Just a one-shot of Jinx's life before she went to Hive Academy – or at least what I came up with for her background. Currently rated T, though if you think it should have a higher rating, let me know :)

She pressed her back into the far corner of the room, her arms around her younger brother who was quietly crying. She tried her best to comfort him, worried the noise would attract His attention; piss him off more than he already was. She would have ran from home years ago if it wasn't for her younger brother. If she wasn't there, he'd have no one to look after him. She couldn't leave him like that.

No. Daniel was the only think keeping her there. She had only just turned ten, however her mental development was much more advance. She knew it came with the gene mutation. The same gene mutation that split her family in half.

The wall seemed to shake as the accompanying bang echoed throughout the building. They could hear Him yelling something, though Jenny couldn't make out any words. He'd been drinking again. He was always drinking now. She felt her brother's small body jump as the faint sound of bones breaking reached their ears. Dimly, she wondered what the excuse would be this time. Tripped over a curb? Fallen down the stairs?

She didn't feel fear anymore. She could hear her mother crying as silence settled over the house, and she had no more room for fear. Her heart had descended into the circle of hatred and loathing years ago. Hatred and loathing for her father, who hated anything different. Who hated His wife for baring the abomination He called His daughter.

She hated her mother, who refused to see fault in her husband, even as His first buried itself deep into the soft flesh of her stomach. Instead she blamed Jenny. Blamed her for the abnormal pink locks of hair. For the cat like pupils which gained them so much negative attention in her mother's social group. She loathedher mother, who considered her social status to be much more important than her daughter. Her daughter, who always received the blame for anything that went wrong. Always her.

Footsteps sounded in the hallway, slowly growing closer, heavy and uneven from the alcohol that ran through His veins. She quickly pushed her brother under the bed until he lay, huddled against the wall, before moving to defiantly stand in front of the piece of furniture. The door, old and heavy, swung forward, crashing into the wall, cracking the old, yellowish paint. Brown eyes settled on her, the only sounds that of her mother crying pathetically, in pain and self pity. A smile slowly spread, tainting her lips so faintly one could have imagined it.

He held a brown whiskey bottle in his right hand, tapping the base against His leg to a tune only he could hear. She watched that hate fester within His eyes, until He started forward, whispering what her mother has told her so many times before.

"It's all your fault."

He swung the bottle around haphazardly as He reached her, and her anger flared like petrol coated cloth. Eyes flashed electric pink as she felt a delicious, cool energy flood her senses. The light fixture above her crackled with pink light before shattering, mimicking the bottle in her father's hand, jagged knives cutting into his flesh and droplets of crimson falling to stain the wooden floor. He cursed, the pain stabbing through the drunken haze. Jenny didn't see His left arm move, the backhand flooring her as gravity grabbed a hold on her petite form.

The frightened yell of her younger brother filled the room, echoing off the walls, and Jenny's hatred and anger took control. Waves of untamed, pink energy burst forth from her snow white skin, hitting everything in its path mercilessly. Walls groaned as she cupped her swollen cheek. He stepped backwards in fear, His eyes wide, His arms hanging helplessly by his sides. The bed behind her creaked before splintering, crashing down upon the small boy that had take refuge beneath. Hearing the bed collapse, and the building groan, she realised the severity of what she'd done and tried to stop it, to absorb all that magenta energy once more. A little too late.

She could her mother move to her feet in the nest room; hear her brother crying as he tried to escape the wooden debris that had fallen onto his body; see her father's look of fear – a fear aimed at her, before the arms of the building gave way under the weight, and everything came crashing down.

The rhythmic beat filled the small room, almost peaceful in its consistency. Cautious and confused eyes opened to stare at the blank ceiling above. A heavy limb more in an attempt to brush pink hair out of her eyes, but froze when something tugged against her skin. Pink eyes swept the room, identifying the IV drip in her arm; the heart monitor. She was in her own room. No doubt separate for her differences. Her deformities.

She heard the handle on the door begin to twist, and clamped her eyes shut, pretending to still be unconscious or asleep. She wasn't entirely sure which of the two she'd been.

"...really is a remarkable patient. The fire services found her buried under the remains of a building. She was the only one found alive and was in surprisingly good condition. You can probably see from her colouring but DNA samples concluded she's a meta-human. They are known for being more resilient than the average human."

"One of your doctors mentioned something about technical problems you've been having with the equipment"

"Mhmm. It keeps short circuiting on us. It may have something to do with the girl. We have no idea what her ability is after all."

"Something potent, I'd guess."

They had stopped at the bottom of Jenny's bed, and the girl could hear paper being turned. Her medical report?

"You're not suggesting she brought down the building are you?"

"There is that possibility."

"We're just waiting for her to wake up, and she should be well enough to go to the local orphanage. I'm sure you could ask your questions then?"

There was the sound of footsteps, and the door opening and closing, before once again she was left with the sterile noises of the heart monitor and her breathing. Opening her eyes again, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed before pulling out the IV, ripping off the tape and dropping them at her feet before focusing on the heart monitor, instinct guiding her as her eyes flashed pink and the machine failed, the consistent beep falling silent. Jenny ripped the little pads off her skin before walking over to the window and forcing it open, letting the cool night air flood the room. She looked down at the two story drop, recalling the words she'd just heard. "They are known for being more resilient..."

Climbing out onto the slippery ledge, Jenny help her breath and moved so her hands were gripping the sill. She dropped her legs over and leg go, falling quickly. The force of the fall knocked her off her feet, and a quiet complaint left her lips as the shock travelled through her body like electricity.

Her family were dead, and it was all her fault. Everything was always her fault. She wouldn't go to the orphanage, to be subjected to more hate; more fear. She would run, like she had planned to years ago. She rolled onto her feet, moving quickly to clear the hospital grounds before glancing up at the building opposite. A clothing store. She looked down at her hand; watched as it crackled with that pink energy. She couldn't run around in a hospital gown, after all.

Although originally planned as a oneshot, I kinda feel like adding another chapter.

All the 'He' and 'His' with capital letters wasn't a mistake. It's used to emphasise the importance of the father role for a child. After all, when you're younger you're father is usually the parent you fear the most, as well as respect. He doesn't threaten with 'wait until your mother hears about this' does he? Your father is like... well... the top authority.

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