A/N: I didn't truly realize how much Julia meant in Barnabas's life. I started the series over with the first collection and I didn't know how different Barnabas's life was before he met Julia. Nor did I realize how good friends they were and how much Julia did love Barnabas. All right, enough of the rambling. :p Anyway, this takes place after Julia, Barnabas, and Elliot have been back a day and it's the night after they arrived home. Enjoy! :D

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Does he even realize how much I love him? I thought as I watched Barnabas look into the blazing fireplace.

Even from where I stood in the drawing room's doorway in the Old House, I saw the thoughtful sadness in Barnabas's dark eyes. I knew what he was thinking and feeling. I, myself, felt and thought nearly the same thing when I saw him fall in love with another woman, who, I knew, wouldn't understand Barnabas like I did.

I knew Barnabas was thinking about Angelique. Angelique was the only other woman who knew and, in her own way, had loved Barnabas for himself. Even though time after time he had shown her how much he had hated her because she was the one who caused the most misery in Barnabas's life. It was ironic. Barnabas had hated Angelique while the witch was still alive, but loved her now that she was dead.

Despite the fact that I had hated her almost as much as Barnabas had professed to, I pitied Angelique. The witch never realized she had the one thing which she had always wanted.

I quelled the familiar feeling of jealousy. For years I have loved Barnabas. I had helped him and protected him. As yet, he had not shown any sign of reciprocating my love.

Instead, I watched as Barnabas fell in love with another woman, then another, and another. I played role of close friend and confidant. Even though I wanted more than these roles, I was content. At least as these, I could be with him. I would be the one he turns to after these romances failed. I have always been there when Barnabas needed a friend and I knew he needed one now.

Silently, I stepped farther into the room and sat in one of the chairs at the small table, facing him. I knew Barnabas was aware of my presence. He didn't look at me, neither did he speak. For now my presence was enough.


A/N: As I wrote this, I think I became a Barnabas/Julia fan. I guess because I felt so bad for Julia. I want to thank The Sergeant for betaing this for me. I hope you enjoyed. :D