Descent - a helping hand

Okay so quite a few of you asked me to add a second chapter onto this, and I was having a moment of boredom, so here it is. Yeah, I had started writing the next bit, but me being me lost the paper that it was on. which I got really angry about. Because I'd written quite a bit. And I liked what I'd written. And I couldn't remember it all. -_- I really need to get more organised.


Her heel's skidded across the concrete as she skidded around the corner, her eyes wide as she glanced behind her. She'd tried to break into a jewellery store, thinking she could sell whatever she had for cash, but it didn't go as planned, and she ended up tripping a silent alarm. She didn't want to fight the police - she hadn't needed to yet and she didn't want to accidently kill one of the officers so she'd chosen to run.

She her speed increased as she straightened her body up, resisting the pull of gravity. Cold water shot up her leg as she ran through a puddle left there from the rain that had fallen over the city earlier that night. She heard barking and realised the cops had called for reinforcements. She could run faster than the normal police officer, easy. She probably could have out run an Olympic sprinter. There were advantages to being less than normal, but dogs were fast. Very fast when they wanted to be. And police dogs were trained to be just that.

Throwing herself around another corner into an alley, she had jump into a cartwheel to make the turn when she realised her boots didn't have enough traction to take the sudden change of direction without dumping her on the floor. The alley was a dead end, but she barely took notice of that as she jumped up at caught the edge of a flat roof to the shop next to her with one hand, her feet dangling above the floor. She could hear the dogs getting closer and started scrambling widely with her arms, pushing off the wall with her feet in an attempt to get up, out of the way of the dogs. Being bitten - especially on her foot - would not make her day.

She glanced down in time to see one of the sleek furred hounds round the corner and leap at her. With a yell she jerked her leg up and let go of the roof with one hand, planning to throw a hex at the animal. Instead, someone grabbed her raised wrist. She jerked her head round, and pink eyes met with hazel ones. Expecting the police, she was confused when her gaze landed on an overgrown boy with wild, auburn hair. He lifted her up over the edge almost effortlessly, dumping the petite girl on the roof. He moved past her and peered over the edge at the German Shepherds that sat barking up at the roof, letting Jenny see the slim girl standing behind him.

Her black hair had a bluish tint to it that matched her eyes, and she was regarding the girl with a snobbish smile. Jenny instantly didn't like her.

"Thanks an' all, but who the hell are you?" She narrowed her eyes into slits, looking back at the boy who had moved to stand beside the girl.

"Shimmer. This is my brother Mammoth. We were asked to follow you for a while by our head teacher; she thinks you would be somewhat valuable to our school."


The girl looked pointedly at the edge of the roof. "We don't have time for explanations. Either follow us, Jenny, or-"

"No one calls me Jenny. Not anymore. It's Jinx." The pink eyed girl cut in sharply, and Shimmer smirked.

"Jinx, then. Either follow us or continue running your own way, but let me assure you, we can offer you a better life than the one you currently have." She turned round and started moving, "Brother?" The large boy nodded and started to follow, his steps making almost as much noise as an elephant.

"Brother?" Jinx frowned, scrunching up her nose as she watched the odd pair for a moment. Rolling to her feet, she looked down over the edge of the roof and watched two armed policemen join the dogs. "Awh fuck it." She turned round and moved after the two kids, "Yo guys, wait up!"

"Where the hell is this?" She gazed up at the large, manor like building. After escaping the police, Shimmer had broken into a parked car and hotwired it, driving them out of the city and not stopping until they'd reached a driveway in the middle of nowhere.

"Hive Academy. A school for super villains." Shimmer answered, before shrugging. "Well technically a lot of us go into mercenary work after graduation, but you know how touchy the law can be about that. It's a boarding school. And it's free so long as you give up your services to the school while you're here.

"And this is that better life?" Jinx frowned. "I mean it sure looks fancy but-"

"Everyone here's just like you. Orphaned and different. So, you gonna thank me?"

"Fuck that. You said you'd been told to do this. Last time I checked, that didn't count as a favour." She scrambled out the car and slammed the door behind her, wincing then it fell off its hinged, the metal lightly crackling pink.

The girl just laughed at her while Mammoth forced his way out the back, denting the frame as he gripped it in his hands. "They'll teach you how to stop doing that too. Come on, the head mistress is probably waiting for us. We'll dispose of the car later."

The girl just laughed at her while Mammoth forced his way out the back, denting the frame as he gripped it in his hands. "They'll teach you how to stop doing that too. Come on, the head mistress is probably waiting for us. We'll dispose of the car later."

Yeah, just a short little snippit, but you get the idea. Again, if you want me to continue it, nudge and prod me and I'll see what I can do. Not making any promises though. By the way in the comics, Shimmer is one of the original founders of the Hive Five (Fearsome Five as it's known in the comics) along with Jinx (who doesn't look like Jinx), Gizmo, and her brother Mammoth.