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Mimi read her phone slowly, she had just told Sora about what Tai had done, was it the right thing? She sighed, Izzy would know.

Mimi said: Hey Iz
Izzy said: What's up Mimi?
Mimi said: Nt much bbs
Izzy said: I thought I taught you how to text?
Mimi said: Wanna meet up?
Izzy said: Sure, when?
Mimi said: Now, hon, at teh place it al began.
Izzy said: I'll be there in twenty minutes.
Mimi said: C U Soon Bbs! 3

Mimi grabbed her pink handbag, brushed her hair quickly, checked her make-up then rushed out of her room, as she closed the door all her previous 'cleaning up' burst out of her closets.

She climbed onto the bus and smiled "Hey, can I sit down, pretty please?" she asked a young thirteen year old boy, he took one look at Mimi and double-took. "You can have my seat" a husky male voice said, Mimi turned and saw a greasy, fat old man with a perverted smile plastered onto his face. His green sweater vest was covered in grease from takeaways and she was sure she could see wrappers bursting out of his worn jeans.

Mimi shuddered and turned to the boy hopefully, he had put his earphones in and began to text "today's society" she said with a heavy sigh, as she moved towards the man she heard the bus driver call out that they had stopped "Well this is my stop, see ya!" Mimi shouted quickly exiting the bus, leaving no time for him to catch up as she ran off down the pavement without a second thought, she was in reality about twelve stops away from the nearest stop, and that bus was hourly.

She sighed "I guess it's walking for me" as she said it her phone ran "Mimi help!" the voice called,
"NOT NOW KARI!" she screeched, slamming her phone shut. "Christ that girl always needs my magnificent Mimi advice!" Mimi said with a heavy sigh. She began to walk down the cold pavement, pulling her shawl tightly around her. "Izzy learn to drive already you woman" she hissed angrily as the third gang she passed began hooting at her. "Palmon, help me now?" she said with a sigh, she knew that their Digimon would never return and it broke her heart, more than anything else ever could, Palmon was more than a Digimon to her, she was a best friend.

Mimi read her phone over as a few texts burst in, one from Sora, one from Tai and one from Izzy. She read Tai's first "Mimi, what do I do?" it asked.
"Get yourself together" Mimi muttered as she typed quickly and forcefully. She read Sora's next:
"Hey my mom said Tai is looking for me, what do I do" Mimi read it and flared up.
"Honestly girl, go fix your god damn relationship!" Mimi typed quickly. As she went to read Izzy's she felt a raindrop on her head. "Oh friggin' great!" she squealed as she ran underneath a bus stop.
"Hey Mimi, where are you?" it asked. Mimi's nostrils began to flare as she read it.
"I'M STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN, WHAT ABOUT YOU!" she typed but she paused before she hit send as another message burst in.
"Turn around" it said, from an unknown sender, Mimi's heart and mind raced as she wondered who it could be, she turned around slowly and prepared to be attacked.

She saw something that would make her smile for years to come; there was Izzy, with her favourite thing in the entire world, Palmon. "Izzy!" she squealed with happiness, she leaned in and kissed him quickly on the lips. Afterwards she picked up Palmon and they began to hug. "Hey Mimi, you left this" Palmon said, as she slowly took off the pink hat that Mimi had gave her all that time ago and handed it to her. Mimi felt herself well up, "Oh Palmon!" she said with joy. "Izzy you are the best boyfriend I could ever ask for!" she said with delight as she pulled the hat on, she dragged him out into the rain, Izzy reluctantly followed and winced as the rain began to hit him, hard. "Are you crazy Mimi!" Izzy shouted.
"Maybe, call me Manic Mimi" Mimi said as she leaned in and began to kiss him. He had come all the way to Hawaii for her, and she couldn't be happier.

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