Franklinton, NC

Riley Harrison has been working all day since four p.m. at "Harry's Diner". Right after she'd finished teaching her literature class at the local High School she went home to change into something more casual. It's not like she needed the extra money but Harry was a good friend of the family and needed help on this busy Monday afternoon.

For some reason, Monday's always been the busiest day of the week for as long as Riley could remember. Today was no exception. The tiny diner was packed with students, business people and families. At five o'clock it seemed to be like every single person in town was sitting at the diner.

Riley was used to this and didn't mind the work at all. She's always been helping Harry out when she was in High School, so it was naturally to her to keep that tradition even though she wasn't a school girl anymore. She loved her job as a teacher, as exhausting as it was, but it was like a sanctuary for her working at the diner after school. After closing time she liked to sit at the counter and prepare her class for the next day. Harry was concerned that she spent so little time at home. Riley knew he was feeling bad because he drowned her in work on a daily basis but to be honest, she didn't want to go wasn't like anyone was waiting for her anyway.

Riley placed an order in front of an old couple, she has known all her life, exchanged a few polite words and made her way back to the counter to fix the next order. Unfortunately, she was alone with the cook today because Harry had an emergency at home. Something about his son who swallowed a bead or something like that. She forgot at what point she stopped listening because Harry tended to ramble.

Riley was busy with orders which contained enough food to feed the nation's army and kept Harry sending to hell in her mind when a brunette with hazel eyes walked through the door. Sophia Andrews was dressed in expensive clothes which didn't fit into the diner and carrying several bags with different expensive designer names on it with her. She was smiling brightly and looked as happy as ever.

"Hey, what's up with you, cheery?", Riley questioned when Sophia reached the counter.

"Isn't it a beautiful day, Riley? Well, for me, not for you because you're stuck here. I mean it, Riley, sometimes you're just too nice. Why can't you tell Harry that it's too much for you. He'll understand."

"But it's not too much for me. Okay, today I could kill him for leaving me but hey, why don't you help me since you are such a caring friend? Instead of buying everything in every single store." Riley said sarcastically.

Sophia clutched the bags in a protective gesture to her chest to shield them from Riley's disapproval.

"You'll never learn to appreciate an elegant dress, will you?"

"Guess not."

"But you're lucky. Today is my Sophia's-too-nice-for-her-own-good-day and I'll help you with these dishes."

"Heaven must have sent you from above." Riley replied in her usual sarcastic way.

"That's what I've been trying to tell people but no one seems to ever agree with me." Sophia went to the back to put her designer bags out of the danger zone. If she got one little oil stain on it, so help her god, she would kill herself. She grabbed an apron with the diner's logo on it and started to serve the customers.

Outside of the diner stopped a '67 Chevy Impala. The driver, a tall man with sandy blonde hair and green eyes, stepped out and leaned against the car. He was dressed in a leather jacket, washed out jeans and biker boots. The man looked around with a bored look as if he didn't want to be there. The door of the passenger side opened slowly and another, even taller man who was a little bit younger stepped out.

"Done with your research,Sammy?", the dark blonde haired guy asked. "Almost. Nothing new so far but I hope this town will bring us further.", Sam answered.

"Great. It's been three weeks and we got nothing. It's a freaking werewolf and we still haven't killed it yet."

"Dean, you're my brother, and as hard as I'm trying to keep you from doing stupid things, I can't stop you from killing everyone just because you're mad we don't have any leads to the werewolf. I'm tired and I'm starving, so please, shut up!"

Dean watched his brother walk towards the diner in surprise. It wasn't like him to burst out like that, usually he stayed calm in every situation. He realized that the case was getting to Sam, too, so he swallowed his nasty answer and followed his little brother to the diner, mumbling incoherent words.

Riley and Sophia were busy serving the customers; bringing the orders to the right tables and chit-chatting with the people from the neighborhood. Riley didn't look up when the door bell rang and shortly after the door was opened. Two men walked in and had immediately caught everyone's attention. They were from out of town, everyone could see that and kept starring at them.

"Full here. And this is a small town, you sure we should stay and catch everyones attention to the new guys in town? There, they are already starring at us." Dean was feeling really uncomfortable with all the people looking at them.

"It's the only diner in town, give it a chance. We won't stay long, anyway." Sam had just finished his sentence as a girl,obviously the waitress, appeard in front of him.

"Hi, you're not from here. Driving through,right? I'm Sophia. Come on, I'll lead you to your table." Sophia didn't wait for the boys' answer, turned around and headed towards an empty table. The brothers exchanged confused looks but followed her without a word.

"Here's your menus. Riley will be here in a second to take your orders.I'm sorry, we're only two persons here and Monday's always crazy but it will get quieter around six."

Riley saw that the new customers were seated, so she aimed herself with a notebook and a pencil and made her way over.

"May I take your.." she started speaking before she had reached the table but when she looked up from her notepad she stopped, speechless. She couldn't get another word out because she was looking into all familiar eyes that belonged to an all familiar face.

"Sam?" she asked in a whisper.