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"Ahh!Oh, Grimm! Grimmjow! Oh yes, more!"

The creaking of a bed, skin slapping on skin, the blue haired, muscular Grimmjow panting while he...he...fucked this...


Ichigo couldn't believe what he heard and saw, through the small gap of the left ajar bedroom door.

Him and Grimmjow seemed to be so happy when Ichigo had left their apartment this morning.

They had even done it before he had gone to the university.

And now? What was this?

Ichigo had come home a mere hour earlier than normal, and didn't inform his boyfriend, wanting to surprise him and found him doing the bitch from the grocery shop from across the street in their bed.

The young man couldn't comprehend it.

When he heard the big-breasted woman cry out her climax, he turned on his heels and ran, leaving his keys on the sideboard. His bag with the school stuff, some money and the clothes he wore were the only things he took with him.

Ichigo was mad and utterly downhearted.

Why did this happen?

What did he do wrong?

There was no answer to it and the orange haired found only one way to get those images out of his head. Getting as drunken as 10 Russians together. He also knew the perfect place for it.

Urahara's pub.

It was a small bar of an old strange guy, who would serve anything you asked for.

Two hours later

"Gimme anotha."

Ichigo mumbled and raised his empty glass to the bartender.

"I think you've had enough for tonight. I don't want to have to call an ambulance."

"Jus' one more 's fine."

The orange head leaned on the bar like he couldn't maintain his position, without falling off the chair, anymore.

"You've had half a bottle of rum, six white Russians and three shots of pure vodka. You should be happy you're still conscious. Come, get home. Shall I call your lover?"

Ichigo snarled at the question.

"Tha fucka an' 'is bitch can jump in tha lake. They can fly ta tha moon if they wan'."

Ichigo let his head drop on the bar, sounds like sobs echoed from the wood below him.

"I-I don' kno' wha' I've done wrong. I-Is it 'cause I have no boobs?"

Urahara looked at him with an raised eyebrow, before he nearly jumped a meter in the air, when Ichigo yelled.

"TWO YEARS! Two...fucking...years. An' he jus' frigs this woman behin' ma back."

The orange haired looked up to Urahara with teary eyes.

"Am I ugly? Urahara, tell me. Do ya think I'm ugly?"

"Ah, hahaha. Ichigo-san, I think you are a fine man, but..."

"I can' go home. Left ma keys on tha table."

"Shall I call someone you can stay at? Your friend...what's his name again?"


Urahara left to call for the mentioned friend, to come and pick Ichigo up.

20 minutes later, a man white as snow with gold-and-black eyes and black polished nails entered the bar. A smirk splitting his face in two. He was of the same height and build as Ichigo.

The two, as well as Grimmjow had been a gang in Junior High and stuck together like glue.

They were the troublemakers. Grimmjow was their leader and snapped at the least things. Hichigo was the sadistic freak, having the reputation to beat even a kid into a bloody mess. And Ichigo was the punk keeping his cool and covering their backs.

Who saw them did only one thing. Run.

In High-school things cooled down. They calmed and found interests in other things than beating others into the hospital.

Now after school, Grimmjow was a mechanic for racing cars. Hichigo had his own tattoo and piercing studio on the other side of the town and Ichigo studied medics to take over his dads clinic one day.

"Hey, aibou. Why are you drowning yourself in booze like that?"

Ichigo gave the albino a side-glance and grumbled.

"Grimm cheated on me, Shiro. I caught 'im."

Hichigo came over to the orange haired man and helped him to get off his seat.

He payed the bill, told his goodbye to Urahara and brought the drunken man to his car.

While he helped him into the passenger-seat he told him.

"You stay at my place tonight. Sleep over it and maybe you talk with blue tomorrow."

Ichigo only grumbled in response, so Hichigo headed over to the drivers-seat, started the engine and drove off, toward his home.

Somewhere, halfway being there, Ichigo finally started talking.

"I try ta understan' why he did it, bu', dude, I can'. Why afte' two yea's does he go an' fuck a woman?"

Hichigo furrows his brows at the question and his grip on the steering wheel tightened.

"Ya wanna know the truth? You know he's always been like that. It's simply how it is."

"Bu' he said I had chang'd 'im."

Now the albino snorted.

"That was a lie. Listen. I really don't want to hurt you more than you already are, but someone has to knock the rose colored glasses off your face. Grimmjow fucked nearly the entire High-school, excluding us. There were some guys who had their eyes set on you and they bet with blue he wouldn't get you laid until the graduation. Lucky him won the bet. The only reason he didn't drop you as a one time fuck, was that he didn't want to loose you as a friend. Well, and he likes your ass. And he doesn't share what he likes with others. So, he may have told you, you had changed him, but man, he did it behind your back from the beginning."

This time Ichigo really started to cry, tears rolling down his cheeks while he silently sobbed.

"H-How c-c-could I b-be so b-blind?"



"Did he ever show that he loves you? I mean with a present for no certain reason or do you something good when you needed it?"


"No dinner for two? Never a massage to relax you after you studied non-stop? Nothing?"


Hichigo drove his car around a corner and up an entryway, bringing it to a halt.

"We're there."

"Thanks Shiro."

The albino helped Ichigo out of the car and they got into his house.

They dropped off their shoes and jackets, threw Ichigos bag in a corner and the man himself was placed on the couch.

"I get you some water and than I put a futon for you in my room."

When Hichigo came back with a glass of water Ichigo asked.

"Did you two do it too? I mean behind my back?"

Hichigo almost dropped the glass, his eyes were wide in shock.

"The fuck? No! I've never done it with him. I mean..."

"I know you're gay. That's why I thought it might be."

Hichigo sat down next to the orange haired, who solely stared onto his hands.

"I don't fuck with anything that has a dick. Besides, my heart belongs to someone."


"Yeah, but he seems to be to dumb to see."

"Do I know him?"

Hichigo sighs and takes Ichigos head, forcing him to look him into the eyes.

"You do. But he's still a blind idiot."

With that said, the albino went to his bedroom and prepared the bed for Ichigo.

The man meanwhile wondered about the sad look his friends eyes had when he said those words and his intoxicated mind slowly puzzled the pieces together.

Hichigo came back again, wanting to take the orange haired to the bed, but Ichigo managed to catch the albino off guard.

"Have you ever tried to tell him, how much you like him?"

Startled the albino answered.

"Nah, I've been to afraid of the reaction. But than..."

He hesitated.

"What than?"

Ichigo looked behind himself and finding Hichigo loosing it.

"Fuck it, ok? It's you! I love you since we started High-school, maybe even before and I still do. But I thought you were straight, so I didn't tell you and then you let yourself get wrapped up in blues flattery and let him do his little number on you. You are so fucking naive and blind! All the little things I've done for you. The presents, the help I offered you even if it was out of season for me. Every little gesture of me. A look, a touch, a smile. Nothing! You didn't get anything of it.

Since two years I am waiting for you to open your eyes and see how the world around you really is. Now that my wish finally came true I doubt I am any better than him, because I'd like to use your hurt feelings to comfort and claim you."

Ichigo stood up and stumbled over to the raging albino, laying his hands on his chest and digging his fingers in his shirt.

He gave Hichigo a short look and than placed a deep kiss on his pale lips.

Hichigo moaned into the kiss and asked after they parted again.

"When did you...?"

"A minute before you started yelling. I'm sorry. You can use me as much as you like."

Faster than Ichigos mind could comprehend it, he was on Hichigos bed. Naked.

The albino placed heated kisses all over his body, before he took some lube out of the nightstand and started preparing Ichigo.

One after an other of his pale fingers went in, until three of them stretched and rubbed Ichigos insides.

The orange haired sweetly moaned and bucked his hips toward the digits. A displeased whimper escaped him, when Hichigo removed his fingers, only to cry out as the albino thrust his member in, in one swift motion.

The sex was fast and hot and freed Ichigo from the weights on his shoulders.

Hichigo stabbed his sweet point in an angle that made him see stars and their bodies fit together perfectly.

It was so different from doing it with Grimmjow.

Even Hichigo and him fucked like their life depended on it, there was still so much love showing in every move of the albino.

Hichigos thrusts got faster and harder, bringing them to their release after a few more thrusts.

Afterward they cuddled together, completely satisfied and fell asleep.

The next morning Ichigo called Grimmjow in their apartment.



"Ichigo? Honey-berry, where have you been last night? I've been so worried. I found you keys on -"

"Since when?"


"I want to know since when you are fooling around with me. Tell me the truth for one time Grimmjow!"

Ichigo demanded of the blue haired man, despite he already knew the answer. But he wanted to hear it from the man himself.

"Are you at Shiros? Has he said anything?"

"Answer me dammit!"

"I never fooled with you, ok? I love you Honey-berry."

"You are a liar and an idiot."

"Darling, what do you mean?"

Ichigo growled.

"I come and get my stuff, would you pack it together and place it outside the apartment. I don't want to see your face ever again. You could have told me the truth, maybe I would have stayed friends with you."

"Wait! Ichigo!"

"Sayonara, Grimmjow."

He hung up and sighed.

Hichigo came out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee for the orange haired.

"He could have told you at least."

Ichigo grumbled as an answer.

"So where are you gonna stay?"

"If possible, I'd like to stay here."

He took the cup, taking in Hichigos expression.

"For how long?"

Ichigo smiles at the albino and gave him a short kiss.

"How about forever?"

Hichigo smiles back, takes the coffee and places it on the table, before he embraces Ichigo and they lie down on the couch together.

Kissing the orange haired all over his throat he says.

"Sounds good."


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