Alrighty, so here it is – my first multi-chapter slash fanfiction. EEEEKKKK! This has sat in a folder for months, ever since I adopted the banner from FrozenSoldier in February (link on profile to banner). From there, my love of hair bands and 80s Arena Rock took over.

Stephenie Meyer owns it all, I just like to put pretty boys together and see what they do when the attraction becomes too much.

This is SLASH, that means boys playing with boys, and I ain't talking Monday night football (but I do like the tight pants). If you aren't old enough to vote, hit that little red X and live with the illusion that the Jonas Brothers might be quality music (NOT).

My eternal love and thanks to nails233, butterflybetty, KM525, rathbonejunkie, Touchstone67, and Mrs. Agget.



Standing in the shadows, I heard the crowd screaming and chanting. My hands gripped the railing. The last time I stood here, I'd been nothing, no one, just another kid with dreams too big for the life he'd been dealt. I couldn't believe three years had passed. It seemed like only yesterday; and yet forever, at the same time. Looking around, I saw a lot had changed in those years, but nothing so much as I had.

I barely acknowledged Jared and the other guys while they prepared to take the stage. The house lights dimmed; the crowd roared in approval. Slapping me on the back, they moved up to their instruments. The studio found them, just like they'd found me. Five guys they'd pegged a Renaissance on, and it had paid off for them, in spades.

Closing my eyes, I took a steadying breath. I knew I could do this. The nerves never seemed to leave, though. They hovered in the recesses of my mind, daring me to fuck up, daring me to make the wrong move at the wrong time. Sweat pooled in the small of my back, cooled by the fans blowing full blast in a fruitless attempt to combat the lights and pyrotechnics that made up our stage show.

I'd slung my guitar onto my back; it bumped against my ass while I drew another deep breath to steady my racing heart. Dropping into a deep knee bend, the leather pants tightened across my thighs. I stood and opened my eyes, kissing the guitar pick I wore around my neck. Walking up the six steps in front of me, I moved to the edge of the curtains that hid the side of the stage. Emmett counted off the beat with his sticks, cueing the cacophony of the opening riffs from our current single. The music erupted from the stacks of amplifiers and speakers I stood behind. Lights blazed and the shadows surrounding me were suddenly gone, washed in the pulsating flashes of color that blazed through the amphitheater.

Pulling my guitar around, I waited for my intro. Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw him. He hovered in the same corner I once did, all those years ago. The sound man cackled in my ear, letting me know my mike had gone live, and with a smirk, I hit the stage. This was my night, my time. He'd have to wait, just like I'd waited then, one night, three years ago, when a kiss changed everything.


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