Appearing in the abandoned warehouse the Voice had called him too, Castiel looked around him. The Voice had sounded vaguely familiar, he couldn't determine whose voice it was, but he knew it came from another angle. An odd feeling had blossomed inside of him upon hearing it. He figured it must have been the feeling that Dean once described as 'homesick'. He longed for his return to Heaven, back to his family, like he had lived before…before he started questioning the orders that were given him, like Anna had before him. He knew it had been the right choice to make, but still…the feeling was there. It had been so long since he had been home. It had been even longer since he had received a call from his family. The Voice that called him here gave him a personal message. Fearing a trap for a moment, he quickly pushed that feeling down. He knew the Angel the Voice belonged too and receiving a message from it made him more curious than suspicious.

Casting another glance through the sorry excuse for a warehouse, he detachedly noticed that it was nearly collapsing. The only thing keeping the building upright were the concrete pillars spread at equal distances from each other near the walls. It had been a long time since humans had come inside. His eyes roamed over the decaying remnants of civilisation, settling on a shoe in the far corner. It was a man's shoe, its laces still in a neat bow. Even after all this time it was clear that the shoe much have been rather expensive…Shaking his head, Castiel focused his attention back to the real reason he was here.

The feeling of air displacing and the sound of wings flapping two feet behind him had him turning around.

"Castiel, my brother. It's been long,"a soft voice called out. The voice of a human, of a female human! Raising his eyes to the form in front of him, a warm feeling coursed through his body. He knew this Angel indeed, even though now she was wearing the form of a lithe woman with light brown wavy hear and almond coloured eyes.

"Olivia, my sister," Castiel greeted her, bowing his head respectfully at her. The young woman just laughed. "I am not half your age and yet you treat me as your equal, Castiel. I see you have not changed. Humankind has not changed you."Castiel just smiled in return, walking towards her. It was rare for angels to make a meeting so…human… but that was what was happening now, two Angels hugging each other as a way of greeting.

"I don't know what our brothers and sister have been telling you about me up in Heaven, but humans are not as bad. They have Hope and Passion. That's special,"Castiel explained to her, both human forms still hugging each other. At his words Olivia's body turned rigid for a few seconds, nearly imperceptibly, but Castiel was an Angel. Hesitantly he released her from his arms, scanning her face. "My dear brother, you know that I care about you," Olivia started, but her eyes were no longer focused on his blue ones. He felt a cold starting to settle that went deeper than just missing the warmth of her body wrapped in his arms. Olivia was creating a distance between them, something was not right here…

Castiel was a soldier of Heaven and of God. He knew all about warfare and he was no idiot. Another feeling appeared, a feeling making him sad and somewhat angry. He'd been on earth long enough to recognise this feeling unfortunately. He'd seen it more than enough on the faces of either Winchester brother over the time he had been with them. It was betrayal…

"Olivia, you are here…to destroy me."

Olivia's image suddenly turned grey, as if a mist was pulling up around her meat-suit. Her bright eyes lost their sparkle and her cheeks were pale. The distance created between them was nearly palpable. It was nearly unbelievable that just minutes ago they had shared a hug.

"Castiel, I have come to end this. Our brothers and sisters are looking for you everywhere, they want to punish you. You know what they will do to you when they finally find you! I couldn't let that happen to you, my brother, I didn't want you have to suffer through that." Her right arm slid slowly down her small body, fingertips pointing towards the dirty floor. Seconds later, an Angel sword appeared in her hand. Castiel froze for a second, shaking his head in disbelief. "Sister, no…"

"Come Castiel, please. They are coming here! Zachariah has given his orders. Let me do it, before someone else will!"

Castiel suddenly understood; she did not want him to suffer, like he had the last time he had been capture in Heaven. He feared Zachariah. But his choices had been made a long time ago and he had done too much, risked too much to step back from that now. Besides, Dean counted on him…

"No Olivia. The Winchester's…I've made my choice, this is my punishment for it. I rather fight than give up now. Please…I don't want to fight you, I care for you sister. Please don't make me have to fight you."Castiel took a step backwards, raising his empty hands in another clear show of humanity. "I won't fight you; sister, but I won't back down either. Please leave...leave now! Before they see you!"

Castiel looked straight into the amber eyes of his younger sister. He had seen her grow up, he watched out for her, taught her what she needed to know. He loved her, she was his favourite. It hurt him to stand against her now in a situation like this. Oh he knew it was his own fault. Because of his disobedience he never could or should see her again. The other Angels cursed his name, putting Olivia in a tight spot. She could barely speak his name Upstairs. Their gazes met; grief palpable in the air, as far as Angels were able to feel that. The moment lasted until Olivia closed her eyes, sighing softly as the Angel sword clattered to the ground. Silence stretched, only to be broken by Castiel. "I'm sorry Olivia, for doing this to you. But I can't stop now. Earth must be protected, as well as the people living on it. They are our Father's creations. We must stop the Apocalypse!"

Olivia's eyes remained closed; head bowed slightly, long brown hair falling as a curtain in front of her face. Suddenly she nodded and sighed. "You have spoken as a true criminal, Castiel." She opened her eyes and looked straight at him. Those words cut into his heart, seemingly weakening him for a moment. Castiel could feel the raw energy of the other Angel pulsating, expanding around her human form. She was so much stronger than him, he having lost his connection the Heavens. Her energy rippled around him, taking his strength with it. He knew he had to fight it, but something made him hesitate. A part of him that wanted her to punish him, the part that still felt guilty about what he had done, a feeling that cut deep…

Before he realised it, she had raised her hand and a big blast of air flung him across the warehouse. Yards away from where he had been standing, Castiel's flight came to an abrupt halt as he collided with one of the concrete pillars. Glass and wood splintered as he landed on the floor, collapsing on a couple of crates. Instantly Castiel pushed himself up until he was leaning against the wall, trying to ignore the pain waves his human form was sending to his Angelic mind. Unable to move any further, Castiel tried to quickly take in all the injuries he had sustained. Blood flowed freely from his nose and mouth, his ribs seared in agony with each struggling breath, indicating at least one was broken and had possibly punctured his lung. But the worst pain was coming from his back, pain so bad it was overwhelming all his other senses, leaving him out for the count...all because of his own sister.

He heard her coming towards him, as the dull drumming in head slowly subsided somewhat. Taking a deep breath, he immediately regretted it as blood rose up in his trachea, sending him into a coughing fit so violent it threatened to make him loose consciousness. But the feeling of fear that rose as his sister approached him even closer shook him awake again.

"This was for your own good, my brother. Maybe this will make you listen." Blinking his eyes to clear away the dark spots at the edge of his vision, he tried to focus on his sister's words. "Olivia…please." His voice faltered, blood dripping down his chin to land on his white dress shirt. His sister's strength had surprised him, taken him out for the moment, but his body was slowly healing again.

"I do not wish for your death, my brother, but I do not wish for you to suffer either. When I came here, I thought you would see the wisdom of my words. But now I see you have stepped down to the level of humans, you hold your life too dearly; you have forgotten why you are really here. You are here to protect them, to serve our Father! But instead now you serve their side, against the will of our Father, against your own family. That mistake is unforgivable! Our brothers and sisters are outraged; they all want to punish you for that. And I…I can't blame them for that…"

Raising his head to look at his sister, he tried to move his hands and legs. He was still breathing fast and shallowly, but the bleeding had stopped. "Let me go Olivia…" he grunted. Olivia shook her head, her eyes only inches away from his own, staring him down. "You cannot run, the best Angels are sent after you, they will find you wherever you go. It won't take long now, there is nowhere left to run to, my brother."Her voice resounded with a sad finality, reminding him of their bond, before she closed off any emotion again.

"They will always find you; you are still an Angel, Castiel. Your Grace…it is strong…" She glanced over his slowly healing body. "It's not as strong as it once was, but still… It was not difficult for me to find you... neither will it be for them."She slowly stroked his hair. Castiel tried to sit up straighter, but his broken back and ribs refused to cooperate fully.

"Olivia…" he quietly begged. He saw the look in her eyes; he knew what was coming now. In another show of human emotion he shook his head in denial. Feelings of confusion suddenly took over his mind, his grip on Jimmy's body slowly losing its hold.

"I have heard your fears Castiel. I will make them disappear for you." She whispered softly, before taking a deep breath. Determinedly, she rolled up the sleeve of her right arm.

"No…Olivia…no…please." Her hand slowly started glowing with a white light, a part of her true form appearing behind her. Castiel opened his mouth, but no sound came out. In a reflex he struck out with his arm and his Angel sword slid out. His hand shook too much to do real damage though.

"Your Grace, Castiel. Your Grace is the key!"

Castiel once again shook his head in denial and grasped his Angel sword better. Suddenly her knee slammed down on his hand, forcing a groan out of him. His free hand went for her throat, but she was much stronger than him. She wrapped her own fingers around his hand and pulled it away from her neck.

The glowing hand became brighter and brighter until she punched it against Castiel's chest.


A bright light exploded through the warehouse, blocking out all sight and all sounds, expect for the screams of the Angel of Thursday…


Dean and Sam Winchester had been riding for twelve hours in a row after a rough hunt. Very tired and, in Dean's case, very hungry, they had finally arrived at their motel room. Sam was already halfway to getting undressed, on his way to the small bathroom. Dean had tossed his pack next to his bed and quickly pulled of his shoes. The hunt had worn them out good. They had to track 15 miles through wet sand and now he felt muscles in his body whose existence were not known to him before. His socks were wet and his shoes were filled with at least half the Sahara. And judging from the sand next to Sam's clothes, his brothers had dragged along the other halve. Listening with a half ear to the water of the shower running and his brother humming a song under his breath, he stretched out on his bed. Listening more carefully to his brother, he laughed as he recognized the song.

"Yo Britney! Leave some hot water for me, will ya!"Grin growing wider as he heard his brother some choice words before stopping with singing.

Suddenly his stomach grumbled furiously, reminding him how hungry he actually was. Grunting as he heaved himself of the covers again, padding barefoot to the mini-fridge. Scanning the contents, he settled on an eggroll from the day before, taking a quick bite as he slammed the door shut. Listening as Sam exited the shower, a white towel wrapped around his middle, his overly long hair dark and slick with water.

"All yours Dean. And the water was already cold when I turned it on" Sam pointed at the bathroom without turning to his brother. His mouth filled with somewhat funny tasting eggroll, Dean nodded.

"Yeah right."Taking another bite, he walked towards the bathroom. Frowning at the food, he decided against eating more of it. He wasn't that brave after all…Grinning; he saw the perfect place for the eggroll to head too. Sam jerked upright in shock from searching for clean clothes in his duffle, as he felt something slimy connect with his back. Dude! He scolded his brother, who had taken refuge in the bathroom, smirking at him from behind the protection of the door. Closing the door, he could he hear Dean laugh. The shower turned on and only seconds after he heard his brother curse loudly, probably finding out how cold the water really was. Shaking his head at his brother's antics, he put on his clean clothes, smirking as he anticipated Dean's reaction as he noticed that there were no towels left…

Stretching on his bed, he realised he heard a soft melody playing. Blinking, he looked in the direction the sound was coming from…Dean's jacket. Glancing in the direction of the bathroom, he noticed the shower still running. Switching his gaze back to the jacket, he hesitantly pulled the phone out, glancing at the caller ID. Cas?

Punching the call button, Sam didn't give the person on the other side of the line any chance to start talking…

"Cas? Where have you been man? We've been trying to reach you for days?"Sam asked worriedly, looking at the phone as if it would answer him. Cracks and rustles sounded from the other side of the line. Maybe Cas had been ass-dialling again, Dean had told him that had happened before, one time even in the middle of the night. Usually Cas would be talking, maybe to himself or his family upstairs, most of the time it was in Enochian. Dean had tried to explain the concept of ass-dialling to the Angel, but that had proven a task too great for his older brother, judging by the look of pure confusion on Cas' face when he first tried. Sam chuckled, that had been fun to watch…

Focusing on the sounds on the other side of the line, he realised he could hear Castiel breathing, which struck him as odd. It took him a second to realise what was odd about it. The rhythm was uneven and shallow, rasping in and out. Frowning worriedly, he heard the Angel groan. For a second, inappropriate thoughts flew in his head. Maybe the Angel was with a woman, maybe he shouldn't have answered it, maybe this was something between Dean and Cas. Grinning, he made to end the call.

"S-Sam…ugh….help…" a voice suddenly rasped, forcing Sam to bring his attention back to the phone. "Cas?" He asked, fully focusing now, his adrenaline spiking as he noted the pain in the Angel's voice, hearing him suck in another breath.

"S-Sam…industri..l..l…abandoned…warehouse. South coast…help…please…"

Springing into action he addressed the Angel, Hang on Cas, we're coming.He heard the Angel grunt, before the line got disconnected. The silence only managed to make his worry grow, momentarily indecisive what to do first: getting fully dressed or calling Dean. Tossing the cell phone on the bed, he banged on the bathroom door…

"Dean, hurry up man, we gotta go. It's Cas!"

Yeah right Dean mumbled, probably thinking this was payback for the eggroll-attack.

"Dean, quit messing around. Cas just called, and it didn't sound good man. Come on, get a move on! He asked for our help, he's in trouble!"

The sound of running water gave way to silence and two seconds later the door unlocked, Dean's head popping around the corner, his face pale.

"Give me my clothes…"

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