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Carrie is written by Stephen King 1974, 1976 adaptation by Brian Palma 1999 sequel by Katt Shea. All characters are sourced from above information.

- Her Last Hours

Rachel Lang could possibly be living the worst possible moment in her life. It wasn't bad enough that just when she had learned to trust she found out that she had been set up and everything that had transpired till now was a ploy to humiliate her in public. At first she tried doing what any good or sensible girl would do and walk away from the situation. But her tormentors were having none of it they wanted her broken and she did break but it proved to be much of bigger mistake for them than it was for her.

What happened next was probably over in 5 to 7 min yet in a small space of time Rachel had made the transition from an ordinary girl to mass-murderess, accidentally killed the only woman could have helped her (she would never live long enough to know this) and abandoned by her own terrified mother. Shocked at by what she had done she prayed and pleaded for death. This would not however stop her from killing Tracey Campbell her final victim before having a final confrontation with her boyfriend.

It must be ironic that the very instrument of her humiliation proved to be the same instrument of his exoneration. As the two often gazed into each other's eyes on the swimming pool catwalk she realise that though hurt and angry she couldn't go through with killing him. He was telling the truth he loved her as much as she loved him.

Yet the damage had been done she was trapped by the collapsing ceiling, the same one which she intended to crush him under. With no hope of being freed before the flames consumed her she told him to leave. "Get out! Please just go"

His love for her sealed as he held her tight and chose to share her fate, he would not leave her to die here alone. But it was far to unbearable to watch him die as his sleeves caught fire. Using every last energy of telekinesis she could muster she flung him into the pool. Satisfied that he was safe having heard the big splash, she drifted dreamily into a fiery sleep.