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We'd been trainin' as per usual, but every time I looked at Bella all I saw were her pink pebbled nipples under my fingers an' tongue. I saw her flat stomach and round breasts, as she rode me, an' her wet folds, as I pumped my fingers into her an' sucked on her little bundle of wonder… Last night an' this mornin' was the single most intense sexual experience of my life. An' now I'm watchin' her wrestle Em…

"Darlin' ur-"

I had to cringe when, the moment I spoke, she faltered an' ended up throwin' her shield up sendin' Emmett to the ground. "Shit! Sorry!" I watched as she helped him up an' then sat down with a growl. "Fuck, I don't know what's wrong with me…" She looked at Em, "I'm so sorry. That hasn't happened in days!" She shook her head an' I went to her side but, before I could say a thing, Em popped off with, "Bells, you just had sex with your mate for the first time. And it was for less than 24 hours! What'd you expect?"

Both of us were struck dumb as Peter an' Rose snickered an' Charlotte said, "Honey, yer doin' better than we all thought you'd be! We thought trainin' would be put off for at least a couple days!"

Simultaneously, Bella an' I both said, "What!"


"Days? You thought we'd be… for days?"

Rose then stepped up and looked down at me only to shake her head. The she went to Jasper and cuffed him in the back of his. As the crack sounded and his expletive ended, she said, "Fuck's sake Jazz! You know how hard it is for us to pull ourselves apart to train in the mornings, and we've been doing it for decades! Have you never been around a newly mated pair?"

I looked at Peter as he looked at my mate, shook his head, and said, "What you just thought Char an' I were that bigga' sex fiends?" Jasper smirked at him and I had to ask, "How long did you all go before stopping your first times?" Rose and Em both said four days, while Peter and Char said six. There was a debate on whether or not human blood had to do with sating their thirst better, blah, blah, blah, but in the end, it came down to them agreeing that they only stopped because the thirst made them stop. After that, they said it got easier but it's still hard to keep their hands off each other in private and sometimes even public.

"But Carlisle and Esme-"

"Are very quiet." I looked at Rose and she went on, "Bitch please! Those two hide it well but Esme takes Carlisle his lunch at the hospital every shift!" My brows knit up and then I laughed. "Oh my god, they have nooners! I never would have…" I continued to laugh when Em added, "Seriously, Bells, they go at it as bad as we do but they've like, perfected the art of whisper sex."

I lost it. I was doubled over in giggles for ages before I was able to calm enough to say, "So the fact that all I can think about is Jasper's mouth and… about Jasper," I cleared my throat and smirked at him and then at the rest before continuing, "that's normal?"

"Shortcake, what's not normal is the level of restraint you have! You two ought to be fuckin' like bunny rabbits on crack right now, not tryin' to focus on whoopin' up on us! The Major's been unintentionally projectin' to the point I'm 'bout ready to soil my damn denims over here." Peter pointed to a noticeable bulge in his pants that, 'til now, I'd not noticed and then went on, "An' poor fuckin' Emmett's been the only one fightin' with you 'cause it's the only way he can keep from runnin' off with his wife for the next 2 days! So do us ALL a favor, Sug, an' get the fuck on outta here… please?"

I looked around for a spit second before I was picked up, thrown over Jasper's shoulder, and whisked away, to the back side of Casper Mountain, to be thoroughly sexed up, down, and sideway… for the next four and a half days!