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The party flew into the night and slowly some of Mimi's less close friends began to slip out. That's when Izzy finally found her again, by the punch table. Mimi drank deep directly from the bowl. She was so crass sometimes. Although it could just be the drunkness. "Mimi!" Izzy called as he pushed through the people towards Mimi who grinned, reached over and kissed him on the lips, longingly.
"I love you Izzy. Thanks so much!" Mimi screamed, raising her hand in the air. People nearby them cheered and whooped as Izzy took her away to a quiet corner outside the main party room.
"Hey, wanna go upstairs. I have a present for you still" Izzy said with a grin.

Mimi laughed. It made Izzy blush scarlet with embarrassment but Mimi just kissed him on the lips to stop it "Yeah. Up we go!" she cheered. Izzy nodded and held her soft hand gently leading her upstairs. By now the house was a mess and there were people everywhere. Luckily Mimi had banned people from her bedroom. Which left Izzy to reveal his final present.
"In here" Izzy said, opening the door he led Mimi inside who by now was giggling like a schoolgirl.
"Oooh Izzy" Mimi laughed as he let her sit down on the bed while he closed the door, the drapes and walked into the bathroom. "Don't take too long, will you!" Mimi called.
"I won't be a minute!" Izzy called back as he fumbled about in the en suite.

Mimi took off her top and shivered as the breeze drifted in through the open window. It was going to be a great night! "Izzy..." Mimi said suggestively. Getting up she moved to peer around into the bathroom but Izzy came out with a giant present, it was as wide as three of him and half as tall. "Wow..." Mimi said slowly.
"Oh is it not what you wanted?" Izzy asked as he patted the top.
"I haven't even opened it yet!" Mimi chirped cheerfully she pulled the ribbon and the wrapping paper fell away, as did the box. It revealed at the very centre: A royal blue ring box.

Mimi looked at it and covered her mouth to hide her agape mouth. "Mimi...?" Izzy muttered, looking at her.
"Oh... Izzy!" Mimi exclaimed, she leapt over it and into his arms, sending him flying onto the floor she kissed him softly on the lips. He laughed and kissed back. Wrapping his arms around her to brace the fall. She grinned as she realised how much pain he had just taken for her. "Izzy, can you ask me properly?" Mimi asked in-between kissing.
"Of course" Izzy said, allowing her to stand up he climbed to his feet and grabbed the ring box tenderly. He walked back in front of her and got down on one knee. As he did rose petals drifted in through the window and landed all around them and on Mimi's bed. "Mimi Tachikawa, will you marry me?" Izzy asked with a broad smile and a sweet voice. Mimi pulled him to his feet; shaking her head she watched his shocked expression.
"No. I won't just marry you. I'll love you forever too!" Mimi exclaimed as she kissed him tenderly on the lips. He grinned and they stepped away. Mimi held her hand out and feigned a swoon as Izzy placed the ring on. They both started to laugh as it slid on "Fits like a glove" Mimi giggled as Izzy started to kiss her again.

"Izzy! I also got you a present" Mimi laughed as she pulled him towards her bed suggestively. She fell onto it and pulled him on top with her sexiest look. She bit her lip seductively as he pulled off his shirt. That body wasn't what made her love him, but it certainly helped. Izzy leaned forwards to kiss her but Mimi groaned as they began to French kiss.
"What?" Izzy asked, pulling away.
"You aren't being on top. This is my birthday" Mimi said with an aggressive voice.
"Mimi you are lucky I love you" Izzy laughed as he rolled onto the bed and allowed Mimi to climb on top of him.
"I know" she laughed as she tapped his nose and reached behind her back. Her bra flew off and Izzy grinned.
"Are you going to get mad again if I ask you something?" Izzy asked with a smile.
"What?" Mimi said angrily, feeling the cold air brush her.
"Do you want kids?" Izzy asked.
Mimi growled "You really know how to ruin the moment!" she moaned as she sat up against the wall and held her knees to her chest angrily.

They sat in silence for a long time before either spoke. "Mimi... I didn't mean to" Izzy stammered.
"But you did. Sometimes I wonder if you care" Mimi hissed
"I'm sorry, I really do care" Izzy protested
"pfft" Mimi muttered dismissively.
"We are just like an old married couple" Izzy laughed
"I'm not old!" Mimi exclaimed, hurt tremendously. "Izzy you are digging yourself a hole!" Mimi shouted fiercely.
"But we are married. And you do love me..." Izzy said slowly with a cute smile. Mimi turned her head and smiled back, as they looked into each other's eyes she got lost; she flung herself through the air and started to kiss him, raising her leg like she did on her first kiss. 'I'm so stereotypical!' Mimi groaned in her head as she joined her mouth with Izzy's.

"I love you" Izzy said as they kissed.
"I love you too" Mimi smiled softly as she looked at him and started kissing again. In her left hand she held the same key ring that Palmon had gave her. Friendship and Love were just as important but they didn't match up to the Sincere Knowledge that Mimi had of Izzy; he would never let her have a day like she was heading towards without creating some miracle and making her smile. "Izzy I want kids" Mimi said as she pulled away, the look he gave her would make the rest of her life worth it.
"Oh Mimi!" he screamed with glee, hugging her tightly.
"I name them though." Mimi demanded.
Izzy just laughed "Apple and Pear it is!" he chirped.
"Shut up" Mimi growled.

They looked into each other's eyes and felt the love that would never leave them all around. "I love you" they said in unison.
"Come up with your own words!" Mimi groaned
"How about: You make me feel like there is no ocean I can't cross, no mountain I can't climb. You make me leap for joy and cry out an apology. You make me want to shout out your name across the stars. You make me feel like there is no other, and for me there really isn't." Izzy said the words with conviction and spoke with his heart.
"That'll do" Mimi said with a sigh then a laugh as she locked lips with him.

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