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Chapter Nineteen

Not So Weak

Naruto was going to kill Sasuke.

He was going to hug Sasuke.

No, no, he was definitely going to murder him.

But damn it, he couldn't be too mad at him.

Yes he could! How dare he clone Naruto's mother! Yes, that's right. The Uchiha went lower than low and actually cloned the DNA in a single strand of hair that had been stuck to Naruto's shoulder when he came back from the year 1986.

Naruto was currently staring at the bundle in his husband's arms. Her hair was thin, but a bright red that almost mimicked Gaara's. It was beautiful, vibrant, and complimented the pale skin (or at least the pale skin he could see between the pink blotches on her cheeks and forehead that all newborns had) that obviously came from Sasuke's genes.

"I was thinking of naming her after my mother, Mikoto." Sasuke said, entirely unaware of his husband contemplating his death. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes off their new daughter that he hadn't exactly planned with his significant other. It had been hell trying to get Naruto's sperm without the other noticing.

"Akane…" Naruto muttered under his breath.

"Or we can name her after your mom, since it is her DNA."

"Akane," Naruto said with more conviction. When Sasuke looked at him, Naruto made sure his decision was made known. "It has to be Akane. And for the record, I'm really peeved with you right now, Sasuke. How can you just go and have a baby without talking to me first?"

Sasuke's mind went blank momentarily. He quickly recomposed himself and frowned at his husband. "I thought you'd be okay with this. I mean, she's-"

"You cloned my mother and said nothing to me about it! Sasuke, this isn't how a marriage works! We have to discuss these things together! Did it not occur to you that I would want to be involved with this decision?"

"Don't raise your voice around the children." Sasuke snapped.

"That's another thing, Sasuke!" Naruto couldn't keep himself from blowing up in Sasuke's face. He couldn't remember ever being this furious with the Uchiha before. He wanted to yank his hair out and throw things, but he was doing very well in keeping his hands balled into fists at his sides. "We have other children. The twins just turned a year old two months ago! Genji is only two and a half! Have you not thought about how much of a handful dealing with just three toddlers is on me? They all know how to walk now and they're running around everywhere! Now I have to take care of a newborn baby, too?"

"You have Kakashi and Iruka to help you-"

"That's not the point!" Naruto interrupted. He exhaled loudly, trying to calm his nerves so that he could convey to Sasuke just what was troubling him. "I want to have time to see out children growing up individually. I want to have the time to hold each one of them and see them progress in life without being distracted by another one. I want to be able to give each one of them the individual attention they deserve as a young child. Why are you rushing this? Why did you have to go and have them all at once?"

Sasuke pressed his lips together in a thin line, closing his eyes so he wouldn't have to look at Naruto's pained expression. "I just didn't want them to have to go through the age gap I had to with Itachi."

Naruto was taken aback by this statement, and he straightened his shoulders. "What do you mean?"

The raven-haired man looked down at the disgruntled newborn girl in his arms and gently ran his fingers over her wrinkled forehead. She seemed to relax from the touch and returned to a neutral, sleeping state. "Being born years after my brother, I was left to stand there and unable to do anything while he worked in secret in the business. I wanted to be involved, but I couldn't…I wasn't ready, or so he said. I didn't want there to be that gap for my own kids. I want them to stand on equal ground, in a sense. There will be no debate because someone is older. They'll all get equal share of the company because they are only a year apart." He looked up at his husband with an almost stern expression. "If you don't want another child so soon, though…we can cryogenically freeze her until you're ready."

Naruto's eyes almost bulged at the suggestion. "Are you fucking insane? We're not freezing our child!"

"You called her our child." Sasuke said just above a whisper.

"Of course, you ass. She's still ours even if you didn't talk this over with me. You think I didn't notice you spitting my cum into a jar several months ago? Honestly, I should have expected this, but I wasn't exactly in the right mind at the time…" His face heated as he remembered the night of sex with Sasuke. It wasn't like it stuck out in particular like certain others did, but it was hard not to think about any kind of sex with Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked at the expression adorning Naruto's face, and he stepped over to him, kissing his husband gently. His smirk only widened when Naruto grabbed fistfuls of his hair to deepen the kiss.

"I'm still mad at you," Naruto said, pulling back. How many times has he said that to Sasuke in the years of knowing him? He'd lost count. He wanted to laugh at Sasuke's near pout (but Uchihas didn't pout).

Looking down at the infant in his arms, Naruto carefully took her from Sasuke's hold. He cradled her, swaying back and forth where he stood. She really was a spitting image of his mom. She had Naruto's face shape, down to his very nose, which was all inherited directly from Kushina. Akane really was the perfect name for her. The characters for 'brilliant' and 'red' summed her hair up nicely. Hopefully she would come to embrace her name rather than hate it for being named after her hair.

"Her face is so round…she looks like a tomato with her hair." Naruto snickered.

"What are you talking about, dobe? Tomatoes are white." Sasuke commented.

Naruto let out a loud snort and looked at his husband. When he saw that Sasuke was being serious, he realized he still had a lot to learn about the future despite living here for almost four years. "Well, in my time tomatoes were red. Sometimes green." He frowned at the thought of white tomatoes and almost cringed when he imagined them tasting like chalk. "I don't understand, why haven't you tried to make produce like we did back then? Ah, I'm not talking about you personally, teme. Just…the world. Everyone in this time period. The air is so much cleaner, so plants should flourish here. They absorb carbon dioxide too, you know."

"Yes, but cars take care of that now. By getting rid of all the plants and trees, cars are able to move faster because there's more carbon dioxide for them to use." Sasuke explained.

Naruto gaped at him. "You mean there are no more plants?"

"Of course there are. However, they're enclosed to prevent getting any damage from outside elements. We have indoor parks and zoos, and then there are wild life preserves in all the countries. There is no more poaching of animals for furniture or clothes or food. People in your time were always working on finding ways to make this possible, right?"

While that was true, Naruto couldn't imagine that this was the way they wanted to go about doing it. "Yeah, but they didn't want to destroy their natural habitat either…and what do you there's no more killing animals for food? I've eaten beef since I've been here."

"Cloned beef," Sasuke informed him curtly, as if it were the most natural thing. Though, by now Naruto was sure that it was.

"I still don't understand," Naruto said, looking down at his daughter. "To clone something…the organism being cloned must die."

"Well, maybe in your time…" Sasuke kept his voice calm, seeing how this was bothering his husband. He could understand why; after all, Naruto was an ecology major. "Try to look at it in the same sense as our time traveling; all of your atoms breaking apart and then recomposing in another period of time. So take that, but instead of moving through time, they are copied and then recomposed in a separate area. Of course, there's a limit to how many times you can clone something, mostly depending on its size.

"Take Akane for instance. She is made up of your DNA from your mother's side that we cloned from a stand of your mother's hair. It was one strand, so it immediately disintegrated as soon as we stripped it of its genes. But if we take the entirety of a cow, and clone it, it still has plenty of substance to live on its own alongside its clone. Do you understand?"

Naruto grimaced. "Not…really. I understand as much as someone who's never touched the subject of DNA cloning before, which is kind of annoying since I went to classes about this stuff. I guess too much has changed and evolved since my lecture classes. Damn…all those late nights spent on writing that thesis gone to waste, haha."

Sasuke swallowed and looked to the floor, guilt eating at him. He had taken Naruto from his time, a time where, up to that point, Naruto had worked hard to achieve everything he had. His knowledge, his memories, his friends and job. Naruto gave up all of that to settle down with Sasuke and raise a family with him in a completely foreign world. Sasuke knew what he was doing long before he made it so that he captured Naruto's attention, yet it was all dawning on him now. Naruto really did love him so much to sacrifice everything, his sense of self and even his independence, he had for Sasuke and their kids. Damn it…Sasuke was so in love with Naruto. How could he possibly make it up to him? "Well…if you'd like…you can try attending classes here in this time. There's a university not far from here. You can catch up on what you've missed and get a new degree."

Naruto stilled, Akane almost seeming to have stilled with him due to her sleeping state. He remembered what his future-self had said about him becoming a functioning member of society, like he was born in the time period. He'd know how everything works and he'd have a job… "That sounds great."

Sasuke relaxed at Naruto's smile. He approached his husband and put an arm around his waist, glad that Naruto wasn't mad enough to not let Sasuke touch him. "Of course, first we're going to have to get you a tutor to teach you the history of everything you've missed before we can send you to a school where other people are. Iruka will gladly help you with that. And I'll show you how everything works around here, including how to drive an anti-gravity car."

Naruto quickly turned his head and pressed his lips to the corner of Sasuke's mouth. His heart was pounding with both excitement and adoration. Sure, Sasuke found endless ways to piss him off, but he was still an amazing husband. "I love you," he blurted out without much of a care.

Sasuke's eyes lit up, even though the rest of his face remained placid. "I love you, too. I will always love you. And…I'm s-"

"Don't you dare apologize about Akane, Sasuke. Don't you fucking dare. Apologize for not telling me, but don't you ever apologize for bringing this beautiful, irreplaceable gift into my life…our lives." Despite having whispered his words at the end, Naruto didn't let up his glare on Sasuke.

A crooked smile graced Sasuke's lips, but it was barely seen before he was claiming Naruto's mouth for a heated kiss.

"Geez, Sasuke…" Naruto muttered in embarrassment as he pulled away from Sasuke to put Akane in the crib that Iruka had brought into the room an hour before Sasuke showed up with the baby. At first, Naruto had looked at it with disdain, knowing that Sasuke had been keeping this secret from his for months. But now it was a cradle for their new, precious addition to their family. Their family that was now whole. Naruto was going to finally fit into society, and he had a family to support him every step of the way.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sasuke asked in annoyance. How did he go from making out with his husband in his personal study to suddenly being bent over his desk while Naruto pushed his pants and briefs down to his knees? "Naruto-"

"As punishment for going behind my back and not telling me about your plans of making Akane," Naruto said in an almost professional tone while he retrieved the tube of lube from his back pocket. "I'm going to fuck you right here," He opened his own pants so that his erection was freed. "Right now."

Sasuke snorted in obvious amusement and pushed himself up from his desk, only to be shoved back down by Naruto's body weight. He twisted his head to look at his husband. "Are you serious?"

Naruto's eyebrows lifted at the slight panic he caught in the question. "What's wrong with that? We have sex all the time."

"Yeah, with me on top. Naruto, we established our roles years ago after the first time we had sex. You can't just suddenly..." Sasuke trailed off, not sure what to say about this situation. "This is going against everything I've learned in school."

Naruto's brows practically disappeared behind his bangs. He knew Sasuke liked to follow a system, but they had deviated many times before. They've had sex in this very study before, and practically everywhere else in the house except for the kids' rooms and Kakashi and Iruka's. So what was the problem? "I don't understand…Sasuke?"

"They taught us that once a role has been established in sex, it stays that way. What you're doing right now…trying to top me…you're going against our designated roles and-"

"Shut up." Naruto hissed. "That is complete and utter bull crap! So shut up! Where I'm from, there are no determined roles in a relationship! Just because I've let you fuck me all these years doesn't mean I'm some feminine role that cannot overcome a simple thing like sex! I'm every bit of a man as you are, Sasuke. I may not have a monster for a penis, but damn it, I still have one and I will shove it into your ass whenever I feel like it." As if to prove his point, he slid his length between the taut, pale cheeks that made Naruto's mouth water. Damn, Naruto really was gay for Sasuke and Sasuke alone. Was it weird that he wanted to bite Sasuke's ass?

"I don't want to." Sasuke said hurriedly, making Naruto freeze.

Blue eyes widened a fraction, and Naruto parted his lips. He licked them before speaking. "Why?" The question came out as a whisper, but he knew Sasuke heard him.

Sasuke glared down at the desk's surface to hide his flush, but his bright pink ears gave him away. "I won't like it."

Naruto frowned. "You don't know that."

"I don't want to like it." Sasuke said louder, stubbornly.

This time Naruto rolled his eyes. So that was it. The stupid bastard had too much pride to bottom. "Sasuke," Naruto said soothingly, kissing a trail along his husband's shoulders and back. "You know I love you…"

"If you loved me then you would stop this right now." Sasuke cut in.


"If you loved me, you would switch positions with me right now and let me fuck you over this desk."

Naruto growled deep in his throat. Clearly he wasn't going to be able to reason with Sasuke with words alone. "And if you loved me, you'd let me have this!"

"Naruto—ngh!" He hissed in pain when his head was slammed down on the desk, making his see spots in his vision. Damn it, why was his idiot being so rough? He didn't have time to think about that, however, when he suddenly felt the blunt head of Naruto's lubed erection press against his hole. "Naruto!" he called out in a reprimanding tone, lifting himself off the desk by his arms.

Naruto glowered in concentration as he entered Sasuke, meeting sheer resistance at the first ring of muscles. He gripped Sasuke's hips with bruising force. "Relax," he ordered. When the entrance didn't let up at all, Naruto turned his glare on Sasuke, who was glaring back just as much over his shoulder. They could practically feel the other's force in their stares, the air around them thick with tension. "I said, relax."

Sasuke's heart was thudding in his ribcage, feeling like it was ready to burst out and flop around the floor of his study. He couldn't believe it…this was actually turning him on. This potency practically rolling off Naruto's being both excited him and terrified him. He wanted to control it. He wanted to tame it and keep it in a jar for him to use whenever he wanted. He looked at Naruto now and saw him as challenge, much like he did years ago. He thought he had successfully dominated this man from the past, but clearly he was just being allowed to think that. He'd never really had any sort of power over Naruto, not really. And he probably never would.

"Relax!" Naruto growled, and this time, Sasuke did. He forced himself to loosen up around Naruto as much possible. Naruto couldn't contain his moan of appreciation as he pushed in deeper. When he was met with more resistance, it wasn't from Sasuke but rather the muscles that hadn't been stretched properly. He knew what he had to do. He couldn't force his way in or he would hurt Sasuke. And if he hurt Sasuke, then the jerk would probably never let him do this again.

So he pulled back and pushed in again, meeting the same confrontation as before. He did this again, and again and again. Each time he was met with less of a force and finally he made it through. He couldn't keep from smiling as he pulled out a little and then slowly slid all the way in. When his hips pressed flush against Sasuke's ass cheeks, he leaned over Sasuke's back and nipped his shoulder with his teeth. "How do you feel?"

Sasuke scoffed, adjusting his weight on his legs and hissing slightly when it caused Naruto to move within him. "I feel like I have a small dick up my ass."

Naruto was not amused. "Gee, thanks. My self-esteem really needed that."

"You know it's not your fault." Sasuke smirked.

"Well since you seem to be good enough to joke around, I'll start moving." With that, Naruto pulled out a couple of inches and slid back in. Sasuke grew quiet, but he wasn't tensing up so Naruto assumed he wasn't hurting him. He sucked on a patch of skin right above Sasuke's left shoulder blade, trying to get some kind noise out of his husband.

He knew Sasuke tended to remain on the quiet side during sex. Only once was he noisy, and that was when they did it in the shower for the first time. Naruto and Sasuke had been slipping everywhere, unable to get a grip on the stainless steel walls. But hell, that was some of the best sex they'd ever had. Naruto kept falling right onto Sasuke's erection, and they were so wet and slick, just trying to hold onto each other was erotic in its own way.

What he wouldn't give to make Sasuke scream his name in ecstasy, though. Anything to make this as enjoyable for Sasuke as it was for Naruto when he was on the bottom…

"Ahh…" The cry was small, but it caught Naruto's attention right away. "Right there. Do it again, right there." Sasuke moaned.

Naruto cussed inwardly. He hadn't been paying attention to Sasuke's prostate. Sasuke said right there, but Naruto wasn't sure where there was! He tried thrusting at an angle, but slowed when Sasuke began shaking his head.

"No…not there."

Naruto tried a new angle.

Sasuke shook his head. "No, no…"

Both men were getting frustrated, Sasuke close to finally getting some pleasure and Naruto so close to being able to give it to him.

Naruto began thrusting harshly at a downwards slant, aggravation getting the better of him. Or maybe getting just the best of him.

"Yes! There, Naruto! Don't stop!" Sasuke reached behind him with his right hand, arching his back enough so that he could grab a handful of Naruto's ass. Like hell he was going to let the idiot lose this spot.

Naruto's brow creased with concentration as he drove into that spot inside Sasuke, hard and fast. Their heavy panting almost fell in sync, only interrupted by a groan from Naruto due to Sasuke's squeezing.

Naruto slid a hand down the front of Sasuke's hip, finding Sasuke's erection and pumping it fast. Naruto couldn't help but wonder if Sasuke got tired all those times he was left to take care of himself. His arm was already aching in protest and he had only been working the organ for a few minutes.

With the twisting knowledge of orgasm in his gut, Naruto squeezed Sasuke in his hands, receiving an outward cry in response. "Sasuke…I'm close."

"Me too. Just keep going." Sasuke bit out, squeezing Naruto's flexing cheek for emphasis.

And he did just that. His last coherent thought before being swept away was he could see why Sasuke had been hesitant to give up being on top. "So good!" He whispered right before his hips jerked forward and he came inside his husband.

Sasuke buckled beneath him, inhaling sharply as he emptied into Naruto's hand. "Na…Naruto…" he muttered, his blunt nails biting into Naruto's butt cheek and dragging across the mound until he finally let go. He reached down and gripped Naruto's wrist.

Both men caught their breath before Naruto unceremoniously pulled out and fell onto Sasuke's levitating office chair. It shifted slightly but then settled right back into place. Without warning, Sasuke collapsed onto Naruto's lap, sighing heavily.

There was silence, but only for a few minutes. Then Naruto's chuckles filled the air, and he wrapped his arms around Sasuke's middle. "I love you!" he sang.

Sasuke grunted, not exactly pleased with the feeling of Naruto's seed leaking out of him and onto Naruto's lap and his office chair. He assumed that that was what Naruto was laughing about.

"Hey," Naruto leaned forward, Sasuke's shoulder pressing into his chest. He looked deep into Sasuke's eyes. "I mean it. I love you so much."

Sasuke gave a slight smirk. "I know,"

"The say it back, you jerk!"


"Ah, sorry!"



His name being called wasn't warning enough before the pink-haired woman tackled him. His hand reached out for the desktop so they wouldn't topple over, but he forgot that the stupid desktops are actually touch screens that aren't physically there. They fell to the floor with a painful sounding thud, the pain part mostly due to Naruto hitting his head against the chair next to his.

"Careful!" the teacher shouted from their podium at the center of the room.

"Sorry!" Sakura giggled while she yanked Naruto off the floor. It wasn't until after she had stopped carrying Sasuke and Naruto's children that Naruto realized just how strong the woman was. When Sasuke and Naruto were late for her birthday party seven months ago due to "sleeping in," she singlehandedly kicked down their bedroom door and dragged the naked men out of bed.

Both Naruto and Sakura apologized again before rushing out of the classroom and into the hallway.

"Geez, Sakura-chan!" Naruto laughed as they walked down the rotating hallway together, shoulders pressed together to leave room for other students walking by. "That professor hates me enough as it is, I don't need your help in that department!"

Sakura let out another string of giggles behind her hand before she hugged onto Naruto's arm. "I'm sorry! But you shouldn't push them over the edge so much with your know-it-all act."

"I can't help it if I know more than them." Naruto said in mock astonishment. He straightened his face and became serious. "They only hate me because I ask them things they can't answer and they end up fumbling around in front of the class."

They stepped onto the revolving stairs that reminded Naruto a lot about escalators from his time. "See, that's your problem! They won't hate you if you stopped embarrassing them in front of the class!" Sakura smacked him on the shoulder, making Naruto wince. "Naruto, this is their passion. They worked hard to become a teacher so they could share their knowledge with other interested minds! They don't need some brat from a thousand years ago messing with them!"

"Shh! Sakura!" Naruto slapped a hand over her mouth. He looked behind them and over the railing to see if anyone was close enough to hear them. He frowned when Sakura slapped his hand away.

"Relax, Naruto. Everyone pretty much has it figured out." She stepped off the platform when it reach the ground and turned to Naruto. "You've been the talk of the campus since the first day you showed up."

Naruto's heart hammered in his chest and he grimaced. "Really? I've been wearing a hat!" He tugged his orange beanie over his ears and looked around at the other students who were minding their own business as they moved around campus. Even ones just sitting on a bench or half wall didn't spare them a glance.

"Not just how you look, idiot." Sakura said in exasperation. "You're married to one of the biggest corporate presidents of this time! Heck, when half the people here were teenagers they all wanted to get in his pants. Probably more than half! And then you show up out of nowhere, get dropped off on campus on your first day by Sasuke himself, and tongue fuck him goodbye!"

Naruto looked at her, appalled. "Whoa, who said anything about rimming Sasuke on my first day of class?"

"What? No! I said tongue fuck!" Sakura could see that he had no idea what she was referring to. "Kissing, Naruto. You guys took your time saying goodbye with your mouths."

Naruto shuddered. "Okay, thank you. Please, don't call making out 'tongue fucking'. That's just gross."

Sakura giggled and followed Naruto to his car. "How do you think I feel? People are always asking me about you two and your kids." She got into the passenger seat, looking at Naruto as he faltered in starting the car.

"Why our kids?" Naruto asked in panic.

Sakura rolled her eyes and waited until they were up in the air before speaking again. "Think, Naruto. Kids of a corporate president, not to mention they have rare genes that are supposed to be extinct. People want to know if they're already in an arranged marriage or not."

Naruto kept his eyes straight ahead, but his eyebrows knit together. "Arranged marriage, huh?"

"Arranged marriage?" Sasuke repeated, looking up from his screen where he was reading a novel. He leaned to the right to try to see into the bathroom where Naruto was cleaning his teeth.

"Yeah, apparently people on campus are asking about the kids." Naruto said after he rinsed his mouth out. He still hated the stuff he had to spray into his teeth. Wiping his mouth on the collar of his sleep shirt, he exited the bathroom. "Well?"

"Well what?" Sasuke frowned as Naruto slid into bed and looked at him expectantly.

Naruto sighed and hit the mattress with the back of his hands in annoyance. "Our kids aren't going to be set up in some ridiculous arranged marriage, are they?"

Sasuke pressed his lips into a thin line and slowly returned to his novel on the screen.




"Keep it down. The kids are all asleep. Don't think that just because they're all in separate rooms now they can't hear your shouting." Seeing his husband's glare, Sasuke bowed his head slightly as a silent apology. When Naruto folded his arms over his chest, waiting for an answer, Sasuke realized he wasn't going to be able to get back to his book. He shut off the screen and set it on the nightstand. Turning to Naruto, he straightened his shoulders in order to look as professional as he usually did when standing before a council meeting. "Neji and I may have discussed some sort of arrangement between the kids in order to provide some kind of joint partnership for our companies."

Naruto sat there for a whole minute before closing his eyes and exhaling deeply. Opening them again, he gave Sasuke a blank stare. His voice was just as empty as he spoke. "Sasuke, do you remember how over a year ago I was mad at you because you didn't tell me about Akane?"

"Calm down, dobe. We haven't made anything official. We both believe in finding our own love. Well, I do. Neji believes in fate or destiny or something. It's just in case it's something both companies need. Do you understand? There's nothing to worry about."

Naruto looked at him in suspicion before finally shrugging his shoulders. "Okay, that's fine. Good night, teme." He pulled the covers over him and curled into a ball. "Lights off."

Sasuke leaned forward. "That's it?"

"Mhm. Why, something else you wanted to talk about?"

"Well, no, but…"

Naruto rolled his eyes and uncurled himself, turning to Sasuke who was still sitting up in the bed. "Oh yeah, I don't have a class in the morning so I suppose you could get away with a little ravishing."

Sasuke scoffed and leaned over his husband. "Only a little?"

Naruto let out a mischievous snicker and yanked Sasuke down the rest of the way, abusing his ear with relentless bites and sucks. To think that five years ago, he would get worked up over Sasuke merely kissing him. Time sure does fly when you're in the future.

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