Damn it all the hell Edward just had to go and fuck up everything. Here I am racing towards my home to save his sorry ass. Aro's damn words rang through my head now as I am running across the courtyard to stop his sparkling ass from walking into the sun. Isabella we need you to go to Forks, Washington to start a relationship with one Edward Cullen and get him back here. You will need to go into your human form and seduce him. Fuck Aro he is doing my dirty work for the next two centuries. I had to leave my mate, my husband, and lover for the past 600 years. One good thing this stunt got a bonus with Alice here. I made it just in time and of course Jane and Felix show up shit I am in trouble.

"Well, well, well the human saves the idiot we need to take you to the Masters." Jane sneered to us. Fucking little shit she knows just from the smirk on her face.

"We will just leave she is alive as you can see I want to live." Fuckward tells them

"Get him to go Jane and Felix. I want to see my husband and kill Aro for this shit." I mouthed to them from where Edward could not see me.

"Let's go Edward and the human too. Little Alice should be joining us also in the throne room." Jane grabbed my arm and Felix grabbed Edward.

Taking the familiar path to throne room almost made want to change back into my vampire form. I am so glad Alice could not see me in her visions. Actually I have a better plan for Aro just got to get my sister to agree to it. I am starting to think he should be cleaning up after our meals. Perfect I know just how messy that room can get. I wonder if my link works with Caius gotta throw a shield up around when we enter the room.

"Masters your guests are here." Jane announced and I knew damn well she was smirking.

"Welcome I see your dear Isabella is not dead after all, but you still know the rules."

"Yes and she will be one of us I have seen it through my visions." Damn pixie.

Screw this I threw up my shield so Edward could not read Aro's mind when he reached for my hand. "You're a dead man Aro get me out of this or I swear I will make your life miserable. I am tired of this human form. Want me to get Pia to cut you off for a century again and you know I can." I told him through our link

"No need to get hasty I am going to get Caius to take you out for a few minutes so you can change back. Funny thing is Alice's version of vampire you is so funny looks nothing like you." He chuckled. "Well since I cannot read her she must be changed here today or be killed."

"I rather live thank you and Edward shut up it is my choice."

"I can't let you do that your soul will be destroyed."

"Here we go again you physically have to be dead buried in a ground to lose your soul."

"Caius, please escort Miss Swan into the office while I speak to these two. Edward I would not try anything I will have Alec restrain you immobile." Aro spoke to fagward, that is it well damn who knew Afton swung that way. Their mating bond was bright.

Caius walked me to the office further away from the throne room that was sound proofed. I also threw my shield up over us so the damn pixie could not see anything. I missed my husband his smell, touch, and voice were making my panties a mess. He opened the door to the office and once inside he locked the door. Screw this I attacked him and just kissing him with no abandon. I pulled back because if we did not stop we will be in here for a week.

"As much as I want to fuck dear husband we need to stop. I missed you so damn much Aro and his damn ideals. Give me a minute I need to switch back to my normal self." It felt so much better my eyes were back to red rubies my hair color was back its pitch black down to my waist and I also am back to being my normal height.

"Damn I cannot believe your actually here again. There is a change of clothes there in that bag." I started to change when I felt him behind me. Fuck me I need him we can do this quick. "I can make this quick Aro told us we had an hour so let's make use of it we have 15 minutes left." He turned me around and lifted me up.

His kissed me like his life depended on it and his pants were already on the floor. I missed that in my lust filled haze. I felt his fingers teasing me and then I felt the tip of his cock. Reaching down I grabbed him and knew damn well he was ready. "Fuck me Caius stop teasing time's wasting."

I grabbed his cock and lined it up to my entrance and impaled myself on him. He started thrusting harder and I was meeting him with each thrust. "Damn it harder and faster." Picking up speed he started to hit that spot I so needed. "Fuck Caius almost there I am going to come. Come with me dear." I was there just needed him to let go. Our noises were loud I am surprised no one heard us but then again…

"Let go Caius." His movements were at vampire speed his thrusts and I milking his cock tight threw me over the edge. "CAIUS!" I came hard and he followed.

A knock at the door made us dash around and get dressed again. I went to open the door seeing Felix giving me that look like I know what you did. "Aro and Marcus want to see you both."

Walking back to the throne room was too short. When we opened the doors I heard the gasps from Alice and Edward.

"Where in the hell is Isabella?" Pixie bitch asked.

"Should I tell her dear husband?" I pecked his lips.

"Actually I am Isabella and want to know where the precious human is. I am your precious human and here's a little secret Carlisle knew the whole time." I smirked and jumped onto Caius's lap.

"WHAT!" Both of them screamed at the same time.

"Let's just say Carlisle is loyal to us. It is you two that fucked up and played with human girl's emotions and lives the past 50 years. He wanted you two to learn a lesson. You think he is blind and turns his head you both are wrong. Carlisle called us and asked for the help to punish both of you." Smirking more. "One thing you did not know is that Carlisle is mine and Caius's biological son we gave up for adoption. He always knew he was different growing up and he turning into a vampire during the vampire hunting in England was not a mistake. In all honestly he was already half vampire being is that I was human when I got pregnant." I saw the shock over their faces. "You two are to stay here until the rest of the family arrives next week."

"You cannot keep us here. Since we did break any rules." Edward told me.

"Actually we can since we are not making the decision. Carlisle is going to be making that decision. Little Alice Jasper will be making that decision for you." I giggled once I saw here reaction.

"Why does Jasper make that decision over me?" She had fear in her eyes and I knew she was manipulating him.

"For one, Jasper's mates are here and you are not his mate. Hell even Peter and Charlotte knew that but he wanted a better a life so he followed you."

"Wh..Wha..What you mean mates? How is that possible? Who are they?" Her fear in her eyes was evident.

"One yes he has two mates a male and female mate. It is possible to have a 3 person mate. As far as whom you will have to wait."

"Jane, Felix, Alec, Demetri, and Afton take these two the dungeons. They will be supplied food in a couple of days if I see fit. If either of you make any demands I will not feed either of you. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes your highness." Edward answered and Alice hesitated.

"Alice you understand right?"

"Yes damn it and what happened to my visions?" She was in denial about things and her visions were taken away for reason.

"Ah your visions will not be returned to you until I see fit. I can take away powers with just one touch my dear." She nodded. "I took them so you will not see any decisions. Take them away now." The guards took them away from the throne room.

"Welcome back sister." Marcus told me. "Things are so boring without you here."

"That they are. I miss being here never again will I be gone so long again. Aro I think Pia wants to talk to you for my revenge. Just remember you said anything when I first left." I heard mumbling gibberish.

"Yes and welcome home. When is Carlisle, the family, and Peter and Charlotte coming?" He asked me.

"In about 3 days but I want to keep those two locked up for a week. There is going to be a lot of changes here soon to us and their family." I told him.

"Love who are Jasper's mates you said male and female."
"That will be us dear husband. I knew from when I first spotted him. You will still be the dominate one in the mating bond." I leaned down and captured his lips.

"So seriously the major is our other mate. This is going to be interesting to say the least. I just have this feeling Alice is going to try to convince him she is his."

"I am going to have Chelsea break his bond over her. I am going to shield her so he can see what she really is like. Peter and Charlotte are joining for the trial to make sure she keeps her mouth shut. We will have to plan a mating bond ceremony for a few couples over the next few months." He nodded and kissed me again we did not notice Marcus and Aro left us alone.

"This shall be an interesting day next week."

"I couldn't agree more."

Lie awake in bed at night

And think about your life

Do you want to be different?

Try to let go of the truth

The battles of your youth

'Cause this is just a game

It's a beautiful lie

It's the perfect denial

Such a beautiful lie to believe in

So beautiful, beautiful it makes me

It's time to forget about the past

To wash away what happened last

Hide behind an empty face

Don't ask too much, just say

'Cause this is just a game

(Oh Oh

The end of the world)

Everyone's looking at me

I'm running around in circles, baby

A quiet desperation's building higher

I've got to remember this is just a game

(So beautiful, beautiful

It's a beautiful lie

So beautiful, beautiful

It's a beautiful lie

So beautiful, beautiful...)

A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars