing, thrust after thrust, circling the red-haired demon awaiting the perfect moments to strike. She knew the blade she held would not kill the thing, but used right it would give Mary time to exorcise the demon and send the bitch back to hell.

Mary didn't know how long she'd fought with the demon. She didn't know what was happened or why they had attacked John, though she knew demons and monsters didn't need a reason to attack; they did it because that was what evil did, attack and kill the innocent. That vicious little voice in the back of her mind said that this was her fault. That it was a consequence of the deal she's made five years previously, but again that didn't make sense.

Anna was getting drowsy; the room around her was beginning to spin. She needed to get away from here. - Away from Mary Winchester. She stared hard at the woman, she could hear the blood rushing through her veins, could hear her heart pounding. No, she could hear two hearts. She glanced around thinking that it may have been John, but it wasn't. He was dead, his head bent in an awkward potion. No the heartbeat was strong and alive. Anna's eyes turned back to Mary, her gaze drifting to the woman's abdomen. Dean. Mary Winchester was pregnant with Dean. Anna felt a little of her guilt ease. Alone Dean could not be used. It took both brothers to set heavens and hells plans in motion. Anna sadly met Mary's gaze. "I'm sorry." Then she was gone.

Mary stood wide eyes at the suddenly empty space in front of her, the demons apology running through her mind. Demons didn't apologies. She looked down at the silver blade for a few seconds before dropping it and running to John. Already knowing it was too late to save him. Kneeling next to his lifeless body, Mary made a vow to discover who that red-haired demon was and hunt the bitch down. - Even if it took the rest of her life to do so.