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Teach me how to smile -

She trudged through the pouring rain. She had to get out of there, and fast. Hermione had just gotten out of a particularly nasty fight with Draco. She had fled in tears, with her cloak in hand and a screaming Draco yelling after her. His voice still rang in her ears, and the words impaled themselves deep into her heart.

"You filthy, little mudblood! You're never going to be anything more that than. Mark my words, Granger" he had scowled at her, as the crowd of Slytherins laughed. She ran away in tears and left Harry and Ron to deal with Malfoy. Usually, she would have just turned the other cheek, but it had been a particularly bad day, She had done her DADA assignment all wrong, and her project had blown up in her face in potions.

She ran out of the Great hall, and out of everyone's sight. She ran and crumbled in front of one of the giant pumpkins her and Harry had hidden behind. She sobbed openly, as the rain poured down her face, collecting with the tears that were falling freely.

"At least everyone will just think its rain…" she said, crying. The rain had drenched her hair and clothes and frankly, she didn't give a damn.

"'mione!" she heard someone yell, but before she could do anything, a cloak was thrown over her, enveloping her in warmth. She looked up, and gazed into a pair of beautiful green eyes.

"Harry...i-I, don't know …" she said

"Don't say anything… Mione, you're all wet, you're gonna catch a cold" He said, with a snicker upon his face, holding her close. She felt his warmth as he took her in his arms. She smiled into his arms and snuggled closer.

"Oh, and here… Happy belated birthday" he said, thrusting a box into her hands. It was small, wrapped simply in blue –green wrapping paper with a pink ribbon. Her two favourite colours… Of course Harry would've remembered.

She smiled at him, feeling his warmth as she opened the box. It was a locket in the shaped of heart, enchanted to sparkle and shine. She opened it to find a mirror, and to her surprise, she saw Harry instead. She looked beside her and saw Harry looking into a watch. Of course he had made it a 2 way mirror, just like the one Sirius had given him.

"H-Harry… What in the world…?" she said, catching her breath.

"Just so you know you're never alone. I'm here for you, Hermione; I'm always going to be here… 'mione… I know I'm a Gryffindor… but when I see you, I lose all my strength… and whenever I was going to confess to you, my Gryffindor bravery goes down the drain… You have that effect on me, Hermione Granger, and you always will" he said, smiling at her.

She looked at him and he was completely drenched in rain. He sat there, waiting to see what her next action was. Together, under the pouring rain and pounding thunder, she caught his lips with hers and the electric chemistry she felt between them when their lips collided was stronger than any lightning bolt that struck that night.