Chapter 22

In what seemed to be a gift from his past. He found himself, his arms linked with Lily Evans.

Granted, they were now in their thirties, and no longer wearing their uniforms. She was an Auror,. He was a teacher. A potions master. And outside in the world beyond this wonderful warm, late summer, early autumn day, there was a great terror gripping the wizarding world.

It almost didn't matter.

Turning to him her eyes seemed to glow in the setting sun, and her hair provided a halo of burning beauty around her.

"...Why does the outside world have to suck so much?" she asked him.

He smiled indulgently at her and stroked her cheek.

"Because it is the outside world...It was like returning to the muggle world after summer here. With you."

She smiled and rested her head on his chest and looked out onto the lake.


"Yes darling?"

"...Is Professor Dumbledore sure...?"


"...Me moving into your chambers?"

"He told you my darling. Not me." he smiled.

"...I thought he was going to tell me off at first..." Lily half smirked.

"...Being the potion masters girlfriend is not a crime, Lily." Snape reminded.

"Yeah...but when he asked me if I wanted to move in with you...i nearly exploded through blushing."

Snape chuckled lightly, even now the sound sounded alien...

"...Well, then I think he means it."

Lily smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

The sun was setting rapidly now and the cold was drawing in.

Holding him close, Lily looked up at him, into those dark pools of ink.

"...Will it be alright...?"

Her eyes were wide like a child's, and the intonation was naïve.

He looked at her, running his hand down her hair.

"...Well, put it this way...If its not least we'll have each other."

Satiated, she rested her head on his chest, not happy, but no longer afraid.

Snape stroked her back slowly, keeping his cheek against her head, comforting her.

Whatever was to come, he was no longer afraid...

And neither was she.

The End