This Chapter is a bit of fun nothing serious at all, I thought we haven't really seen Rory just be fun for once so I made this little chapter.

Okay, the next few chapters are going to be for Rory and Jack since at the end of season 1 they have the 'two weeks later' thing so in those two weeks I'm going to introduce Jack a bit more and how him and Rory grow close. Enjoy.

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"Your one of the Stackhouse sisters?" He asked in surprise.

Oh no, his heard about us. This can't be good.

"Yeah, does that happen to be a problem?"

I looked at him and he had the yummiest bad boy smile ever. That smile could break hearts.

"No not at all, its just I heard that you guys aren't exactly normal… you know one of you can read minds and is dating a vampire and the other is well, trouble. She gets into fights and doesn't really talk like a lady, so I've heard."

I laughed, woahh that's what everyone said about us? Nothing I haven't heard before.

"And which one do you think I am?" I asked as I parked into Merlotte's car park. I turned the engine off and looked at him.

Those eyes…

"I think you're the trouble maker considering they said she had an English accent."

I leaned towards him.

"Aren't you scared that we're not exactly human?" I asked sounding sexy and mysterious.

"What makes you think I'm human?" He said sounding even more mysterious than me.

I leaned back and smiled.

"I knew you weren't human, so what are you then?" I smiled like a proud little girl. What can I say? I'm good at guessing games.

"If you tell me what you are then, I will you what I am, how about that?" He said with a big smile.

"Well, I guess I'm out of luck, I don't know what I am. I know that you're alright though because if you weren't then you would be dead by now."

He looked surprised with what I said, I think he didn't expect it from a 5 ft 3, 21 year old to threaten a big bad whatever he is. But he then replaced his surprised expression with a smirk.

"I guess we will have to wait and see."

"Guess so."

We then got out of the car and went into Merlotte's. Look, I know I shouldn't trust a stranger but… something felt right about him, you know? I know he had this "I am so mysterious thing" but I like that and I liked him, he was something different in Bon Temps.

We sat in a booth together. He ate his burger and fries whilst asking me questions about me.

"So, you know how to speak a few languages, were you one of those hot nerds at school or something?" he asked jokingly.

I laughed.

"I don't know if I should take that as a compliment. I wasn't a nerd at all if I'm honest, I got into a lot of fights at school, argued with teachers, got expelled, you name it. My mum ended up enrolling me into a performing arts school which I finally didn't mind attending to. I was never good at maths or science but I was good at English, Foreign languages and creative subjects."

Who took a bite out of his burger.

"So you we're smart, just in different areas."

"I guess so,"

He looked down at his empty plate.

"Damn, the food here is great."

I smiled.

"Yeah, Lafayette's a great cook."

Shit! Lafayette!

As I remembered about my best friend he came through the kitchen doors walking towards our booth. I tried to hide by looking the other way.

"Fuck, shit, bollocks!"

Jack raised an eyebrow at my sudden change of mood, I just smiled apologetically.

"Hooker, you better not be trying to hide from me or I will beat your sexy ass up."

I sighed and turned around. I guess you cant hide forever.

"Look Laf, I'm so sorry I really didn't mean to-" He cut me off.

"Bitch, why didn't you tell me what happened? I swear hooker, if you ever keep anything like this from me again, I'm gunna put extra hot chilli in yo food, you get me?"

"Wait, so your not mad at me?" This was confusing. He nudge me over and sat next to me.

"Bitch please, I don't get mad easily." He then looked at a confused Jack who was sitting across us.

"Dayum, who's this sexy motherfucker that I aint ever seen before and why the fuck haven't you introduced us?"

I just looked at Jack who was super confused, bless him. He still smiled at Lafayette and introduced himself.

"Ooo, Jack. I like it."

Me, Jack and Laf we're sitting in the booth getting a bit ahead of ourselves with the drinks, I swear Lafayette was trying to get me drunk. A few minutes later Liv came in squealing with joy.

"Rory, Bill's alive! Sookie and him are you know." She wiggled her eyebrows. I wish I could do that.

But oh my god Bill's alive! That's great!

A few more hours later we all got absolutely drunk. Me and Liv had to sneak into the house, we didn't want to disrupt them so I told Liv to sleep with me for the night. I got changed into my pajama shorts and top, then jumped into bed with my friend, Liv.