I knew this day would come. The day I had no one except for my blood related family who had to put me up for adoption at the age of 2. I mean, I didn't blame Gran. She had to look after me, Sookie and Jason after mom and dad died and my foster family we're amazing to me. Well, my mom was she just married the wrong man. The really wrong man. Anyways, I was raised in England and the reason for that is because my foster family were actually British who decided to move back there when I was just 8. They missed their family a lot and everyone wanted to meet their new daughter. Of course, I looked nothing like them, my foster mom had beautiful big brown eyes and short chocolate brown hair and I had long blonde (almost white) hair and green eyes. I wasn't the same species as my mom either, she was a witch a very strong witch, she kicked ass she knew how to fight and everything! I remember when I was nine and she first started training me, I didn't care about all the bruises and pain I had to go through because I just wanted to be like her. To be strong and to have people look up to me like they did her but I always knew that wouldn't be possible.

As I pulled up in front of the Stackhouse house my hands began to shake, I squeezed to steering wheel trying to calm myself down. "Calm down Aurora, they are your family. Why the heck are you so nervous?" I whispered to myself. I got out the car, as I got my bags out of my little grey mini cooper the front door swung open and this pretty little blonde greeted me with a huge smile on her face.

Sookie's P.O.V-

I was so excited to meet my little sister who I haven't seen in 19 years. At first, I didn't know how to feel I mean this is a huge change but she's my little sister and she needs me. It is a bit weird though I know nothing about her. I suddenly heard a car pull up and looked out the window to see a grey mini cooper, I immediately ran down the stairs "She's here!" I shouted at Gran who just smiled. I ran to the front door to see a blonde girl with beautiful green eyes, stunning cherry lips and cheek bones you would kill for. I was startled by how pale she was, she was nearly as pale as vampire but it suited her. Her slightly rosy cheeks made her look even more pale. She was quite skinny but not anorexic skinny, she didn't take after the Stackhouse women with her breasts but if I'm honest I couldn't imagine her with big breasts. Plus, she had legs that made up for that. She reminded me of one of those really pretty dolls that you would beg your momma to buy you. I looked at her and felt a bit jealous but one thing that stood out with her was the fact I couldn't read her mind, it was like if she had shields up.

Aurora's P.O.V-

I smiled at her no knowing what to do. I felt a bit awkward not knowing not to do with all these bags in my hand.

"You must be Aurora! It's lovely to meet my little sister at last! It's been so long! I mean I kind of remember you from when we were little but your all grown up now. Sorry, I'm talking to much, aren't I? I'm just super excited and a little nervous" She said looking a bit embarrassed.

"Call me Rory and it's fine, I'm nervous too. I don't really remember you and Jason though since I was only 2 years old." I said while she closed the boot of my car and took a few bags off of me. She led me into the house and placed the bags into the living room.

"Your accent is so cute! It might stand out a bit in Bon Temps but your gunna be fine sweetie" She said trying to reassure me, I gave a little smile in return.

This sweet looking old lady walked in and hugged me. "Aurora honey, you've grown into quite a lady. I'm so happy your staying with us. Let Sookie show you to your room before she goes to work. Actually, Sookie why don't you take her with you so she can meet everyone?" She looked at Sookie. "Sure! Everyone's excited to meet Rory" She replied.