Daphne's POV

It had been two months, three weeks, and four days since the government found out about my super-strong dad, my super-fast mom, my super-smart brother, and myself, telepath Daphne Powell. We, the Powell family, and our friends, the "King" family (Katie, Joshua, and Leo, their son), have been "working" with the FBI for quite a while now, but we are almost done with the initial project: to stop the original 80+ criminals/super villains from doing major damage. However, we haven't seen or heard from George, Victoria, or Helen/Mrs. X in all that time. Although our combination of government, Powell, and King power has stopped 78 of the 80+ villains, we are majorly concerned, since their absences means something is going on in the ranks that we don't know about. Something incredible and/or monstrous.