Sam was sitting on one of the beds in the tiny motel room with an intent look on his face as he watched his brother cleaning his gun in utter concentration. It was silent between them, a palpable tension filling up the air. Sam never mentioned Riley nor did he try to find out what she had said to him and he didn't want to. Right now they needed to concentrate on their job and kill those werewolves before they did more damage.

Dean was eager to get on the road, drive to the house where the wolves were hiding and finally get rid of them. Sam could see how agitated he was, though as always his brother was covering up his impatience perfectly. He was just worried that Dean wouldn't manage to stay focused and he hoped he was wrong.

They really needed to leave this town and everything else behind. The sooner the better. He would miss Sophia, but they couldn't stay here any longer. Especially now.

"Got enough silver bullets?" Dean's gruff voice pulled him from his thoughts and Sam saw that his brother was looking at him, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah." Sam replied and walked over to the table, taking a seat across from Dean.

"You said there are three entrances to the house, right?" Sam asked, deciding to go one last time over their plan they had discussed earlier. Since Dean had inspected the house thoroughly he knew the building practically like the back of his hand. And they were going to the nest that night and take care of them; they had all the information they needed, so there was no use in waiting any longer.

"Yeah, the front door of course and two ways in the back." Dean answered, closing his eyes and picturing the old house. "One leads into the kitchen, the other connects the garage with the house. It'll be a piece of cake to get in 'cause they're careless, Sammy. No one's guarding the house. They either don't know that there are hunters in town or they simply don't care."

Sam frowned, thinking about Dean's words. Again, the unpleasant feeling took a hold of him. Something was definitely not right.

"It's a trap." Sam mumbled and Dean shrugged his shoulders."Maybe, maybe not. We'll see when we get there." He put his gun back together and loaded it with silver bullets. "They may be especially strong now since it's breeding time but it shouldn't be that hard to drive a bullet through their hearts."

A sudden smile appeared on Sam's face."They can't turn. It's not full moon."

"I'm not sure how many wolves are there though. I saw six of 'em, but there could be more." Dean demured.

"Well, we'll see when we get there." Sam repeated his words and Dean nodded. Determinedly they got up, gathered their stuff and left the motel room, knowing they wouldn't come back there anymore.

Sophia closed the bar, put the gun that Sam had given to her on the counter and started to clean up. It was dark outside, all the customers had gone home a long time ago and she couldn't deny that she was on edge, knowing that Sam and Dean were out there all alone. They may have done this a billion times and were used to it, still there was always the chance that they would not return from this hunt. The thought of them fighting against god knows how many werewolves caused goosebumps to form on her skin. The middle of the night was definitely not her favorite time of the day and she hated being alone, so she tried to distract herself with the ordinary task of wiping the counter. The gun made her feel a little better, safer yet it didn't help with the nervousness.

Sophia almost jumped when she suddenly heard a scraping noise. Through the loud sound of her rushing blood she tried to focus and locate where it was coming from. She slowly put the rag away and grabbed the gun, cautiously making her way through the bar. She tried her best to be as quiet as possible and not to make any sounds with her boots on the hardwood floor as she walked to the back of the bar.

It went silent, Sophia could only hear her own breathing. She stopped and concentrated on her surroundings, listening carefully and wondering if someone was trying to get in. After a few minutes of silence the scraping set in again and Sophia rushed over to the back door, pointing her gun and ready to shoot. It all happened frighteningly fast.

The door flew open, cracking and shattering to pieces like glass as a tall buff guy burst in. Sophia had never seen that man before, but she just knew that he was one of the wolves, so she didn't hesitate and fired off the first bullet.

The guy saw it coming though; he gave her a sly smile and easily ducked out of the way. The bullet missed its target and got stuck in the opposite wall instead of the wolf's heart. Before Sophia could react, the guy had slapped the gun out of her hands and she suppressed a cry as a hot surge of pain shot through her wrist.

The werewolf lunged at her, but even though he was strong and fast, Sophia was a lot smaller and quickly crouched down to get out of his reach and then did a somersault, bringing more distance between them. Sophia had never been more thankful than in this moment that she was working out regularly. Adrenalin rushed through her body and she ran for the door but stopped dead in her tracks as another tall man came in, his pupils were dilated and the irises turned from brown to yellow as he snarled at her.

Sophia's breath hitched in her throat, finally fear took over her body, replacing the rush of adrenalin as she realized she didn't stand a chance. She felt the wolf she had been fighting grab her arms, yank them behind her back and cuff her. Sophia started to kick and tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but it was no use. The other wolf crossed the floor and blindfolded her; complete panic washed over her and when she started to scream he gagged her to shut her up.

They dragged her out of the bar, neither said anything. All Sophia could hear was their hot heavy breathing, it swept over her neck and face unpleasantly. Their bodies were pressed to hers to prevent her from lashing out, the temperature was unbearable, their skin was hot, too hot. It made Sophia sick. She fought for control the entire way. She didn't know why they had come for her, what they wanted with her. But she was sure they were bringing her to their nest and then...She didn't dare thinking about it. Her stomach turned, they could do whatever they wanted with her. They were way stronger and more terrifying than she had expected. And there was probably more of them...

Suddenly the wolves stopped and Sophia wondered where they were; they hadn't walked that far. The sound of a car door being opened ripped violently through the night and she was shoved forward and then someone pulled her down. Sophia felt the soft seat beneath her and a big hot hand on her thigh; another wolf. Her heart almost stopped and she shivered as he began to caress her leg. She gasped in surprise when the person yanked the gag and blindfold roughly off of her. Sophia blinked a few times, trying to adjust to the dim light inside the car and when she looked to her right she saw a pair of glinting eyes in the semi-darkness.

She swallowed hard, breathing heavily. Her thoughts were running viciously through her mind and she couldn't focus on one. The man sitting next to her in the backseat of the car leaned closer and she was finally able to see him properly. "David..." She whispered.

"Hello, princess." He replied nonchalantly and his fingers dug painfully into her thigh. He smiled at her; an evil wolfish smile. He could tell by the look on her face that it had finally dawned on her.

"" Sophia whispered, her voice thin and barely audible. She couldn't get the words out. Her head was spinning from the realization; it felt so surreal yet it was indeed reality. "You' of the...werewolves." She eventually choked out and David chuckled, a dark and menacing sound.

As soon as the words left her mouth, everything else clicked finally into place. The werewolves killing people. Riley's ex husband being back in town. Her weird behaviour.

Suddenly, all the fear left her body replaced by pure hot anger. "What the hell did you tell her? What do you want from her?" She exclaimed and tried to shake his hand off of her leg.

David's smile disappeared and he lunged forward, grabbing her by the throat."Careful, sweetheart. You've no idea what I'm capable of."

Sophia's breath caught in her throat painfully, she couldn't breathe anymore and when she thought he was going to strangle her, David let go of her. She started to cough terribly, feeling tears sting her eyes. He leaned back in the seat, a calm expression on his face."Don't worry, we need you alive."

Sophia breathed heavily, trying to get as much air as possible into her lungs. She felt panic slowly creeping up again when she heard his words. We. There were other wolves who wanted to use her for...whatever. Not only David. An ice cold chill ran up her spine and she had to close her eyes for a moment. Oh God, she was not going to survive the night.

Sam and Dean were on their way to the nest, they had no idea that David...Her heart started to pound violently against her ribcage as she finally understood. The wolves needed her and Riley as the most effective weapon; they were planning on using them against the brothers. Sophia didn't know how many wolves they were, but it didn't matter. They were humans and didn't stand a chance against the supernatural creatures. All four of them were going to die.

A single tear rolled down her cheek, but she didn't notice. It was all her and Riley's fault. None of this would have happened if they had never met the Winchesters. The boys would have come to town, quickly gotten rid of the werewolves and moved on to find another case. But now the girls were involved in this. It complicated everything.

The car stopped and Sophia looked out the window, seeing they were parked in front of her and Riley's house. David leaned closer to her and licked the tears off of her cheek. Sophia flinched and scooted farther away from him, making David laugh."Don't cry, everything's going to be alright."

"You don't have to do this, David. Don't do this." Sophia said quietly when he opened the car door and wanted to get out. She didn't plead, the hell would she do and beg him to spare their lives, but she tried to appeal to his sense of reason.

"I came to take what's rightfully mine." He replied coldly and Sophia glared at him. "Riley is not yours. She never was and she never will be."

"That's where you're wrong, princess. She already agreed with me on everything." David got out of the car and Sophia watched with wide eyes how he and one of the wolves walked up the steps to their house. The other one remained sitting behind the wheel, his animalistic eyes focused on her. Sophia curled up in the backseat and closed her eyes to escape from her surroundings.

Riley was sitting on her couch in the living room, face buried in her hands. She tried to be strong, desperately fighting the urge to run to Dean, confess everything and beg for forgiveness. She knew it was a mistake, knew how pissed Sam and Sophia were. In the span of a few minutes she had lost the people she loved most. But there was no turning back now, she had to go with David. She bit her lip, suppressing the hot tears that were threatening to escape. She didn't want to cry.

The door bell rang, the sound filling up the darkness of the house and cutting the silence. Instantly, Riley knew who it was. No one else would appear in the middle of the night on her doorstep. She should have known he wouldn't give her the twenty-four hours she had asked for. Riley wasn't ready, it was happening too soon. She didn't want to go with him.

She took a deep breath and braced herself before getting up to answer the door. David stepped over the threshold with a smug smile on his face, followed by a tall man.

"Please, come on in." Riley said sarcastically, closing the door behind them. David chuckled at her words and took a look around the house before turning to her. "Very cozy." He mocked and Riley crossed her arms over her chest to appear calm and strong. Opposite of how she really felt at the moment. She was terrified; David had come to take her away.

"You didn't keep your promise." She stated, ignoring his words."You said you'd be back in twenty-four hours."

David couldn't help, but laugh."Sorry, darling. Can't take that risk. We need to get back now."

She took instinctively a step back and David's eyes started to glow with anticipation."Now do you wanna do this the hard or the easy way? Personally, I'd love to tie you up."

Riley's gaze flickered to the big werewolf standing behind him and she panicked when he stepped closer. She could see what he was holding in his hands and she took another step back, her back hitting the wall." don't have to handcuff me." She said nervously. "I won't put up a fight."

David shot her a condescending look."Riley..." He taunted, his voice almost a purr. "We have to be careful, baby."

Riley closed her eyes and waited silently for the inevitable, letting the wolf turn her around and cuff her hands behind her back. Her eyes snapped open when she felt David's hand on her face. He ran his fingers over her cheek before leaning in and running his nose along her neck, breathing in her scent deeply. "Mhm, that's how I love you, baby. Perfectly submissive. Good girl. There's no use in fighting me anyway, I'll get what I want from you."

Riley felt sick to her stomach, her mind completely blank. Who was that guy? Was he really the same man she had married back then? She was so confused and terrified yet she dared to look up at him. And then it hit her. He was a monster, a werewolf. He did as he pleased, followed his wolfish instincts and he didn't have a conscience – his humanity had been wiped out. She was so stupid. How could she think it was possible to reason with an animal? She had made everything worse and brought all this upon them.

Riley was paralyzed, unable to move as David shoved her out of her home and pulled her towards a waiting car, pushing her into the backseat. She bumped hard into another person and when she turned her head and saw Sophia's eyes full of fear and trails of tears on her face, she was incapable of keeping silent any longer.

"You bastard!" She shouted, relieved that her voice didn't betray her. "We had a deal! You promised not to touch her, you promised! You got me now, let her - "

Sophia jumped when David backhanded Riley, successfully cutting her off. The side of her face turned immediately red, her cheek starting to burn and sting painfully. Riley leaned into Sophia, searching for some kind of comfort and trying to get away from David as far as possible. Sophia rested her head against hers, now finally understanding what Riley had done.

"Talking to him is impossible, but...Ry, we'll get out of this. Somehow we'll find a way out." She whispered quietly into her ear and felt her nod in response. Now Sophia was sure. They had to fight. They weren't strong. But they could try and trick them somehow.

Sam and Dean stood in the shadows by the road, examining the old white house that was the werewolves' nest.

"Dean..." Sam said quietly after a few minutes. "I know." Dean replied. He couldn't see Sam's face in the dark, but by the sound of his voice he could tell that his brother was frowning. "It's definitely a trap."

Sam nodded although Dean couldn't see him. The house was dark, no lights inside. The silence was deafening. "They're expecting us."

Sam heard his brother chuckle. "Good. More fun. Let's go, Sammy."

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