It was a great night for the newly-opened Grand Arena. Metal superstars Dethklok were playing there that night, and the arena was packed. Everything was going as planned. And not only was it a great night for the Grand Arena, it was also a great night for a particular man in the crowd. He had been to so many metal concerts he'd lost count of them all, but none quite like this. The man was in hog heaven. Everything was going as planned. And then a nine-foot-tall, four-legged, pure white creature appeared. It had the mane of a lion, the head of a bull, the teeth of an anglerfish, and body of a lion, and a long, prehensile tail with spikes on the then all Hell broke swung its tail and demolished Pickles' drums, then roared at Nathan Explosion. The man in the crowd swore as Klokateers rushed onto the stage, only to be mauled by its claws, teeth and tail. The man in the crow knew there was only one thing to do. He summoned his wings. And not just wings, either. They were huge, skeletal dragon wings with massive chrome spikes. And instead of any sort of membrane, these wings had blazing mystical fire. The man in the crowd took off toward the stage. The creature looked up and snarled like a rabid dog. The man landed on the stage and the crowd cheered. They all thought it was part of the show. The man knew extended his pinkie and index fingers, and from his hand shot a bolt of lightning, hitting its flank, burning it. It shrieked in pain and charged the man. As it neared him, he flew onto its back and unleashed a long burst of lightning into the back of hit head. The beast shrieked and toppled over, twitching. Dethklok looked from the beast to the man. The man wore a long back robe and several rings and necklaces. He had long, dark hair, very pale skin, and his eyes were concealed by round, wire-rimmed sunglasses. He looked basically like Ozzy fire from his wings went out, and the bones vanished in a flash of light."Is it dead?" Pickles asked nervously."No. I need a big, sharp object. Gotta cut off its head before it gets up," he said. He had a thick accent—not only did he look like Ozzy Osbourne, he spoke like him too."You're gonna cut off its head? Brutal," said Nathan. "You heard the man!" said Pickles to a surviving Klokateer, "Get this guy a big, sharp ahbject."The Klokateer returned with a meat cleaver."Yeah!" said the man, That's perfect!"He took the meat cleaver and began hacking at the beast's neck."Who ARE you? Schome kind monschter killer guy?" asked Murderface."Please tells me you's Ozzy Osbourne!" said Toki."I'm Ozwald Skul, the Guardian of Metal," He said, continuing to hack at the thing."So…Whats am de t'ing you are choppings off de head?" sked Skwisgaar."A corocotta. Bred to kill.""Bred to kill by who?" asked Nathan."Considering they sent it, I'd say you're about to find out."