Rowena's POV

When I woke up, I felt much better. Note to self: thank Grace.


Thank God I got that pill from Grace and was well-rested now! We had a lot of costumers today, which probably had something to do with it being Friday. Lots of girls wanted to do some emergency shopping for an upcoming date or something.

I wasn't complaining. I loved my work.

I had helped about 20 costumers - without one single screw-up - when Godfrey walked in.

'Oh, hey Godfrey. What's up?'

'Pardon my intrusion. There's been something preying on my mind. Miss Rowena, what are your thoughts about Master Dominic?'

I was slightly taken aback by that question, but he continued.

'Would you mind becoming his friend?'

I nearly sighed of relief. For a second there, I was worried he'd want me to go on a date with Dominic. Well...Not that I would mind but...It'd be...Awkward. Plus, what if he didn't like me the way I liked him? I mean, seriously? What man would fall for me?

Oh wait. Godfrey was still awaiting my answer.

'Well...I already consider myself his friend, actually.'

'Oh? You already consider yourself his friend? Really? That's good to hear. A weight has been lifted from my mind. Farewell!'

'Bye!' I said, as he walked out the door.

What a truly peculiar man he was…


Later that day, when things had calmed down, Dominic entered the boutique. I know my heart skipped a beat each time he did, and now was not different from other times. Although it was not only out of attraction, but concern. He looked tired. Oh God, my insomnia might be contagious.

'Hey Dominic.'

'Hey Rowena.' he even sounded tired. This was not good.

'Is something wrong?'

'Oh, no, no. Just came here because of Godfrey. It appears he's been up to his old tricks again and said something silly. Sometimes he just doesn't know how to handle a certain situation. Please excuse him.'

'He asked me if I wanted to be friends with you.'

'Friends? Well, I suppose he's right. I don't have any friends…'

This revelation slightly surprised me. Dominic? Had no friends?

As I opened my mouth to say something he spoke again. 'Godfrey told me you said we were friends...Thank you for being so kind to say that to him.'

I smiled. 'Youre welcome, Dominic.' But in my head, I added: "But I want to be so much more…"

He smiled back at me as he turned around and left.


Dominic's POV


We were friends.

Well, that brings my official count to one. Well, I'm pretty sure Grace could count too, but I'm honestly not sure.

I now began to see the downsides of my work addiction. I really sucked at socializing.

But I digress.

Along with joy, I felt pain when I heard her confirm it. I mean, sure, everybody's happy to gain a friend, right?

...And yet, my heart ached at the thought.

We were friends.

Just friends.

Nothing more.

And despite being very awkward in social situations, there was one thing I was certain of.

I wanted to be so much more than friends.

But I realized that would never happen. She didn't love me the way I loved her.

After all, we were just friends.


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