"Geez, Bobby is doing even worse than I thought. What do you think, Sam?" Sam had been walking quietly towards the Impala that stood parked close to the porch, but stopped when he noticed the backdoor was slightly opened, completely ignoring his brother. "Yo! Sam! Earth calling!"

After throwing a glance inside the car he turned towards his brother, frowning deeply.

"Dean…where's Cas?"

"What do ya mean, 'where's Cas', he's supposed to be napping on the backseat." Face paling, Dean hurried to the Impala, only to see the backseat was empty. "Sonofabitch. You gotta be kidding' me. Where the hell did he run off to? Shouldn't have left him in the car, Bobby's place is the first they'll be start looking for us" Running a hand through his hair, Dean walked around the car in the hopes of finding some traces, but there were none to be found. The only thing different about the Impala were the missing Angel and the four long scratches in the upholstery that had been left behind, leading Dean to the conclusion Cas hadn't gone along voluntarily. But why hadn't they heard anything with the car standing this close?

"Sam, we've got to find him. He's defenceless without his Mojo and there's no way to contact us since he doesn't have a cell phone on him."

"Who do you think took him, Dean? Olivia or…?"

"Do I look like I've got all the answers, Sam? All I know is that we're screwed. Cas was taken and it is my fault…" Slamming the door shut with too much force behind it, Dean searched in his pockets for his phone.


The phone rang. Sally looked up from where she was sitting on the couch and stared at the old man in the wheelchair. He had lowered his mug of coffee and grabbled in his pocket with a surprised look on his face. Looking at the name flashing in his screen, he flipped it open with a sour look.

"Dean, you too lazy to walk through my door again, boy" He stopped talking when Dean's voice, distorted through the phone, sounded.

"Cas is gone, Bobby" Both Bobby and Sally remained silent after that.

"Whaddaya mean: gone? I thought you said…"

"I know what I said Bobby! They took him…"

"Who did, son? Demons? Lucifer? Zachariah?"

"How the Hell do I know Bobby, it's not like they left a card with their names on it! Bastards damaged my Baby too when they did."

"Watch your tone boy! I get it, the Angel is gone" Turning his gaze towards the young nurse, who was sitting on the edge of her seat to be able to follow the conversation, he kept silent for a moment. He could hear Dean blowing off steam by muttering curses to his younger brother and then nobody in particular. 'Sam, don't touch that leather!''

"But Dean, I was just looking to see if there was anything…"

"Sam, I'm warning you!...Bobby? You still there? What do we do now?"

Bobby rolled his eyes at this, before returning his attention back to the phone. "Get inside, you idjits! Cas is an Angel of the Lord; he can manage for a sec without your help. Meanwhile, how about helping the little lady you boys brought along, huh? We'll see about your Angel than." Throwing his phone on his desk, he sighed deeply. Wiping a tired hand over his face, he startled when a soft voice coughed a bit. He had no idea what he should say to the young woman, girl even, to try and reassure her. Being gentle was not his thing; never was and never will be. He tried to form his face into a friendly smile, but judging by her slightly startled look, he didn't succeed that much. "Don't worry, Sally. The boys won't leave you behind." Sally nodded at this, a small smile forming on her face.


The Angel startled awake when two strong hands wrapped around his ankles and started pulling. Dizzy and half awake, Cas tried to focus on the face in front of him, squinting to try and get a better look. He saw the outline of two broad shoulders and for a moment he relaxed. "Dean…Dean w-what…" A growl coming out of the person in front of him halted his question, as he was being yanked outside by his legs. This could not be Dean, Dean would never be this rough with him, not while he was injured... would he? The grip on his ankles increased as he was pulled another time, this time sliding a little more out of the car. The shock of the sudden movement increased his nausea, pain shooting through his body, causing his mind to momentarily clear up. This was not Dean, and if it was not Dean, than he had to fight. He could let himself be captured, not in this state. He was no match for demon's or Lucifer's disciples now. They would try to abuse his powers, which could be disastrous for the fate of the world, and even more so for the Winchester's…


The hands around his ankles moved upwards to his legs, putrid breath wafting towards his face as his assailant leaned forward into the car. He started moving his legs, trying to kick off the other person, but was shocked to realise that his left leg refused to join the movements. Jimmy's body must have been more damaged than he had thought. The nerves running through the spine must have stopped firing their signals to his muscles, he mused as he stared at the unmoving leg. The moment of contemplation was short lived however, because when the hands on his legs pulled once more, he slid further out of the Impala. "No!" He yelled, more forceful this time. His hand grappled around him, looking for something to hold on to, grabbing hold on the headrest of Sam's chair. A groan of frustration sounded from the man outside when he experienced the sudden resistance. Eyes shut tightly, Cas held on for what he was worth, but the pain in his back made it increasingly difficult to keep it up. "Stop…please…no…" Cas nearly whined. "Ssst" he suddenly heard. Confused, he opened his eyes to once again stare at the person holding him. He didn't know the man, but he most certainly knew the demon inside of him…

"Y-you…" the Angel stammered, gaze locked on the black eyes of the demon, who was grinning at him, while the Angel still held on to the chair. "Come" the man's voice said. Cas shook his head in denial, tightening his hold even more. This demon was working for Crowley. Normally that wouldn't have worried him, he could take on Crowley easily and the upper demon knew when he was in over his head and kidnapping Angels would be one of those things. But now, in this state and with him having information valuable to many parties, this thought worried him…

His eyes widened when the man grabbed him by his waist and started pulling. The action resulted in the riding up of his shirt, revealing the corset holding his body together. The demon smiled in delight, eyes darkening even more if possible. His grip on the Angel's waist increased until his fingers seemed to push through the corset, the pain nearly becoming unbearable. The hand of the Angel not holding on to the headrest, held on to the leather cushion of the Impala's backseat. His fingernails broke through the leather, when the demon's fingers broke through the corset. White hot pokers of pain seared through his body, black spots beginning to dance around the edges of his vision. He swallowed; the taste of blood heavy in his mouth. Fighting the pull of the darkness, he gathered the last bit of strength he had left …and kicked the demon in his crotch…he had tried to push him away, but to his satisfaction this worked out even better. The demon's grip on him lessened considerably and Castiel could get some air. He tried to call out to Dean for help, but his voice croaked and he could not get loud enough to be heard inside. The demon grunted as he once again grabbed Castiel. "That was a low move Cas, where did you learn to do that" the demon sounded slightly amused, even though the body he was in, was still hunched over somewhat. Cas stared at the dark black eyes and realised there was nothing more he could do. He was in too much pain, what little he had left of his Grace already spent on healing Jimmy's body. The demon's fingers pushed down hard on his body, blood rushing to his head and his vision once again greying. Tears rolled down his cheeks and his muscles strained against the pain. His lips turned white and little drops of blood pooled out of his nose and ears. The demon pulled him out entirely now and Cas fell boneless to the ground. Wheezing and groaning, the Angel blinked his eyes to try to get rid of the dark spots, his body shaking as his vision wavered. The only thing he could hear was the beating of his own…of Jimmy's heart. The boots of the demon came into his vision and he was lifted.

"Come on, Princess. The boss wants to talk to you."



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