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Warning: I put Atobe Keigo as if he was five years older than Ryoma. Shonen-ai.

The comfort you give me

A 9 year old Ryoma wakes up sweating and panting. His heart is beating so fast that he can hear it.

He starts sobbing and then he thinks where he can go. That is when he remembers Keigo-nii.

He remembers the first time they met.


Ryoma was playing on the swings alone like he's used to since no one in the orphanage wanted to play with him. That's when he looked up to see a beautiful young man. He was wondering who this person was since he had never seen him before.

"What's your name?"

"Ryoma. What's yours?" He asked tilting his head a little.

"Keigo. Why are you here playing alone?"

"Because no one wants to play with me. And you? Why are you here?"

"My parents want me to find a little brother."

"Then shouldn't you be looking for one?"

"But I am, am I not?"

"You mean me?" He asked with a disbelieving face.

"Yes, who else?"

"But. . . why me? I mean there are a lot of other kids."

"I don't know, you just seemed different and you're really cute, ne?" He asked with a smile.

Ryoma blushed. And that was when Keigo decided that he was the one.

/Flashback end/

That was three months ago.

Ryoma got out of his room and entered the one that was right beside him.

While still sobbing he called:


Keigo stirred and woke up.

"Ummm… What is it Ryo? Did you have a nightmare?"

Ryoma only nodded his head.

Keigo opened the sheets and said:

"Come here, you can sleep with me."

Ryoma walked there and got in. Keigo warped his arms around him and said comforting words on his ear. By then Ryoma had already stopped crying. He loved being in Keigo-nii's arms because it was really warm.

He looked up into Keigo's eyes and gave him a kiss on the lips, before going to sleep.

But right before he fell asleep he said:

"Arigato Keigo-nii… I love you."

"Love you too Ryo." Keigo said while taking the bangs out of Ryoma's eyes with an adoring look, just before sleep overtook him.

Several years later

"Kei-nii I'm hyoutei's tenins club captain."

"Congratulation's Ryo!"

"Don't you think I deserve a reward?" Ryoma slyly walking up to Keigo until their chests were touching.

"Now that you say that I think you do."

"I do too. It's not every d…!" He cut off by the lips of a certain Atobe Keigo making him forget everything he was going to say.

Later on they could be found naked on Keigo's bed.

While in Keigo's arms Ryoma thought ' I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.'

I know it's short but I think it's cute so.

I hope you liked it.

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