Path to forgiveness Part sixteen

A week after Ianto comes back from his suspension; he is hurt by an alien device. Deaging fic. Spoilers up to Cyberwoman. Warnings Gwen bashing and preslash, Janto of course.

It took quite a bit of deliberation but eventually the whole team agreed on something to do with Ianto on his final day as a child. There was a children's play centre nearby as since it was still in the middle of school term it wouldn't be as packed as it would be during the holidays. So after getting some lunch at a nearby cafe the team headed towards the play centre.

Ianto had seemed shy when they first arrived at the play centre but it wasn't long before he was running around happily with the rest of the kids.

"You ok Ianto?" Jack asked as he watched Ianto walk over to where the adults were sitting.

"Jack play?" Ianto asked as he looked at Jack with puppy dog eyes, making him look even more adorable than he did usually. Jack couldn't help but wonder how cute Ianto would look if he tried to do his puppy dog eyes as an adult. If any of the Torchwood team could pull of the puppy dog look it would have to be Ianto.

"Of course I will" Jack replied as he stood up removing his shoes and coat. "What shall we do first then Ianto?"

"The slides" Ianto squealed out in excitement before he and Jack headed over to the slides at the far side of the play area.

All of the team took turns playing with Ianto including Owen who tried his best to make it look like as wasn't having just as much fun as Ianto. He failed completely and was well aware of that fact but he couldn't help but enjoy running around with Ianto.

"We better get back to the hub" Jack stated as he put Ianto's shoes and coat back on before standing up with the half asleep child in his lap.

It had been a long day for all of them and Jack barely managed to get Ianto to have some tea before the small child fell asleep snuggled up on his lap.

Since they didn't know the exact time that Ianto would be turning back the dressed him in one of Jack's t-shirts. It probably wouldn't be very comfortable for Ianto to change back to normal whilst wearing clothes that he wore as a child. Though he probably would feel slightly uncomfortable wearing nothing but his boss' t-shirt. But all Ianto's clothes were dress shirts and Jack wouldn't want to put Ianto though having to wear any of Owens unwashed clothes that were kept in his locker.

Owen had a habit of putting back cleaning his clothes for as long as possible, though Jack would probably do the same thing if Ianto didn't sort out his dry cleaning as much as he did. Jack had realised how much Ianto really did for him until he was suspended, there were a lot of things that Ianto didn't need to do and Jack knew that he really had to let Ianto know how much he appreciates all of the help that Ianto gives to him and the rest of the team. Even when none of them really deserved it.

"You should probably head home soon" Jack stated as he walked back to the boardroom after tucking the sleeping child into bed. When he was gone Tosh and Owen worked on cleaning up any mess from there dinner, it wouldn't be very fair of them to leave it for Ianto to do tomorrow, especially since he was going to be stuck though all of Owen's examinations tomorrow.

"Yeah we need to get up early tomorrow morning" Owen groaned, he had spent most of his time at Torchwood being late for work and now he would have been in early two days in the run. He just hoped that Jack wouldn't expect it to continue after they were sure that Ianto was fine. "Though at least Ianto will be back to normal and I won't have to worry about him anymore."

"Of course you won't Owen" Tosh said, though it was easy to see that she was just humouring him. "I'm sure that you won't worry about Ianto when he is grown up again."

"Yeah well it is hard not to worry about someone when they are slowly wasting away in front of you" Owen stated. "Though I wish that it didn't take this for us to realise how bad off Ianto really was. I hate knowing that we could have prevented all of this if we actually paid attention."

"I know" Jack replied. "But at least we learnt our lesson, we will do better from now on."

"Well I still want him as an adult" Owen muttered. "I miss his coffee, I think Ianto has successfully put me off instant coffee for life."

"Yeah I think it's the same for all of us" Tosh said before turning to look at Jack. "When is Gwen due back at work?"

"Not till Monday" Jack answered, not sounding enthusiastic about the ex-policewoman's return to the hub "I wanted us to have a few days with Ianto before Gwen gets back."

"You're not sounding too happy about the bitch, oh I'm sorry I mean heart, of Torchwood" Owen laughed.

"You probably shouldn't call her that" Tosh stated, though she secretly agreed with him. "It's not a very nice thing to say about your teammate."

"Well it's the truth and you know it" Owen said. "Besides you're just jealous that you didn't think of it."

"Yes Owen you're right" Tosh replied in a sarcastic manner. "I'm just jealous of your amazingly clever wit and snarky attitude."

"Wow" Jack said in mock amazement. "You've not even been on your first date yet and you're already arguing like an old married couple."

"Well that's probably because we've known each other for so long" Owen replied. "Anyway I'm going to head home you coming Tosh."

"Yeah sure" Tosh said. "I'll see you tomorrow Jack"

"OK have a good night" Jack smiled as he watched the pair grab their stuff before heading towards the cog door.

When the pair left the hub Jack headed towards his quarters where Ianto was currently sleeping, he hadn't needed as much sleep since becoming immortal and had therefore decided to spend the night watching Ianto sleep.