It's been another week now and Ichigo had this undeniable feeling of getting stalked.

Every time he walked on the school grounds he thought to see a flash of blue in the corner of his eyes, but if he tried to look directly at it, it was gone.

When he walked home, because Hichigo couldn't pick him up he felt someone boring his eyes into the back of his head and heard silent footsteps, but if he turned around to snarl at his follower, no one was there.

Ichigo told it to the albino, when this state lasted for the entire week and Hichigo promised to take him home every day to make sure nothing would happen.

It worked, somehow, with one exception and that was today.

Ichigo came to the university gate and found no sign of a black Mustang or a smirking albino.

He picked his mobile, on the display stood.

One missed call.

Ichigo called his mailbox.

"You have one new message. First new message. Hey, Ichi. I'm sorry I won't make it today. You'll have to walk or maybe you can ask someone you know to take you home. Well anyway, be careful. See ya at home. Might get late though. Bye."

Ichigo ends the call, sighing.

There was no way around it, he'd have to walk.

This feeling came back, when he took the most empty streets, that also were run down very much, but it was the shortest way to get home.

Suddenly he was pulled into a side street and pressed flush against a wall, face first.

"Fancy ta meet ya here. Oh, what is it, you're shakin'. Are ya afraid?"

A deep baritone vibrated against Ichigos back.

"Grimm. Release me. Now!"

"But, Honey-berry, I like it to feel you again."

Ichigo got spun around and he had to face something he wished to never have to see.

Grimms eyes sparkled crazily and he grinned like a psycho.

"I did everything I could imagine to get you back. Honey-berry, what more shall I do? Shall I castrate myself to show you I really love you and am not usin' you?"

"That won't change anything. You did use me and your love is just a lie. The only thing you loved was when I was your bitch."

Ichigo struggled free, just to get caught in an iron grip.

"I won't let him have you."

"Grimm, stop! Let go! Fuck, this hurts!"

Grimmjow presses Ichigo against the wall again and devours the orange heads collar with butterfly kisses.

"Please come back Ichi. Haven't I always treat you well?"

"Ngh, Grimm. Let go!"

"No. I take you with me."

Ichigos eyes went wide, just to black out when something hit the back of his neck.

Grimmjow loaded Ichigo on his arms, bridal style and carried him away.

When Ichigo came to it again, he found himself in a little with a small window and iron bars before it.

He wondered what happened, than he remembered.

It must have been Grimmjow who put him in this room.

The surprising thing was, that the blue haired hadn't shackled him on the bed and that he still had his boxers on.

Ichigo walked over to the door and tried to open. Alright, there was no need in binding him down when it was locked.

He knocked on the iron door an tried to call for help, but his throat was as dry as the desert Sahara.

Looking around to find anything to moist his pipes he found a single glass on a small desk, filled with a clear fluid.

Ichigo eyed it suspiciously. He was certain there had to be something mixed in it and he didn't want to risk getting drugged but his only other option was to die of thirst until Grimmjow maybe would show up.

Ichigo sat back down onto the bed, with nothing to do than wait.

It felt like hours, until he finally couldn't take it anymore, he drunk the fluid in one swig.

It was water and there wasn't any strange tang in it.

Maybe he thought wrong of Grimmjow in this.

It really had gotten late, thanks to a man who wanted a full color picture of his dead child on the back.

Now he finally was home.

"I'm home."

He called into the apartment, assuming he'd get welcomed by an orange haired man.

But it didn't come.

Hichigo walked into the living room, finding it pitch black.

Maybe he was studying in the office. Hichigo decided to check, seeing it was also dark and empty.

The albino ran out of options, the only one left was the bedroom.

Praying that Ichigo just was dead tired and went to sleep, he opened the door. He couldn't make out a sleeping figure in the dark room, so he switched on the light.

The beds were empty, looking like they had left them this morning.

A really bad feeling rose in his chest.

No way Ichigo would just stay out, without telling him.

Hichigo checked his phone. No message or missed call.

He dialed Ichigos number, immediately the computer voice told him.

"The person you've called is temporarily not available. Please try again later."


Hichigo stormed out of his apartment, grabbing the keys.

He jumped into his car and drove off to Ichigos university.

Maybe the man hadn't got his voice message.

But at the university, either was no sign of him.

Hichigos gut told him that there had have something happened.

Most likely with Grimmjow involved in it.

He raced to Grimms apartment, stormed to the mans door and knocked furiously while yelling.

"Grimmjow! You bastard open the door or I kick it down! Grimmjow!"

A neighbor seemed to feel disturbed, peeking out of his apartment, with a sleepy look he told Hichigo.

"The guy's not been there the whole day. Could you please tune down. I want to take a nap."

Hichigo cursed and ran off.

He needed to find Ichigo.

The police should be of help.

So his next destination was the local police station.

"Please officers I need you help."

"Sir, calm down. What is the problem?"

"My friend. I'm missing him. He hasn't been at home or at his school. I think he's been kidnapped."

"Could you tell us some more. What's the name of your friend ans since when is he missing?

"Kurosaki Ichigo. We've been here once because he got some strange mails. I saw him last this morning."

"Did anyone else maybe see him?"

"Yeah other students of his university. I think it's been maybe 6 hours since his lecture finished."

"Well, Mr..."


"Right. Mr. Shirosaki. I'm afraid we can't do anything just yet. Your friend has to be missed at least two days."

"But he got these mails and now he's gone. Shouldn't that be enough?"

"I'm sorry but there's no clue these things are related. Maybe he just went to an other friend."

"He would have told me. Can't you do anything?"

"Not until two days passed without a sign of your friend."

Hichigo storms off again, lethal furious, shouting.

"If anything happened to him, I blame you for it!"

He got back into his car, leaned back into the seat and tried to calm down and think where he should look for Ichigo.


He hit the steering wheel with his fist.

"Where did you take him, Grimmjow?"

Ichigo heard the door getting unlocked, his gaze turned toward it in hopes someone had found him and would free him.

His hopes were crushed when he saw a flash of blue.

The two locked eyes and from on second to an other Ichigo started to feel dizzy and the room seemed to get sticky and hot.

"Morning, Honey. How are you? I hope not thirsty."


Ichigo moaned more than he growled, like he wanted to.

The orange haired's eyes went wide in shock, while his heart began to beat in a staccato.

"What was in the glass?"

Grimmjow grinned at Ichigo.

"Since you asked with this nice voice, I'll tell you. See, I know this guy who can make the nastiest drugs. What's in there, I got from him. Did you know that human unconsciously take in an others persons smell and base their decision of 'like' or 'don't like' on it? Sure you do, Mr. soon-to-be-doctor. So without any more beating around the bush. The stuff fucks up these senses and makes you horny for me."

He pauses to take in the sight of Ichigo, who started to pant heavily, walks over to him and kneels right in front of him.

"I'll bring your love for me, back to the surface."

Ichigo felt his body getting pulled closer to the blue haired man, by an invisible force. He fought against it with all his willpower.


"Because of you."

The prickling feeling and the heat got worse and the unwanted arousal in his boxers began to hurt.

"Does it hurt? Sorry but I can't let you come just yet."

Grimmjow pushes Ichigo flat on the bed, starting to kiss him from his belly button up to his chin and than devouring the soft and full lips of Ichigo.

He nibbled on the lower lip, demanding for entrance into Ichigos mouth, that was denied stoically, while the man fought to keep his head clear.

When Grimmjow got tired of trying, he used an other way. He tugged Ichigos boxers down and brought him to gasp as the cold air hit his overheated flesh.

Using the chance Grimmjow engulfed the moist cavern. Not long after Ichigos tongue joined his in a dance. He whined into the kiss when his member was pressed between their stomachs.

Ichigo broke the kiss, pushed Grimm up a bit to see why his cock hurt so much.

He saw that it was turning into a purple color.


Grimmjow took the member in his hand, revealing a band on its base.

A cock-ring was restraining him from releasing.

Grimmjow began to pump Ichigos dick, causing him to moan against his will.

Hichigo was desperate, he couldn't think of any place where Grimmjow could have gone to together with Ichigo.

He drove down a street that ran beside a river, when a huge freighter passed by, blowing its signal horn.

It made a memory raise in the albinos head.

Grimmjows dad had had a small stockroom down on the docks.

The blue haired had stolen the keys and they made the room their base.

Not long after Grimm had taken the keys his dad shot himself.

The death of his wife, the useless son he had to care of and the misfortune of his business, erasing his will to live.

Grimmjow had practically lived in the room after that, trying to lock out the miserable world that surrounded him.

Hichigo put his foot down. He was certain this was where Ichigo was right now.

He reached the docks and his car came to stand with shrieking tires.

The albino jumped out, not bothering to lock the car.

The room was just around two corners, he sprinted toward it and used his approach to kick the door open.

What Hichigo saw brought his insides to burn. Grimmjow was bend over a panting and blushing Ichigo, naked. From the position he guessed, the blue haired just had buried himself deep into the other.

In a second Hichigo was beside them, pulling Grimm off of Ichigo.

In his fury he beat Grimmjow unconscious on the floor.

He even would have gone farther, if there hadn't been a weak hand pulling on his arm.

Hichigo came to it, looking behind his back to see Ichigo with a pleading look.

"Stop it."

The albino turns around and hugs the orange head.

"I've been so worried. If I hadn't found you...I don't want to think about what could have happened."

When Hichigo had calmed a bit, he called the cops.

While they waited for them to arrive, the albino freed Ichigo of the cock ring, helped him into his boxers and covered him with the blanket.

The cops came arrested Grimmjow and interviewed the two witnesses about the happenings. The officer asked Ichigo if he needed an ambulance or if he wanted to see a psychologist.

"No. I'm fine. I just want some fresh air."

The police let them go and Hichigo drove home with Ichigo.

He noticed that the man was acting out of the normal.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I thought the drugs would stop working if I got away from Grimm."


"It's not important. I just need to rest."

When they were home, Ichigos state got worse, when they reached the bedroom.

The orange haired dug his fingers into Hichigos shirt,

"Sh-Shiro. Make it go away. I can't no more."

Hichigo lay him onto the bed.

"What shall I do?"

"M-make me come. I need it so much."


Hichigo removed Ichigos boxers and joined him on the bed.

He kissed him from his collarbone down to his hips.

Than he licked on Ichigos member, until he heard silent moans escape the orange haired.

Without waiting any longer the albino swallowed the heated flesh, bobbing up and down in slow paces.

When Ichigo dug his hands into Hichigos white strands, it encouraged the man to go faster.

"Ah! Shiro...So good. A-almost."

Ichigo pushed Hichigo down his length and bucked up at the same time, forcing him to deepthroat.

The albino choked and held Ichigos hips down, his contracting throat squeezed the head of Ichigos dick.


The orange head shot his load down Hichigos throat and he swallowed even the last drop of it.

When Ichigo released his iron grip on his hair he let go of the limp cock and took a good look at Ichigos relaxed form.


"I guess."

Hichigo got off of the bed, telling Ichigo while leaving the room.

"I let you a bath in."

When the tub was filled with hot, steaming water, Hichigo came back to carry Ichigo into the bath.

He sat the man into the tub and sat down beside it.

Ichigo enjoyed the warmth, that relaxed his body and they stayed in silence for minutes until he said.

"You know what, Shiro?"


"Grimm did me a favor."

Hichigo straightened his position, looking shocked into the relaxed face of the other man.

"What? Did that stuff melt your brain?"

Ichigo chuckled, tilting his head back to let it rest on the tubs edge, eyes closed.

"No. It's just, he said he'd bring my love for him back, with the drug. He did it. But it's not the one for him."

He than slowly opens his eyes, put out his arm to Shiro and pulls him close to kiss him.

"I love you, Shiro."

The albino blushes lightly and averts his gaze for a moment.

"You made me the happiest man on the world with this."

He admits.

Ichigo chuckled anew, before he pulls the albino into a second, deeper kiss.

When they parted again Hichigo answered him.

"Love you too, Ichi."

Love, feigned & hidden


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