Chapter 9

One last problem to be dealt with…

Daphne's POV

I tried reading the man's mind, but I guess he had some lead in his hat or something, because all I got was a headache. As if he knew my thoughts, Gregory replied, "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, since you never did have shown any kindness towards me or my sister, first husband of my mother!" "Sister? You mean this powerless girl is the infant I left behind?" exclaimed the man, gaining the attention of his men. "Wait a second! I thought he looked familiar!" stated one of the armed men. "Yeah, yeah: I'm the guy you arrested for hiding abuse crimes, but, remember, unless you do as I say, you're going to lose everything that is near and dear to you," Charles stated.

Normal POV

"What's that supposed to mean?" JJ retorted. "It means that he rigged a bomb chain in many of the office buildings throughout the city, including the police station, the city's prison, and Global Tech!" stated one of the men. "That, and I borrowed some Trilsetum from one of my business partners in crime, so right now, my body is like a trick candle: you blow me out, and I relight," Charles proclaimed, showing his point by setting himself ablaze, "Just call me, Dr. Phoenix! Give up now and I won't light the fuses on those bombs." "Uh, you can't really do that," Natalie stated.


Turned out she was right: the fire encompassing Charles had melted his bomb button remote. "Ah, no matter, if you don't surrender now, I'll burn this city to the ground!" stated the villain. "Just try it!" stated an already transforming Gregory. "Take him down!" stated the apparent leader of the tiny militia. "Which one?" stated one of the men, which was actually a good question: on one hand, we had the power-mad pyromaniac who could turn them to ashes, but on the other hand, we had an anger-driven creature that could break every bone in our bodies.

"Help the muscular one: at least he can be reasoned with!" Daphne yelled. "What about me? I don't have any powers or weapons on me!" Natalie stated. As if on cue, Gregory/Monstrosity motioned over to the chemicals he had been working with. "Oh, I get it!" Natalie stated, before injecting something into herself. "Enough!" Dr. Phoenix roared, sending an inferno towards us. It never reached us, because apparently, the something Natalie injected herself with was the Trilsetum that Gregory had been working on: she now had ice powers, which she was using to block the fire storm!

Natalie's POV

Meanwhile, my brother (I still can't get used to that word) and the armed forces were fighting tooth and nail with our (I hope he'll forgive me for saying this) father, but it seemed like Charles was telling the truth: he couldn't be put out by normal means! However, maybe, just maybe, he could still be put out: after all, he might be a torch now, but he was still human(1). Summoning as much icy vapor as I could, I started with phase one of my plan. Covering him with a blanket of ice, I directed JJ towards the chemicals. He quickly found what I hoped he would: an antidote to the compound I had injected myself with(2). However, I knew that Dr. Phoenix's body temperature was still too high to accept the antidote, so I bathed the room with frost.


As soon as the ice that covered him gave way, the maniac retorted, "As ssssoon(3) as I relight, you're alllll(3) going dooown(3)!" "I don't think so," stated one of the men, firing a tranquilizer dart into the man's heart. After he passed out and I gave him the antidote I had found, Daphne asked the leader if they were truly going to do what they said earlier. They said no, but they were going to keep Gregory/Monstrosity under surveillance, just in case. That left just one problem: it was almost my curfew!

Author's note:

I'm sorry to say it, but I'm almost done with this story. I might make a sequel to this story, though, but only if you give me some more ideas on improvements and/or plotline. Additional notes: 1) sort of a reference to the Human Torch (and to Johnny Storm)(4); in case your wondering why Gregory didn't just use this to cure himself, just think about this: would something that only works half the time(5) on people with temporary powers REALLY work on someone who has PERMANENT abilities? 3) cold language (literally); 4) there are actually two marvel characters known as the Human Torch; the first, and original, character by this name, by the way, was known as Jim Hammond; 5) I don't really know if it works that well: I just know it doesn't always work