Chapter 1

Portlyn's Point of View

Portlyn was strolling around the set of Mackenzie Falls, looking for the slightest change on the set.

She hasn't been there in several months. Her last appearance on the show was on that mysterious balloon disappearing incident. It is shown on season 4 that Penelope plotted to kill her by sabotaging the balloon she was on.

Penelope was now behind bars for her crimes.

Which is why she's now back on Mackenzie Falls. It will be revealed that she got amnesia and was found by a rich couple in a distant town. They had no children and always wanted a daughter.

So the plot is basically Mackenzie choosing over Portlyn-the girl that had always been there for him since season 1, who was also his first love and Chloe-the new girl he met at Season 3 who he was deeply attracted too.

There was a lot of drama before she came back to set. Mackenzie discovered he had an evil twin brother. Penelope tried to kill Chloe off in a mysterious horseback riding disappearance incident. And now Portlyn would make her comeback by finding Chloe in the woods and drinking the water from the falls which restores her memory.

Cheesy, I know.

She took advantage of the storyline and went on a vacation with her grandparents to Europe. Now after months and months in Europe she grew to miss the California sun.

At this, a smile formed on her face.

Yes, she did miss the sun.

"Portlyn," she turned to find their director calling her name. "...could you go and tell Chad to come on set. We'll be filming the next scene soon."

"Oh, I guess so. It's not like I'm busy or anything," but she just stood there waiting.

The director gave her a weird look. "Chad? Go get Chad."

" Yeah... um... Where is Chad?" she asked even though she already knew where the latter was.

The director signed in frustration. "His in his dressing room as always," he stressed the last word. "Go get him."

"Oh yeah... okay, I'll go get Chad now," she started walking to the direction of Chad's dressing room.

She heard the director mumble something about her being on airhead. She knew he did not want her to hear that so she just kept walking like she heard nothing.

As she was walking to Chad's dressing room, she could not help to think about Chad, and the events that happened while she was gone.

Like, it was rare for her to see the great Chad Dylan Cooper moping around because of a break-up.

Especially with someone who worked at 'Chuckle City'.

When she first heard the news about 'Channy', she was in Milan-shopping for some reasons she does not want anyone to know. Suddenly her phone rang, it was her sister, she told her about Channy. Imagine Portlyn's surprised by the news.

Well, maybe she wasn't that surprised. Before she left for her European vacation, she had seen sparks flying when the two meets – preferably when they were fighting.

But she never expected that they would actually start dating so soon. After all, Chad Dylan Cooper made it clear that he doesn't make friends with people from 'Chuckle City'- especially girlfriends.

Oh! The irony that he fell in love with a residence from that particular City is humbling for him.

According to the set of Mackenzie Falls that were present at the time, Chad Dylan Cooper started being 'nice'. He made an effort to remember names. And they did see some improvements on the way he treated people- even though how small it was. And it's all thanks to a Wisconsin native named Allison 'Sonny' Munroe.

Now that they broke-up. . . .well let's just say that Chad hasn't been very . . . .Chad-ish. And the set is pretty worried about that. At the same time their partly happy because they don't have to listen to him gloat 24/7.

That was actually what surprised her the most. Chad Dylan Cooper was grieving over his break-up with a girl- from 'Chuckle City'.

Chad Dylan Cooper never grieves- especially because of a girl (except of course if it was on the script or if there were cameras rolling).

She arrived at the front of his dressing room door and knock. "Chad? The director said to go to you and tell you that their filming the next scene soon."

No response.

"Chad?" she knocked once again.

Still no response.

She grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. "Chad?"

"Here's milady at the zoo. Here's milady at the pancake house eating a short stack. Here's milady screaming at me to stop taking pictures of her short stack . . ."

Was Chad Dylan Cooper crying?

"Chad . . .What are you doing?" she said in mock-uncaring.

"That's what she said when I took the picture. Why? Why did I let her go? Don't look at me," Chad's voice was filled with so much agony that it hurts just listening to him. ". . . One more chance . . . Just one more chance. . . I can change, Sonny."

His physical body was there but his mind was at stage 3. Specifically at a certain brunette girl who broke-up with him around six days ago.

She could not help but reflect on a certain boy from three years ago. 'Did he ever felt this way for me?'

But she knew the sad answer to that. It was best this way- especially after the whole Eiffel Tower incident . . . and that museum thing. . . and the roof thing.

She took a deep breath to push that sad memory at the back of her mind. "CHAD!" she snapped her fingers in front of him.

This seemed to get him back to the four walls of his dressing room.

"Don't you know how to knock?" he asked annoyingly.

'Chad Dylan Cooper's making his comeback,' she thought. "I knocked. But you weren't listening again, like you always do. . . Urgh," she took a deep breath. "Anyway . . . Whatever. I only came here to tell you that the director asked me to go and tell you that their filming the next scene soon," she said.

"Filming? I, Chad Dylan Cooper have been dumped by my longest girlfriend ever. My love life is at stake here. And you people are only thinking about filming?" Chad asked in disbelief.

'Duh!' she thought.

"That must totally stung. I can't believe that Chuckle City's Sonny Munroe would dump Chad Dylan Cooper of Mackenzie Falls. Isn't she dumb or what? It's like saying no to being famous," she said to him in mock-hate.

"Sonny's not dumb," he said defensively. "It made perfect sense why she broke up with me."

What he said surprised Portlyn.

". . . She was jealous of my show and its success. Oh! Cruel world, why did you have to give me a girlfriend from Chuckle City. Why couldn't she be with me at the Falls and live happily ever after," he said in a dramatic way.

'It was too good to be true,' a frown form on her lips.

"Yeah! It's totally obvious that she just has a problem. I'm sure she's gonna realize her mistake and you two would be Channy again," her smile was obviously plastic.

"You know what Cortland, your right. She is in fact gonna realize that it's okay to have a more famous and successful boyfriend. And yes, we will be Channy once more," he said in a happy voice.

"It's Portlyn," she corrected once more.

"Goodbye Cortland. I have a scene to film," he said it in an overly dramatic voice as he heads to the door.

"Once again, his not listening to me," she shook her head. "Really? What exactly did that girl see in him?"

She just sighed. "Something's will never change," she mumbled. She then scanned Chad's dressing room looking for any changes.

And yes, there were changes. There was a huge mass of picture he had of Sonny and himself on his vanity. She saw Chad and Sonny's pictures together.

They both seemed very happy and content in the photos.

She turned to leave. She could not stand seeing those pictures. It reminded her too much of a heartache she longed to forget.

"But it better this way, right?" she mumbled in a sad tone before leaving.

end of chapter 1