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They had barely left each other's side the entire night.

Though they had scarcely gotten a minute alone. They had wanted to sneak away when the dancing started, but found they were forced to mingle as various family and friends came up for small talks and exchange pleasantries. Charlie was stuck with having to introduce Sophie to every one of his family members, and watching on as they charmed his…and just what is she to him exactly? He had been sorely tempted to ignore all propriety and just take her to his room and hide out there so he could have her all to himself…

There was still so much left unsaid. But as they stood in the doorway to her room, grinning idiotically at each other, nothing seemed to matter. Merely being in each other's presence was enough.

"I still can't believe you're really here."

"Me neither."

"I would have been too much of a coward to ever come find you."

She simply smiled at him adoringly.

Unable to resist temptation, he leaned forward to press a wet kiss against her soft lips. Her eyes fluttered open as he drew back. With a softly whispered "good night", and a heart-warming smile, he turned to leave for his room.

He was not three steps away when he heard her call his name.

A single look at her – teeth nibbling on her bottom lip, eyes filled with longing that he was sure was mirror in his – had him quickly gaining the three steps between them and pulling her into his arms. With her jasmine scent filling his senses, her soft warmth underneath his palms, his heart blossomed with a feeling he couldn't quite place, and he let himself drown in the feelings of the moment…

She woke up to his clear blue eyes.



It was odd, how they could wake up wrapped around each other, still fully clothed, without embarrassment and so comfortable within each other's presence.

"They're going to talk." A glance at the clock informed her that it was way past breakfast.

Charlie grunted noncommittally. "You know Gran, she does not do subtle."

"You should have woken me up." A hand sneaked around her waist, nudging at her night shirt.

"You looked like you needed it."

"We should really get up." She voiced as a sigh escaped her throat.

"Hm," he pulled her closer, his lips whispering along her collarbone. "Since we're already late, I see no need to hurry."

Sophie began to protest, soon discovering that Charlie could be quite convincing when he wanted to be. But as she revelled in the feel of his hands caressing the base of her spine, inching slowly upwards, she thought maybe she did not need to be convinced at all.

It was a very fine morning.