Title - The path to forgiveness

Summary - A week after Ianto comes back after his suspension he is hit by a strange artefact.

Spoilers - Up until Cyberwoman

Disclaimer - I don't Own Torchwood or any of the characters

It was almost a week since Ianto had come off his 4 week suspension and the tension in the hub was so thick that it could be cut with a knife. It was clear that none of the team had forgiven Ianto for his betrayal or for putting them into danger. Ianto hadn't forgiven himself so he wasn't surprised that the team hadn't forgiven him. He regretted that it had all gotten so out of control, he didn't regret trying to save Lisa but wished that it could have ended differently.

Ianto was more invisible than before, though Ianto didn't think that was even possible. The only difference was that it is intentional, before it was because they forgot about him. Now it was because they were angry and didn't want to be around him. This is hard considering the fact that they work together every single day.

The team could all tell that Ianto wasn't really holding together, he had large bags under his eyes which made it clear that he wasn't sleeping properly. He had also lost a lot of weight, weight that he couldn't afford to lose in the first place. He didn't eat with the team anymore, choosing to just bring them their food and then leaving them to eat whilst he files, or should he say hides, in the archives. The team ignored the fact that Ianto wasn't eating with them preferring to act like he was eating in the archives. Though deep down they all knew that he was barely eating but they just acted like nothing was happening. Acknowledging the problem would mean having to do something about it and no one wanted to deal with it at the moment. Their feeling of betrayal was still too fresh.

Jack was the only member of Torchwood Three that talked to Ianto since that night. The only problem was that it was only to give him orders. Most of the time it was for him to get files or make coffee for any of the other him or the rest of the team. It was clear to Ianto that no one in the team liked him, he even missed getting called teaboy by Owen and he hatred that nickname with a passion. He didn't even make tea, Cardiff would be doomed if he didn't give them their caffeine fix. They might get blood in their caffeine system which hasn't happened since he first started at Torchwood Three.

Gwen was the worst; she glared at him whenever he walked in to the room. She seemed to believe that she was the most affected by what had happened with Lisa. Ianto felt bad that she was put into the convertion unit but he didn't understand how she could think that. He was the one who lost the love of his life and then there was Annie who was killed by Lisa. How did Gwen Cooper, the heart of Torchwood, believe that what happened to her was worst than Annie losing her life because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Gwen went so far as to deliberately mentioning Rhys and their plans whenever he was in the room. It was like she was trying to remind him off what he could have had and of what he had lost. Didn't she know that he thinks of that all of the time, he just can't stop. Gwen is really getting annoying it likes she things that having Rhys makes her so much better than everyone else, even though she spends most of the time she spends at the hub flirting with Jack and to a lesser extent Owen.

Ianto was struggling to cope with his guilt especially that he didn't notice that it was no longer Lisa. He let Lisa become one of those monsters which he promised would never happen and he failed that. What kind of boyfriend didn't notice that the thing he was trying to save wasn't his girlfriend anymore? There were so many signs; all which he decided to ignore so he could keep his dreams of a normal live for just a little longer.

Part of Ianto wished that Jack had followed protocol and Retconned him like he should have. At first Ianto wished that Jack had shot him like he promised to but after a few days he realised that he didn't want to die. He wondered if that made him a bad person. He had lost everything and yet he was still going on.

Ianto didn't want to forget Lisa, not really, but he just wished that he could that he could stop thinking about what had happened and what could have happened if Lisa had survived. It was one of the reasons that he wasn't sleeping, Ianto just couldn't seem to switch his brain off. When Ianto eventually managed to sleep he was plagued with nightmares. Most of them were about the battle of Canary Wharf, it was horrible. All the blood and corpses of co-workers as well as the screams of pain as the Cyberman continued to convert everyone. But some of the nightmares were about what could have happened if Lisa had converted the rest of the team and managed to escape the hub. He could have caused another Cyberman invasion just because he couldn't let go.

The rest of the team had all gone on a mission leaving Ianto alone in the hub. Ianto hatred being alone, it meant that he had no distractions, and he felt that he was always alone nowadays. He had tried so hard to make himself invisible and now that he is all he wants is to be seen. Well that and a chance to make things right between him and the team, he wanted a chance to earn their forgiveness and to get their trust back. No matter how hard it may be.

"We're back" Ianto heard Jack yell to him as the team entered the hub. "Put some coffee on"

The rest of the team ignored Ianto as they past him on the way to the kitchen. Not that Ianto was surprised he was getting used to it. Jack wouldn't have even told him that they were back if they didn't want any coffee.

"What do we have here then?" Gwen asked as Ianto entered the boardroom where the team waited for their coffee discussing the latest artefact.

"I'm not sure at the moment" Jack replied. "I don't recognise it, but there might be something similar in the archives"

Jack turned around and looked at Owen who was fiddling with their new device.

"Owen, put that down" Jack yelled at Owen not wanting him to accidental set the device off, especially since they don't know what it does.

But unfortunately when Jack shouted at Owen he accidently caught a button on the side of the device.

Ianto was just leaving the boardroom after handling the team their coffee; it wasn't as if they ever involved him with anything. Even before Lisa. Ianto stopped for a second when he heard Jack yell at Owen and turned around to see what was happening. This was when it happened; Ianto was suddenly surrounded from a bright light coming from the device.

The team rushed to Ianto's side when they heard him scream out in pain. By the time the team had reached Ianto the light and Ianto was gone leaving behind a pile of his clothes.

The team jumped as they heard a wailing sound from the pile of clothes. Jack slowly moved the clothes to reveal, to his shock, a little Ianto crying his eyes out.