The Switch

Chapter One – Wear Me Well

AN: Out of complete and utter boredom this idea came to mind. I'm unsure of the eventual pairing but its a race between SasuTen and NejiTen, I'll let you decide. I am down for whatever.

The Alarm went off at 6:30a.m.

A ray of sunlight stole through the window slit and placed a tender kiss upon Tenten's creamy cheek. Yawning, the brunette stretched out on her four post bed and heaved a sigh of frustration. She found herself wondering which asshole came up with the concept of schools. As she would very much like to dig up his grave and plant a bullet through his decaying skull. School was such a drag, she thought, borrowing Shikamaru's signature epigram.

Removing the comforter from her strangely aching body, she swung her legs to the edge of the bed and she sat up rubbing her eyes. Frowning, she regarded the day to come. Like any other, she imagined it to be hectic and drama packed, especially since she was such close friends with the school's two biggest drama queens.

Any day spent with Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino promised to be a new experience. However, this morning was different; she couldn't elude the feeling that something ominously bizarre setting on the horizon. That rush of adrenaline surging through her veins did nothing to aid in freeing herself of the feeling either.

But she couldn't just wait around for whatever it was to come catch her in her night gown could she?

Maybe she could.

Peering around the room she panicked when the reality hit her—this was not her room. And there weren't any rooms in her house that resembled this one—not in the least bit. The regal decor gave her the impression that she was in the presence of royalty.

The charming furniture and fancy wallpaper was all the more confirmation that she had indeed strayed into foreign territory.

While relentlessly scanning the room for some sort of clue as to where she was, she stumbled upon a photograph bordered by a bronze frame, adorning one of night tables. She slowly took it up and studied the face of the teen—flawless skin, a perfectly chiselled facial structure, thin lips, mesmerising dark eyes flaunted an expression which furrowed his brows that was nothing short of annoyance. She knew that signature glare anywhere.

But how in the world had she ended up in here?

The picture frame slid from her hands and met its noisy demise on floor a few seconds later, disturbing the silence that seemed to engulf the whole building. She clasped her hands over her mouth to stop the imminent scream that threatened to escape her. It was to no avail, a small whimper sounding somewhat like a whine laced through the air.

"What am I doing here?" she asked herself, momentarily startled by the huskiness of her tone. A number of responses came to mind but they all proved to be illogical—mostly disturbing. The last thing she remembered was watching a sappy romantic comedy then falling asleep. She stared blankly at the broken bits of glass on the floor and wondered if it would be too much to ask for the ground to just open up and swallow her whole.

Her head suddenly shifted to the direction of the door where she heard shuffling on the other side. Her stomach somersaulted—and not in the least bit pleasantly. She felt the frantic rush of her blood gushing towards her failing heart. It skipped more than a couple beats when the smooth baritone beyond the door began to shout.

"Sasuke!" The pounding on the door seem to match the unsteadying beating of her heart. "Sasuke!"

Oh fuck.

She chewed on her bottom lip—a habit brought on by nervousness. How in the world would she explain her mysterious presence in the Uchiha household without raising some sort of obscene suspicion?

"Sasuke get your lazy butt up!" the voice roared.

Scanning the room for another way out—obviously the door was out of the question—she gulped as the window appeared to be safest bet. Hoping that it wouldn't be a long way down, Tenten made her way across the room, glancing back to see if the door had opened.

A million thoughts came to mind as to why a girl would be climbing through the window of a boy's bedroom in the wee hours of the morning. Her already flushed skin went florid at the all the possible implications that any passing spectator may conjure up at the sight.

She shoved it aside, needing to escape.

After taking a decisive breath Tenten slid up the sapele bordered glass window, threw one of her aching legs over the ledge and—

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?"

She flinched, cursing her cruel, twisted fate. Then slowly she turned around to meet the glare of a very irritated older Uchiha. His eye brows arched up at the sight of her and she couldn't help but feel exposed under his careful scrutiny. Those calm, absorbing dark pools sported mild amusement as he watched the baffled lass fumble with words to explain her presence in the Uchiha household.

"I uh...woke up—and I uh... I was at home when—I uh..." with every slurred group of what seemed to be random words, his grin grew wider. Finally she threw up her hands in defeat and declared, "It's not what you think," it was a desperate attempt to savage what was left of her pride, but it seemed to have done little to no justice on her part.

"No?" he asked closing the door behind him.

She bit down on her bottom lip and shook her head foolishly.

"You slept out?" It was a question but it came out as a statement.

"I did no such thing," she snapped.

"Is that so?" Itachi asked in his deep smooth baritone. "Imagine all the trouble you'd get into if I were to tell on you?"

She didn't know if it was an attempt at humour or a threat but she begged regardless. "Please don't mention this anyone."

"Feeling guilty?" he gave her a knowing look; she had the strangest feeling that he got a kick out of embarrassing her.

Tenten knew that her parents would be furious if they found out that she slept out. But they'd probably be close to homicidal if they learned that it had been at a boy's house. There was no pardon for such an adolescence breech—they'd ground her for life. Then there was the matter of how she'd get inside her house without raising suspicion from her parents? That's if they hadn't already discovered her disappearance and plotted to ship her off to boarding school.

She had been walking on chalk line with them as of late. Who knew when they were going to deem another slip-up as the last straw and got rid of her? This was probably the last straw, she thought grimly.

It was impossible to come up with a logical explanation as to why she woke up in Sasuke's bed. After all they weren't even friends. Their paths occasionally crossed at school, since they were both friends with Neji Hyuuga, but they never exchanged more than empty glances.

"Are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to get ready for school?" Itachi grated. "I have a life to attend to."

Tenten swallowed once, her body rigid. Finally recovering enough presence of mind she asked the arrogant Uchiha what he was talking about. He couldn't possibly be offering to take her to school? Was this some sort of joke?

Itachi was never the patient type; she had to learn that the hard way at school. "So the brat finally knocks up a chick and feels he can be smart with me," he mumbled.

Tenten's face gradually morphed through every possible shade of red, each one brighter than the last. "You don't know anything," she blinked continuously, unable dismiss the teasing way his eyes hovered over her face.

She had no idea if his words held any truth to it but what else count account for her aching form and at ease feeling? Did she and Sasuke—

Tenten couldn't even bring herself to think like that.

Itachi grinned at her expression and pointed one of his long sinewy fingers at her, "What I do know is that if you aren't ready by the time I've had breakfast, I'm leaving with or without you."

The raven haired male made his way across the room then the door slammed behind him. Tenten breathed a sigh of relief, releasing the breath she had been holding. To her surprise the door opened once more and Itachi stuck his beautiful head inside.

"And Sasuke..." he looked directly at her, "I'd do something about that flushed look on my face if I were you. It might raise speculations at the table," he snickered then closed the door once more.

Did he just call her Sasuke?

Tenten did a double take.

No, Sasuke wasn't in the room.

Thank heavens for that, she would prefer to have her walk of shame unimpeded.

Upon his departure the brunette sprang into action—heading towards the window once more. She slid one leg over the ledge and shrieked. She tumbled back inside the room staring down at the pair of legs that she was sure she didn't own. Her gaze travelled along the length of her muscular legs to the pair of blue boxers she wore—she didn't own those either.

Rubbing her eyes she lifted one of her very masculine legs to confirm that she had not been hallucinating.

Those things couldn't possibly be hers could they? If her memory served right, she had shaved her legs two days ago; surely the hair wouldn't have sprouted overnight.

Tenten was growing more panicky as the seconds rolled by. Nothing seemed to add up.

She turned around to further scrutinize the room for any clue as to what might have happened last night. There was no broken lampshade, the bed was immaculate safe for where she slept and there was no condom wrapper on the floor.

So she hadn't bumped uglies with Uchiha Sasuke last night?

It was a comforting discovery.

But it was when she stumbled upon her reflection that she gaped. Looking back at her was a pair of onyx eyes were brown ones were suppose to be.

It all happened in a series of facial, muscle twitching. First came the widening of her eyes and the twitching of her eyebrows then came the slight parting of her lips that eventually turned into a gape. Then the stillness of the morning gradually became non-existent as the piercing sound of her shrieks; or rather— Sasuke's shrieks filled the silence.


A few blocks away similar shrieks could be heard, as Sasuke himself woke up and made the dreadful discovery. He looked himself over and over again in the mirror in an attempt to certain that he wasn't being delusive. Where he was accustomed to seeing charcoal eyes now resided big, doe-like chocolate coloured orbs. Swearing, he knitted his brows at his unruly, auburn curls. They literally fell all over the place. There's a reason things like scissors and salons were invented, he brooded to himself.

Things like these didn't happen in real life, however, Sasuke tried to rationalize with himself. He was having a nightmare. That had to be the case, which meant that all he needed to do was find a way to wake himself up right?

But pinching the delicate skin that has now become his own proved to be painful, along with the other options he decided to explore, such as hitting his head against the bed post.

Yielding to frustration he growled aloud and knocking over a few items on her mahogany dresser. Seconds later there was mild pounding on the door. Apparently he had cooked up quite a ruckus in the quiet house.

"Is everything alright in there?" came the muffled voice of what sounded like an elderly lady.

"I'm fine," he snarled looking disdainfully around the rather dull room. Then again he thought to himself, people's room did define the type of person that they were and Tenten was no different from her room—plain.

"Are you sure?"

"Damn it, I said I was fine," he gave out while pouncing about the room trying to make sense of the predicament that he was in. Thinking better than to tarnish Tenten's name he apologized and scrambled to the door when he heard the door knob turning. "I'm not decent," he declared ,squirming at the fact that he wasn't.

With his back pressed against the door he stared at himself in the mirror once more. He made another go at coming up with a plausible rationale as to why he was in Tenten's body but he ended up nil.

He studied the lacy bodice of her nightgown and could feel the heat rise to his cheeks at the way it seemed to put emphasis on her bust. It dipped low enough for him to see the creamy skin at the swell of her bosom and ended soon enough for him get a tempting glance at her long slender legs. In his opinion the damn thing hugged her curves too well. The blasted thing was practically see-through.

For a moment he fought with the urge to continue gawking at himself but at the thought that Tenten might be doing the same thing to his body at this very moment, he looked away.

Panic caught in his throat at the idea of someone besides him parading in his body. It was even harder to cope with the fact that the masquerader might be a female. That's if Tenten was even in his body. Who knows? Everyone could have been switched around. But he could bet tomatoes on it that the brunette had stolen his body. She had always been a fan of fortune-telling and all that witchy shit. He wouldn't put it past her.

What kind of stun was the damn brat trying to pull, he asked him.

Although he wasn't sure she had anything to do with this trickery—it was beyond her scope of craziness—someone had to shoulder the blame and he sure as hell wouldn't play the scapegoat.

"I'm making bouillon for breakfast," and with that said the shuffling by the door faded into the sound of drowning footsteps.

Bouillon...he hated that shit—that was peasants' food. He, Uchiha Sasuke would be caught dead drinking the same garbage he was sure they fed to Oliver Twist. He remembered reading the book in literature class and taking an instantaneous dislike to it.

Sasuke eased himself from the door and flung his fragile frame lazily on the bed. He squirmed when he heard the mattress squeaked beneath him and he wondered what his next move would be. Surely he couldn't go to school like this.

The ringing of Tenten's cell disrupted his already disturbed thoughts. Without really thinking he anxiously went in search of the small communicating device. He found the pink gadget beneath one of the pillows and snatched it up mindful of the fact the incoming call was from his phone.

He didn't recall ever giving her his cell number. The fact that his contact picture was a red-faced bull with two horns did not surprise him in the least.

"Sasuke?" asked the voice from the other end of the line—his voice.

If he were a lesser person the phone would probably have slid from his hand at the sound of his own voice addressing him. "Yes," he answered firmly.

"What is going on?" his voice demanded, this time he shivered slightly—slightly!

"How would I know?" he snapped.

"I want my body back!" his angry ex-voice bellowed in his ears.

"Then why don't you come and get it?" Sasuke asked, surprised at how natural it felt to put his hand on his hip and snarl. It must be a female thing.

"I just might!"

Irrational as always, that was the Neji-obsessed fangirl for you.

"I was being sarcastic stupid," he told her flatly, gazing down at her neatly painted purple toenails. He almost choked at the piece of gold jewellery embedded in the flesh at her navel.

There was an irritated sigh from Tenten's end of the line. "There's no room for humour."

"Indeed there isn't," he agreed remotely distant. Before he had the chance to stop himself he asked, "You pierced your navel?"

Tenten's end of the line was silent for a minute before she answered testily. "So?"

"Look, I'm not exactly thrilled about being trap inside your wimpy little body..." Sasuke was saying before Tenten interjected.

"I wouldn't exactly call waking up as the borderline between the living and the dead a riveting experience either," she said defensively. "But I'm sure that I can pull off being a complete waste of space for a day or two."

Sasuke arched an eyebrow, "Of course you'd be able to play the part really well; since it's the role you play every day," he came back.

The line went dead and Sasuke congratulated himself on a job well done. But school started in an hour and they had to come up with a plan before then. Almost reluctantly he dialled his number and marvelled at how easily he was taking to the situation.

"What?" his voice barked at him when Tenten finally decided to pick up.

"I was being rebellious," he admitted frankly. "But you started it," his only substitute for apologising—blaming the other party. Looking at his watch he said urgently, "Itachi will be leaving soon, you have to get ready."

"What do you mean get ready? We can't go to school like this."

"Then I'd like to think that you have a better solution?" he grated.

Tenten was silent for awhile until she sighed out of defeat. "I think this is a bad idea."

"And my offer still stands; do you have a better idea?" Sasuke growled. When he heard nothing from Tenten's end of the conversation he cleared his throat and ushered her to go before his brother left. "Meet me in the library at school."

"Wait...where are you going?" Tenten suddenly demanded as if she sensed something amidst.

What kind of question is that? Sasuke asked himself. "I'm going to shower and get dressed." But as soon as the words left his mouth he realized that they didn't sound as normal as they would have if he were in his own body.

"What?" came Tenten's hysterical shriek. "You can't do that; I will not have you touching me!"

Irritated and slightly embarrassed the he scoffed but managed to sound calm and jeering, "Technically I'd be touching me."

"Well I can just bet that you're enjoying yourself," she said miserably. "Well I'm not showering," he didn't need to see her face to know that she wore a grimace.

"You can't abandon my personal hygiene Tenten," there was a menacing tinge to his voice.

"You can't be putting your hands all over my body, that's sexual harassment."

Sasuke tried to suppress a chuckle but it came out anyway—gaiety and giggly, "I can't just go to school and not shower!"

"I do not wish to see you that close and personal," she said—adamantly stubborn. "And I don't want you to see me either."

"Do you get a kick out of smelling like a pig?" his meagre supply of patience was running on reserves with the immature little twit.

"I'm not touching yours; that is disgusting. And it's only fair that you refrain from going on any of your curious exploration of my body. I find it appalling."

"If I get ready now, it'll give me at least half an hour."

"Half an hour for what?" Tenten inquired.

"For me to come over there and bathe you myself," he answered with dead seriousness.

"No!" she gave out again. "You can't do that either."

"Then you really ought to run along," he suggested. "And Tenten..."

"What?" she barked.

"Wear Me Well."

Chapter Two Preview

She had stubbornly kept her eyes closed while she soaped her broad shoulders and chest, not wishing to see any of Sasuke's bodily assets. And she referred to them as assets because well—surely he didn't acquire so many fangirls with that pretty face of his alone; though an extremely pretty face it was indeed. Somewhere between the lines of reality and unreality, she forgot about being in his body and attempted to wash between her thighs, and that was when it hit her—literally

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